Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Series Review: Arrow, Vegas, The Last Resort

I promise I have not been slacking off on blogging...I have been slacking off on watching tv! Seriously, I got two weeks behind on my DVR due to being busy and then reading instead of watching tv when I had spare time (what a librarian nerd, I know!). However, I am finally starting to catch up on the new premieres, mostly hour long dramas. My only problem is that I forgot to record one show (Beauty and the Beast), so I will have to try to find it online. But that is beside the point. Onward with today's reviews!


Arrow is a super hero show based on the Green Arrow by DC comics. I know absolutely nothing about the Green Arrow, so it is all new to me and so far in the show nothing much has been revealed about why or how Oliver Queen is a super hero. I think he has super hero powers (like...not being able to be killed by bullets? Ninja like fighting skills? Excellent Aim?), but is also just generally bad ass. He was shipwrecked on an island for 5 years, right before which his father told him a dark secret that now motivates him to clean up the scum of the city.

I liked it. A lot. Apparently (according to my brother-in-law) the dialog is bad, but I've been watching CW shows since they were the WB so I think I am immune to it. The fighting was excellent and the show was exciting. I want to know more. I want to find out what Oliver knows and how the island made him so bad ass. I want to know if his best friend (who's name I don't remember at all) is good or bad. This is going on series record for me. It probably should for you, too. Also...John Barrowman is going to be on it at some point for some number of episodes. That makes it all worth it.

The Last Resort

This is going to sound slightly strange, but though I really liked The Last Resort, I'm definitely not going to watch it again. It was a really good show. It was exciting and has intrigue. There seems like there is a lot going on and will be exciting throughout the season. However, military and political intrigue are just so not my thing. It also is a show that if you miss an episode, you are totally going to be lost forever. I just can't handle that kind of pressure. But seriously, it was a great pilot. If it were a movie, I would really enjoy it. I want to know why the American's fired on their own ship and made it seem like it was Pakistan who shot at them. I want to know what the other branch of the military who the sub picked up know and did. I want to find out what the government is trying to convince Scott Speedman's wife that he did wrong. However, I don't care enough to watch the show again. But if military/political dramas are your thing, you should totally watch.


I'm torn. I really liked Vegas. It is a western, set in the 1960s. It has violence and drama and fighting and awesome people. It seems like it is going to be a crime of the week show, but also have a good over arching storyline. It has all sorts of elements that I like in a show. But I have already missed the second episode and I'm not sure that I liked it enough to search it down online. With the little time I dedicate to tv viewing, I'm not sure Vegas is going to make the cut. However, you should watch it. Michael Chiklis plays the best mob-style villain ever. He so looks the part it is ridiculous. And Dennis Quaid was made to play the role of an ex-military, now rancher, now sheriff. He was so wonder and I want to see more. And Jason O'Mara is in it. And I love him so much. Again, if this were a movie, I'd buy it on DVD, but it is a tv show that will take some dedication and I'm just not sure I have the time to give. But I do feel like this is a show that deserves to stay on. I may watch it just for that reason. It is good enough that it deserves to have a chance of survival. 


  1. I watched Arrow today on a whim, too. I could care less about the dialog or the plot... when that dude did chin-ups and moved the bar up as he did them, I felt like I was watching real magic. Is that humanly possible? Where are the wires?

    Yeah. I'll watch that for a season.


    1. Right? I'm sure that a lot of the stunts are on wires and whatnot, but I read that he learned how to do the chin-ups for real. Hot.

  2. Your brother-in-law liked the second episode of "Arrow" much better than the first, so that's good, since I'm making him watch with me! And I am really digging "Vegas." I thought about deleting it after I had 3 episodes lined up to watch, but I caught up over the weekend and now I'm hooked!!!