Sunday, August 28, 2011

"True Blood:" A Parting of the Ways

This is the third from the last episode of this season, and things are getting heated. In this episode alone, we had a death, a major revelation and, in general, a big ol' parting of the ways between the vampires and their strongest human ally.

When we last left Sookie and the vampires, Marntonia was using the sheriffs, including Eric, to kill King Bill. As Eric swoops in for the kill, Sookie uses her fairy magic to break them apart and break the spell Marntonia has over Eric. Of course, that also breaks the spell that took away Eric's memories, and suddenly, the "real" Eric is back! As Marntonia looks around the room at the carnage - which includes a lot of humans - she asks, "What have I done?"

In other repercussions from last week, Jason asks Jessica to glamour him so that he won't feel guilty for sleeping with his best friend's ex-girlfriend. Jessica does not take kindly to that suggestion and storms away. "Fucking humans!" she huffs. "I'm going to find someone to eat!" Jason, the definition of tact.

Meanwhile, Alcide is driving Tommy to the hospital after he got the everliving shit beat out of him by Packleader Marcus and his minions while posing as Sam. But Tommy tells Alcide he's dying and asks him to take him "home," to Merlotte's.

And Tara, Holly and the other witches are still stuck in Moon Goddess Emporium, trying to find a spell that would break the protective spell keeping them in, despite the fact they don't know Latin to chant the spells.

Nan and Bill are in the midst of a power struggle ... which I have to say, makes Bill look extra hot. Nan is all about the spin, but Bill wants to take out Marntonia once and for all. Elsewhere in Bill's mansion, Eric tells Sookie that he remembers everything. "I haven't changed," he says. "I'm just more." The problem, Sookie explains, is that even though she loves Eric, and Eric still loves her, Sookie also loves Bill. She says she was able to summon her fairy power because she "couldn't bear the thought of a world without him." Oh, how I hope Sookie gets to have sex with Full Memory Eric at least once.

Pam also reappears, extremely thankful Eric is back to normal. They walk out of the room and run into Bill and Nan talking, and Sookie is shocked by the fact that they would blow up Moon Goddess despite the fact innocent people - including Tara - would die. "It's war. It happens," Bill says. Eric stands in a corner making snide remarks, and I realize just how much I missed the quippier, more evil version of Eric Northman.

Alcide takes Tommy back to Merlotte's, where Sam nurses him. Alcide and Sam try to convince Tommy that dying won't be so bad because he'll see loved ones, but he's having none of that. Tommy apologizes to Sam, telling him, "You were the best part of my life," and then dramatically dies (just as he was getting interesting). Sam is distraught, and Marcus better watch out ... Sam tells Alcide, "Marcus Bozeman is a dead fucking wolf."

Jason and Hoyt have some awkwardness when Hoyt comes over and asks Jason if he can stay with Jason for a few days. Hoyt claims he doesn't miss Jessica, but he cries over her as he thinks about how he expects her to come out of her hidey-hole at night. Jason is uncharacteristically quiet through the whole exchange, but later goes over to Sookie's house. Jason is pretty hilarious when he tells Sookie that Hoyt is either crying or ranting or telling him something he's already heard. Then, even worse, Jason tells Sookie, "He drank 11 of my beers, passed out and started farting." Jason wants to stay with Sookie, and Sookie agrees, then tells him about the whole Moon Goddess situation.

Meanwhile, over in Bellefleur Mansion, Terry confronts Andy about his V use after he and Arlene find a vial of the drug in the house. They go to "Fort Bellefleur," their childhood treehouse (where Terry stayed for a year after getting out of the Marines), and Terry tries to get Andy to stop taking V by challenging him to a shooting match, talking about how hard their childhoods were and wrestling with it. Andy promises Terry he'll get clean.

Jason and Sookie go talk to Lafayette and Jesus about the Moon Goddess situation, and Jesus decides he wants to talk to Marnie because she's the victim in all of this. Jesus thinks he can get Marnie out of Antonia's clutches if he talks to her. Meanwhile, Antonia and Marnie return with two vampire zombie slaves. They split back out into two people, and in a rather big character reveal, we discover that Antonia is feeling very skeptical of the plan because of the innocent people that will die, and Marnie is the one who is gung-ho about it! Marnie convinces Antonia to keep going ... which will throw a wrench into Jesus' plan, that's for sure!

Right about that time, Nan, Jessica, Bill, Eric and Pam are silvered in the basement arguing about their plan. Nan threatens Eric and Pam with the true death, but Bill, Eric and Pam are pretty dang set on their plan to blow Moon Goddess to smithereens. Jessica doesn't care what they do, "as long as I get to kill shit," she says.

Marcus is visiting Debbie Pelt, who is upset that Alcide never came home and doesn't want to have children and doesn't want to be part of the pack. Marcus tells her that she needs to hook up with another wolf. "I'm almost ready," she says. Alcide, meanwhile, goes with Sam to the motorcycle shop, and the pair beat up Marcus' guy. There is going to be a wonderful werewolf/shifter fight sometime in the next two episodes, I'm guessing.

Lafayette, Jesus, Sookie and Jason make it to Moon Goddess, and Jesus tries to get in. Unfortunately, the protective spell is very strong around the building, but he gets in with the help of his demon buddy. He talks to Marnie and discovers that she is behind the plan. Thankfully Sookie has the power of telepathy, and he tells Sookie to run. Right about that same time, Tara and Holly finally break the spell holding them in the store and run outside, so of course Sookie, Lafayette and Jason to run to them. Marntonia discovers that the spell has broken and she zaps Sookie, Tara, Holly and Lafayette ... somewhere. Poor Jason is left outside the protective sphere.

When night falls ... Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica jump out of a van, looking super hot, grab some weapons and start slow-motion walking to the store.


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