Sunday, August 21, 2011

"True Blood:" Some Unexpected Surprises

Another Sunday night, another "True Blood" ending in a cliffhanger. Yes, I gasped at the rather abrupt and exciting end of "Let's Get Out of Here" ... with Eric leaping toward Bill, intending to kill him, and Sookie shouting "RUN!" This season has been steadily improving, and this week featured another fantastic episode with twists, turns, a nice ass shot of Joe Manganiello (he and Alexander Skarsgaard should have an ass-off) and lots of hot sex!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. At the end of last week, Sookie got shot, and Alcide scooped her up and sprinted toward her house. Bill snatches her and tries to give her blood, to no avail. Alcide and Bill sit vigil at her bedside ... err, couchside ... until she wakes up. The first words out of her mouth when she wakes up with two extremely sexy guys in her living room, watching over her: "Where's Eric?" Bill promises he's got people looking for him, but Alcide is done with the vampire stuff. He goes back home to Debbie, who has been watching "Cheaters" (love it!) but is pretending to sleep, takes off his clothes (love it, too!) and snuggles with her. Debbie's eyes glow werewolf yellow. Uh-oh.

So, where is Eric? Why, he's on Marntonia's thrall, back at Moon Goddess Emporium after the vampire/witch skirmish. Tara and many of the other witches are understandably upset about the fact that Antonia didn't take Bill's peace offering. She tells them that they are going to use Eric at the vampire-run Festival of Tolerance to let people "see what vampires are capable of and what we are capable of doing to them." Sinister!

Sam is at Luna's house, after Marcus has left and Emma has finally gone to sleep, and he convinces Luna that they should go camping to get away from Marcus.

Jessica is still crushed by Hoyt breaking up with her and Jason rejecting her, and she cries to Nan Flanagan, who is at Bill's mansion before the Festival of Tolerance. "I wish I was dead, except I already am, and it doesn't even matter!" she wails. "There have been times, I'll admit, that it's occurred to me that I should put my career on hold and become a maker," Nan says. "But there last several hours with you have erased those doubts forever." When Bill gets there, they chain themselves with silver and discuss why the Festival of Tolerance is so important to Nan - namely, because there will be a lot of people there and they want to make them see that vampires are nice. Nan also berates Bill for all the issues they've been having lately. "I didn't think it was possible," she says, "but you make me long for Queen Sophie Ann."

Tommy is writing a goodbye letter - good plan, Tommy, because I tire of your crap! - but Marcus comes and tells Tommy to tell Sam to meet him at his motorcycle shop that night. Sam is still camping, and he turns into a bunny because Emma wants to pet a bunny. Aww!

Hoyt gets up early and hungover and starts putting Jessica's stuff (including "Twilight!" Hilarious detail!) into the "Monster Box" for him to give back to her. But suddenly, Lafayette comes in with Arlene's baby and demands that Hoyt leaves "my house" - except Lafayette, of course, has been possessed by Mavis. Jason and Andy (who takes some V) try to diffuse the situation, but eventually Jesus comes over. (Jason, hilariously, pronounces his name like you pronounce the name of God's son.) Jason asks him, "When you guys roleplay, does Lafayette ever play a woman named Mavis?" "I'm going to forget you just said that and go in," Jesus retorts. Jesus talks to Mavis and discovers that she was stabbed by her babydaddy and wants to hold her baby one more time. They dig under the tree and find the remains of Mavis and her baby, and then Jesus does some brujo magic and frees her. Everyone is suitably impressed.

Sookie, meanwhile, has a dream in which she's wearing a red neglige and both Eric and Bill are in her house during the day. Sookie has had the blood of both Bill AND Eric recently, and you know what drinking vampire blood means! The guys try to fight over Sookie, but she tells them that they need to talk because she "could be dreaming about anything, like swimming with a dolphin, or eating a whole pie without consequences." She tells them that she loves them both and she doesn't want to be either guy's. "I'm proposing that the two of you be mine." She strips down to her bra and panties, and Bill and Eric start kissing her all over. They both bite her at the same time ... and she wakes up. No, Sookie ... I wanted to see where this was going!

Debbie Pelt buys some vampire blood and drinks it, then goes to Sookie's house. I'm thinking, "Oooh, this is it!" (If you've read the books, you know what happens to Debbie in book 4.) But no ... Debbie says she wants to help Sookie. She even brings flowers! Sookie listens to Debbie's thoughts and her motives are apparently pure. They're going to work together!

Alcide, meanwhile, agrees to move up in the pack because it's important to Debbie. Marcus wants him to hang around when Sam shows up. Which he does ... except it's Tommy skinwalking! They beat the crap out of him until Alcide intervenes. Meanwhile, Sam and Luna are having hot, hot camping sex in their tent. This will not endear Sam to Marcus, I'm guessing.

Debbie shows up at Moon Goddess Emporium, and Sookie sneaks in the back. Debbie tells Antonia that she represents the pack. Sookie finds Eric, who tells her that he is supposed to kill Bill, and Tara finds Sookie and tells her through her thoughts that they've been held hostage by Antonia and where Bill is. Sookie charges Tara and escapes with Debbie's help, and Antonia takes Eric and her favorite minion, Roy, to the hotel to wreak some havoc!

Meanwhile, Hoyt has Jason take Jessica her box of stuff and, surprise surprise ... they end up having sex. Hot, impromptu sex. In the bed of his truck. Nice.

When Antonia gets to the Festival of Tolerance, which features lots of pro-vampire PR, she gets the other vampire sheriffs under her thrall, too. Sookie runs in as Bill is speaking, but that's the same time Antonia gets the vampires to disembowel some guards. "Bill, they're coming for you!" Sookie shouts. Eric, under Antonia's command, flies toward Bill. "Run!" Sookie shouts.

And ... scene. I really have to wait a week to see what happens next!?

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