Friday, September 2, 2011

Project Runway: Avant Garde

I'm back! Sorry I was unblogging last week. I was home for vacation and completely ignored my computer. Wah wah. But really, the only thing from last week worth mentioning is that the only good outfit was Viktor's dress and jacket. And there was tons of bitchy queens. So now...on to this week's dramafest!

The challenge today is to collaborate with a work of art with a student, which will be the inspiration for an avant garde look. So....they are doing wacky outfits based on teenager's art works. Fun!

Anthony-Ryan likes kids. Viktor does not. Those kids are hella-talented! I am all about the funky art work stuff. I am really digging on most all of the art work.

Everyone seems very inspired by their art except for Olivare who has apparently lost himself and Bedazzle Josh who has a tree. And Bedazzle Josh is the opposite of organic and earthy.

Now that we are back from Mood, all the bitchiness comes out. Mostly from Viktor who hates everyone's fabric. Which is really a valid point. There is a lot of ugly going around the work room. Pleather, feathers, chiffon, fake fur, bad colors. Ick!

In case you are wondering Avant Garde is out there fashion. Stuff that cannot be worn in real life. Unless you are Lady Gaga. However, it doesn't need to be a costume. And really shouldn't be "costume". Think hella fashiony crazy. Aka, Lady Gaga!

Everyone is working fairly well in the work room. Bedazzle Josh is taking credit for Becky doing good work. Bert is opening up to the other contestants and the audience about his life. Awwww...just when I am hating someone for being such a bitch (last week), he makes himself likable. Bedazzle Josh did the same thing by talking about losing his mom to cancer. Dammit! I can't hate anyone, now!

Day 2 in the workroom, the student/artists are there to discuss the works. Everyone pretty much loves everything. Except for Becky. We are not liking Becky. Or Laura really. This runway could end up being a hot mess. We are also not sold on Olivare and Josh.

**There was lots of work room talking. I didn't take notes on it. I got kind of distracted making food. My bad.**

Runway day! We are Olivare bashing. But in a nice way. He is definitely not Avant Garde. He is ready to wear.

Olivare is now gluing his top to his model. Oh honey, no. Luckily Tim is there to put the smack down.


Kimberly--Pleather and feathers. I kind of love it lots.

Becky--It is very weird and dramatic. I think the denim looks really good with the lime green.

Olivare--Rather boring for an avant garde look. It looks like the wrong dress for the challenge. And sloppy all over.

Joshua--He may have been too literal, but that top is insane in a good way.

Bert--That outfit is ugly. But in a fashionable way. Weird.

Viktor--It has drama, but it almost seems a bit too wearable. Yet I love it lots and lots.

Laura--Again, it doesn't seem that avant garde. It is super pretty.

Bryce--That dress doesn't work in any way. It is weird and not in an avant garde way. Or maybe it is the fit.

Josh--Vampire! It is so different from everyone else, but I dig.

Anthony Ryan--It looks the most like a painting. I think it looks weird and wonderful.

Anya--That is ridiculous and busy and fierce. Work, girl!

Kimberly, Viktor, Becky, Bryce, Anya are all safe. (I have no guesses as to who is top/bottom).

The top designers are:
Bedazzle Josh (Work, girl!)--Painted skirt is cool, very well made, good textures all around, styling may be a bit much.

Laura (Boring)--Doesn't really make sense with the artwork without an explanation, handled the fabric well, soft with hard is nice, beautiful color

Anthony Ryan--Can see the inspiration, simple yet powerful, manipulated the fabric in an interesting way, slightly unfinished

The bottom designers are:
Josh--Oh dear. "Victorian cocktail waitress in Vegas", not fashionable, trashy, hooker, proportions are off and awkward

Bert (Oooo snap, I thought he was going to be top)--Doesn't feel modern, Heidi liked it, too outside the box, doesn't fit with the artwork

Olivare--Everything looks sad, really well constructed top, but bad bottom, good interpretation, but boring, or too busy depending on which judge you ask, valium fashion

Anthony Ryan is the winner! As he should be! Woot!

Josh is out. Again. Yeah, it was necessary. Again. Sorry baby! I liked you, but you just didn't work out in the competition.

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