Sunday, August 7, 2011

"True Blood:" Pain and Torture

I literally yelled at "True Blood" at the end of tonight, because they left us with a dramatic cliffhanger that very easily could mean the death of a pretty major character ... with repercussions for several others. I've always watched this show in season-length chunks on DVD. Watching them as they air is hard!

Tonight's episode, "The Cold Grey Light of Dawn," was that episode where nothing too much actually happens until the end, but it sets up the epic run to the season finale.

So, first things first. When we left Marnitonia, she had lured Sheriff Luis Patino into her cell. She gets him to kill a (human) guard and tells him to deliver a message to King Bill: "Antonia is returned." Which he does by shooting Bill (with normal bullets, thankfully). Bill stakes Luis, but before he erupts into a shower of bloody pulp, he says one word: Resurreccion.

Decomposing Pam, meanwhile, fights Tara and her girlfriend, Naomi. As she's choking Tara, a crowd gathers, so rather than kill her, Pam lets her go with a dire warning. The crowd's reaction to Pam's less-than-stellar look is one of the few moments of levity in the episode: "Is she a zombie?" one asks. "I am not a zombie!" Pam growls. "That's just what a zombie would say!" Hee. Pam runs away, back to Shreveport, where she gets her skin peeled off (ouch!) and gets Botox-like injections (four times a day forever!) in her butt, arms and temples (eww!) to heal her face and make herself pretty. Of course, she's still rotting.

Tara almost immediately breaks it off with Naomi, citing the fact that everybody she loves ends up dying. I'm hoping that things will end up good for Tara at the end of this season - the girl has been a punching bag too much. The next time we see Tara, she's drinking vodka as she walks down the road and, as luck has it, meets Marnitonia, who shows Tara her own rape and torture at the hands of vampires and convinces her to get a group of witches together to "avenge our torment." Tara agrees.

Jason attempts to exercise his way out of his sudden sexual feelings for Jessica when who shows up but Hoyt. He's worried about Jason because he was raped and because of the whole werepanther thing, but their conversation is slightly strained because of Hoyt's feeling that Jessica is slipping away from him. "Jason, I can't lose her," Hoyt says. "It'll kill me if I lose her." Gulp.

Jessica, meanwhile, is getting a convenient (for less attentive viewers!) recap of the Antonia situation from Bill. At this point, my mind wandered slightly since I still remembered the Antonia story from just last week, and I realized that power really suits Bill. He is hotter than I've ever seen him on the show. Grr. Anyway, Bill then gathers the sheriffs and tells them to make everyone leave the state, and if they don't leave the state, they are to chain themselves to their beds or in their coffins with silver so they don't go meet the sun when Marnitonia casts her spell.

Debbie and Alcide join the Shreveport pack - Debbie joyfully, Alcide reluctantly. Debbie is pissed that Alcide is still thinking about Sookie wandering around in the woods on a full moon night, but Debbie reluctantly agrees to search for them. So, of course, they stumble upon Sookie and Eric still having their sexy forest sex from last week. Alcide looks mighty unhappy about that.

But the Eric and Sookie sexcapades don't stop there! They also have sex on the entryway rug, in Sookie's La-Z-Boy, and in Sookie's bed! After some gratuitous sex, it's time for snuggles and pillow talk! Eric asks Sookie if she will still want him when he remembers all of his memories. "I hope I would. I hope I will," she says. Don't we all, if it means more naked Alexander Skarsgaard?

Tommy, by the way, is not dead. He had "food poisoning," the nurse tells Sam. Oh, if only.

The vampires all silver themselves in some slightly gratuitous scenes of vampire torture, and we're off. Eric elects to stay with Sookie rather than flee the state, and Sookie stays with Eric as the sun comes up and he is tortured by both the silver and the fact that he can't fall asleep so he's bleeding out of his ears. While she lays there with him, they talk about whether Sookie can really still be with Eric when he gets his memories back. If she can't forgive him, he says, "I'm perfectly happy as I am with you."

Day dawns, and Jesus explains about Tio Luca to Lafayette on their way back to Bon Temps from Mexico. Turns out Tio Luca was a healer, but each life cost him a little bit of his own life. Lafayette is a medium - someone who can channel dead people - but he tells Jesus, "I felt like a giant-ass puppet for your uncle." Jesus tells Lafayette he doesn't have a choice - he needs to use his gift. When Lafayette gets back to Bon Temps, then, he sees the mysterious woman in the kitchen, singing in French to Arlene's baby, Mikey. Mysterious!

The next morning, Sam calls Luna and, of course, she's extremely pissed when Sam acts like he didn't sleep with her and kick her out of his trailer (because, of course, it was Tommy). "How can I say this in a way you can't misinterpret? Fuck you!" she says. Sam then goes to the school where Luna works and they have one of those slightly funny conversations that people on TV and in movies have sometimes when they don't know the same information. You know, Sam's like, "I thought we had a great time last time I saw you?" and Luna's like, "Are you drunk?" But finally, the truth comes out and they realize that Tommy was skinwalking. Sam hurries back to his trailer and kicks Tommy to the curb.

Alcide and Debbie have trouble while having sex. (Thank you, "True Blood" writers, for figuring out a way to get Joe Manganiello shirtless again!) Debbie can't get Sookie and Eric out of her head and she's afraid that Alcide is in love with Sookie. Alcide says that he's happy with her. "Forever?" Debbie asks. "Forever," Alcide says. I smell trouble in the form of Debbie Pelt. At least, I hope so.

While they're chained in silver, Bill apologizes to Jessica for turning her into a vampire, but Jessica tells him, "I've lived more with you than I ever did with my human parents." She also talks about Hoyt - specifically, how he loves her more than she loves him. "I don't have a human heart anymore," she says, but Bill assures her that all vampires are humans to the core. Bill talks a bit more about the Marnitonia situation and tells Jessica that they shouldn't fight violence and killing with violence and killing. He says that when he survives the day, he wants to do good. Jessica assures him that he did do good by making her. "And when I survive the day, I'm going to eat that fucking witch, starting with her face." I love Jessica.

The witches, recruited by Tara, come together at the magic shop and Marnitonia explains that they're going to kill the vampires. "Vampires are not immortal. They are only harder to kill," she says. They join hands and chant, and as Sookie runs upstairs to tell Jason what's up (he came to Sookie's door), a violent wind starts blowing. Sookie rushes to Eric, who is screaming in the basement, and Jason's first thought is Jessica. The vampires all start to try to get out - a faithful Fangtasia fangbanger climbs on top of Pam's coffin - and Maxine Foytenberry's neighbor walks out in her curlers and nightgown and burns in the sun. "I knew it!" Maxine hisses. Jessica pulls herself free and, ignoring Bill's pleas to let him out, too, climbs up the stairs. Jason gets tripped up by the guards around Bill's mansion. Jessica walks across the entry way and flings open the door. "The sun!" she cries.

And ... scene.

Thanks a lot, "True Blood." I have to wait an entire week to find out whether they're going to kill a major character. And after I watched the preview for next week's episode, it appears I also have to wait another week for the oft-discussed Sookie/Eric shower scene. Get ready, people ... if it's anything like the scene in the book, it's going to get steamy!

What did you think of this week's "True Blood?" Is Jessica going to fry, right in front of Jason's eyes? Is Debbie going to go bad, bad, very bad? And did we finally get rid of Tommy? Sound off below!

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