Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Midweek (Wo)Man Candy: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston

This week's Mancandy is slightly different in that, in honor of Doctor Who having started up again on Saturday, it will feature two hot men and two hot women (a first for our Mancandy). Without further ado, enjoy the hotness that is Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston.

(From left, Kingston, Darvill, Smith and Gillan)

"Doctor Who," if you haven't seen it, is a super amazing show, and this crop of main characters is especially wonderful.

Matt Smith plays The Doctor, the time-traveling alien now in his eleventh incarnation. Smith is the youngest actor to play The Doctor, and he also has the floppiest hair. He has a manic energy reminiscent of the Tenth Doctor (played by David Tennant) but with a quirky, dark edge. Also, he has the unique ability to be able to rock a bow tie, a fez and a stetson. He's not a beefy hunk like the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), nor is he as adorable and twiggy as the Tenth Doctor, but he has a quirky, classic look. And delightful cheekbones.

Karen Gillan plays Amy Pond, a companion of The Doctor. It does not surprise me that Gillan used to be a model, because she is absolutely gorgeous. She's tall and classically beautiful, and she has the most wonderful, beautiful red hair. When we first see her on "Doctor Who," she's wearing a risque police uniform (she's working as a kissogram), and she looks great in the outfit! Gillan does a great job as Amy - she's funny and curious and super, super sassy - and she has an adorable Scottish accent to boot!

Arthur Darvill plays Rory Williams, another companion of The Doctor and Amy's fiance/husband. Darvill is adorable in that "normal guy" way - he's believably good-looking. Rory can be a bit of a passive character at times, but his is also probably the most interesting character because he takes quite a journey to become more heroic. Rory also is an amazingly loyal guy, which also goes a long way to making Darvill quite crush-worthy. The boy also looks good in a Roman soldier outfit and really, what more can you ask for in a guy?

Alex Kingston plays River Song, who ... well, we won't go into that so that people who haven't seen this latest season don't get some major spoilers. She's a pretty mysterious character through most of the series - we know that she is somebody very important to The Doctor, but their shared history/future is a complicated tale we're only starting to unravel. Kingston is also a very beautiful woman, but in a different way from Karen Gillan. She's not a willowy model type, but rather she's a bit more muscular and tough looking. She's really most at home on "Doctor Who" when she's being a bad-ass bitch (although she does have quite a cheeky, whimsical side). And her mess of curly hair is just the icing on the Alex Kingston cake!

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