Friday, August 5, 2011

Special Friday Mancandy: McFly

I know it isn't midweek, but I am doing a super special Friday edition of Mancandy to celebrate the 8 year anniversary of McFly.

Now, I realize that most people in the US have no idea who the hell McFly is, but trust me on this, they rock. And are by far my favorite band.

McFly formed around the time that boybands were hugely popular in the UK, though they are definitely not your standard sing and dance boyband. Their first couple albums are definitely of a pop nature (See: 5 Colors in Her Hair, Ultraviolet). They started to mature to a more rock sound with their next couple albums (See: Transylvania, Lies) though they are still very pop rock. Their newest album is a big change from their older sound and is a lot more dance rock (See: Party Girl, Shine A Light). Their only big crossover to the US is a fairly terrible, yet completely entertaining movie starring Lindsey Lohan and Chris Pine called Just My Luck.

Besides having amazingly infectious music, they boys are all pretty damn hot.

And they seem super fun and nice in interviews. They are always messing around with each other and genuinely enjoy what they are doing. Eventually they will do a US tour (I am sure of it! They have to!), but until that time, there are a ton of clips from their concerts online. And they seem like one of the most energetic bands live.

So, in honor of their bandiversary, go listen to some McFly! Do it now! You won't be sorry!

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