Friday, August 12, 2011

Project Runway: Drama, Stilts, and Tears

Morning after elimination: Joshua is bitching about Fallene still being in the competition when Josh got eliminated. Fallene worries that she's too normal. Anthony Ryan, having been in the top three for both challenges, wants to win.

The Challenge: Dress Stiltwalkers, in pairs
Heidi is on stilts! All the models are on stilts! They have to work in pairs! Chosen from the button bag. Our pairings are
Bert/Viktor: Viktor doesn't like Bert...this should be amazing!
Anthony Ryan/Laura: They seem fine with it
Joshua/Julie: Joshua is not pleased with Julie's previous work
Danielle/Cecilia: I'm not sure I know who Danielle is
Anya/Olivare: They seem pretty pleased with their pairing
Kimberly/Becky: Kimberly is not inspired by Becky's designs
Bryce/Fallene: Both are kinda bummed to be with another bottom three person
And the runway will be outside and in front of the press.

And now the drama begins as the pairs try to work with each other. Not the least of which is that they have $500 to spend at mood, but only 1 day! Our concepts seem to be Queen victoria (Bert is not amused), dark ballerina, circus, romantic matador.

Viktor and Bert seem to not be agreeing on anything. They both think the other is going too old school. And neither wants to compromise on anything. I sense a hot mess brewing!

Laura and Anthony Ryan are making something like a petticoat to allow for volume. And Anthony Ryan is not a fan of making it because it involves math.

Olivare's accent has gone even more weird. Joshua and Julie get along super well in personality. Danielle and Cecilia are working which chiffon, which most designers consider difficult. Kimberly doesn't understand Becky. Bryce and Fallene are trying to walk the thin line between costume and fashion. But Fallene doesn't feel comfortable with standing up to Bryce. Joshua feels like he is working alone, but Julie
thinks their partnership is going well.

After a while, Anthony Ryan and Laura deside to scrap their cage. And now Becky and Kimberly are at odds about if their dress looks spacey (with gold lamaze, yeah honey, it does). Luckily Becky is vetoing that shit. And now we are finding out that apparently Fallene doesn't know how to follow the grain of fabric. But Bryce has just gotten out of school so he knows all that shit. He is a bit pretentious about it. Which I kind of understand because that is important for good fashion. But he doesn't need to be so patronizing about it.

Tim Visit:
He loves Joshua and Julie's pants (and I so agree!).

He seems a bit worried about the proportions of top to bottom on Danielle and Celilia's outfit.

Bert and Viktor are throwing each other under the bus to Tim. OMG, boys! Grow up! Tim is concerned that their dress is a "me" and not a "we".

Tim thinks they are on point if they can pull it all off. Possible wow moment.

Becky and Kimberly don't seem to get along or not get along. Weird.

Tim is telling Fallene to own her outfit, which was her biggest problem last week.

He thinks that their fabric selection is "unexpected" which could be good or bad.

Evening in the workroom:
Cecilia is melting down over the chiffon.

And now it is time for fittings. Everyone is melting down! Bryce is still not happy with Fallene's boddice. She has to redo it. And she is literally melting down. Honey, if you are losing it so much on challenge three, you are screwed for later in the season. If you make it that far.

Cut to: 4:30 am
Bryce has decided to screw the boddice and make a tube top instead. And Fallene has given up. Joshua seems ready to kill Julie. But in a cute way! Olivare didn't have time to sew everything and it might fall apart. Well, that would be fun!

There is a mad scramble at the end. Fallene is making a headpiece with feathers. I am concerned. Joshua and Julie seem to have pulled it all together. The hair/makeup seems to be shaking up to be crazy. Crazy crazy.

Fallene is melting down again because she feels like she hasn't contributed anything to the outfit. Which she hasn't. Luckily, Tim is there to calm her down.

Runway: (Check out the Outfits)
Joshua/Julie: That outfit is cramazing! I am all about those pants! Like, whoa.

Bert/Viktor: For how much crap they went through, that dress is really boring.

Bryce/Fallene: I'm not sure about all the black, but I like the overall look. I dig a dark ballerina.

Becky/Kimberly: I like the jewels on the bottom of the pants, but I'm not loving the whole outfit. The color is gross.

Olivare/Anya: I honestly can't decide if I like it or not. It seems ok, but slightly sloppy? Especially in the top.

Cecilia/Danielle: No. Just no. The top is a bad color for runway. And that collar is bad. And that hair. That hair. WTF?

Anthony/Laura: That is pretty fierce. Except the model looks like a drag queen in the face. But that dress is just on this side of costume.

I would put Anthony/Laura, Joshua/Julie in the top; Cecilia/Danielle, Becky/Kimberly in the bottom.

Olivare/Anya are safe. Anthony/Laura, Cecilia/Danielle, Becky/Kimberly are in the top. What? WHAT? Seriously, WTF? This is unacceptable judging!

Anthony/Laura: Not costumey, dramatic, elegant, slightly referential, would still be fabulous if it was scaled down

Danielle/Cecillia: It is nice, pretty, good fabric, not enough drama

Kimberly/Becky: Nicely tailored, sharp, almost perfect, half collar looks circusy

Bert/Viktor: Tacky, old, looks like Marie Antoinette went all Von trapp on the curtains (Thanks you Kardashian person), bad costume

Fallene/Bryce: Black Swan, no effort, the idea has promise, no detail, the headpiece is fierce (and it totally is)

Joshua/Julie: Halloween costume, weird proportions, tiny arms, well made (I still think this is my favorite outfit)

I love when Heidi makes the designers say who should go home if their look is in the bottom. Some people say themselves, but most people throw their partner to the lions. Love it!

Here is my question with judging: Were they supposed to make a ready to wear look? Because I thought they were supposed to do a dramatic statement piece. I'm going to go back and check when I finish the episode.

Laura is the winner! I'm good with that. Though seriously, Anthony Ryan needs to win something here soon.

Fallene is out. Which really, after all the melting down she did, she really needed to go. Plus, I like Viktor, he gives good quote!

Overall, I found this episode full of drama, but weird. The judging was strange and I'm not sure it really went with what the challenge was. I think the judges were on crack tonight. Hopefully, they will be back on form next week.

Fun Quotes:
"Your job is to make sure that your look will stand out, but be in, at the same time"--Heidi
"Anything in life can be pleated"--Joshua
"Oooo. Drama on 34th street"--Viktor (I think)
"Good lord. That thing is gastly"--Becky, re: Viktor and Bert
"If Josh wants to bedazzle, I'm going to let him"--Julie, making a really good decision to not fight Josh on sparkle!
"It's like someone punched you in the stomach and pushed you down the stage"--Viktor
"The hair is crazy. I mean, my God"--Michael Kors
"It is like the wallpaper and curtains at a really tacky catoring hall"--Michael Kors
"Drama doesn't mean tacky"--Michael Kors


  1. Direct quote of what the challenge was
    "We want you to create a look that is eye catching, imaginative, and truly larger than life". From Heidi herself.


    Joshua/Julie pants? WANT WANT WANT SO BAD!