Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project Runway: There's Something About Nina

OMG! I am actually blogging Project Runway on Thursday night! Super exciting, no?

Today's episode will be epically full of drama because the designers have to design for Nina Garcia! The designers are sufficiently freaked out by having Nina as a client. And to add more of a challenge, Nina wants to be able to wear it to work and to an industry event in the evening. Nina wants something with edge, clean lines, and something streamlined. She doesn't like loud colors or patterns. They get to design and then consult with Ms. Garcia. If they win, Nina will wear their outfit, they will be on a billboard, and they get a photo feature in Marie Clare.

A lot of the designers are freaking out because of the monotone color thing. I think this is going to be a challenge to make something interesting and inventive without the use of patterns and bright colors. It will have to interesting in shape and detail. I am concerned about Bryce (who is always spazzing), Julie (who hasn't done anything really great yet), and Joshua (who is all about sparkle!).

In the consultations, I like how direct Nina is. She really tells the designers what she likes and what she wants in general and what she wants them to do specifically. For example, she wants Kimberley to make her pants, even though Kimberly wants to make a dress. I love how picky Nina is! She doesn't want boring and she doesn't want a runway of grey. But she also doesn't like super bright colors and patterns!

Work Room

I like some of the people (Anya, Anthony Ryan, Becky) ignoring the no pattern thing and buying patterned fabric. Big risk!

I'm concerned about Julie. She seems to be trying to be normal. Never strive to be normal, dude! Strive to be different and unique!

Anthony Ryan is trying to outdo Becky since they have the same fabric. And he is being bitchy about it.

Time for the Nina visit!

Danielle--Everything looks soft. "No. No. No."--Nina

Julie--Worried the collar is too big; Julie feels confident; Tim does not

Anya--"It is a risk, do we have a plan B"--Nina; Anya has no plan B

Joshua--Just wants to make sure Nina doesn't wear a bra

Becky--Nina wants to know how Becky got the same fabric

Olivare--Seems too conservative

Bryce--could end up too short

Bert--Very plunging

Viktor--"I'm concerned Nina will look like she got up too fast at a restaurant and the napkin stuck"--Tim

Laura--Christmas green.

Cecilia--Looking a little sad; Cecilia is falling apart; mousy; needs punch

Kimberly--Everything is all blue; could be too matchy matchy

Pretty much Nina has a "bitch please" face during her entire visit. Always fun!

Work Room pt. 2

Kimberly lost her mother to cancer and recently lost her brother and is using that to make herself stronger.

Anya is trying to dye her fabric to make her plan B.

Anthony Ryan is video chatting with his fiance. Adorable! And a nice hp plug!

At model fitting, everyone is freaking out! No one really seems happy with their looks! Or with anyone elses' outfit. Ah, bitchiness!

Oh my gosh! I love it! Tim just walked into the work room and absolutely everyone was in the sewing room. "I'm sweating through my suit"--Tim

Bryce may or may not have screwed his garment. Anya is flipping out. Viktor is in love with his outfit. Kimberly also likes Viktor's outfit. Cecilia is feeling pressure. Laura is having issues sewing in heels (then take off your heels, girl!).

Cecilia is done with her work, so she is helping Julie finish her jacket. This is slightly controversial, because you should do your own work. But there is nothing to say you can't help anyone else. Oh and now Laura is helping Anya out. "Is that glue? Yikes!"--Tim. Viktor is against the help to that extent.

Runway Time!
This is going to be my thoughts on the outfit, not whether or not Nina will it.

Joshua--I like that dress a lot. It is simple, but interesting. Cool back, good color.

Bert--Little black dress, but way too high of a slit up the front and too low cut for work

Olivare--Bit boring and the jacket doesn't look like it fits, which is weird b/c Olivare does jackets

Anthony Ryan--I like the top, but it is a boring shape

Becky--I like the diagonal lines

Kimberly--I like that outfit more than I want to. I am all about the crazy gold top.

Cecilia--No. Just no. No. Vomit.

Anya--Catsuit! I will never be a fan of a catsuit. But I really kind of dig it.

Danielle--Hmmm...I am just not sure about the jacket cut blouse

Julie--I love the dress jacket with the blocks of color. I'd wear that

Bryce--That hem is awful! Even I can see that! And I don't love the shoulder situation

Laura--I really like that dress. It is bright, simple, yet interesting.

Viktor--Little black dress. Interesting architecture and I like the pop of silver with the zipper.

Danielle, Kimberly, Anya, Viktor, Julie, Cecilia are top and bottom. Meaning that Olivare, Laura, Joshua, Becky, Bert, Anthony Ryan, and Bryce are safe.

I'd say the top are Julie, Viktor, and Kimberly. Which means that Danielle, Anya, and Cecilia are bottom. I could be totally wrong. Let's find out!


Viktor--Nina likes the separates. Michael Kors likes the shoulder and thinks the whole thing is well made. It is different, but classic. It is elegant and beautiful.

Julie--Thinks the whole collar area is way too open. No one seems to understand it. Michael Kors thinks it looks like a housecoat. "She should have a pocket with kleenex in it while she dusts"--Kors. It doesn't look clean. Julie is standing behind her look.

Cecilia--Cecilia knows she is in the bottom. The fabric was all wrong and the colors are off. Also, the outfit doesn't look wearable or like a day outfit.

Kimberly--Nina loves it. The styling is great, too. It has everything it needs and doesn't need any other accessorizing. Michael loves that it is separates. The top is special. It transforms how you feel. And it really really is awesome. I want it.

Anya--Nina is amazed at the transformation of the dress. And they all love it. The shape is nice and seems flexible. It is fun and the color is nice. Beautifully tailored.

Danielle--Very pedestrian and big shoulder pads. It is a nice outfit, but it isn't for Nina. It is just a slightly depressing look.

"Unless you are going to a Joan Crawford St. Paddy's day party, who else is wearing this blouse"--Kors

The winner is Kimberly (what up!). Again, I want that jacket!

And the person Auf'd is Julie. I like her, but it really was her time. I would have liked to see her stay because she had a great attitude. But she never lived up to her potential.

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