Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pilot Review: Kelly Fails!

This just endeavor to watch all pilots was a ridiculous idea! I am super behind and also my dvr has not recorded everything it was supposed to. Gah! However, I will attempt to catch up eventually.

As it stands, I have a couple more pilots that I have watched. First is New Girl. I've actually seen two episodes of it. And I wasn't completely sold with the pilot, but enjoyed episode 2 a lot. I like all of the characters and I love Zooey Deschanel. She is super adorable and is quirky in the way that normal people are quirky. I am a particularly big fan of her making up songs to sing about everything. I totally do that! Also, Max Greenfield is my favorite! I shall always refer to him as Deputy Leo or Calvin's boyfriend (if you get both references, you are just as awesome as me!) but I think that he works really well as a major douchebag that everyone really likes. I am probably going to series record it because I can spare time for a half hour sitcom.

I have also finally watched X Factor! First off I gotta say that I am Team Chezza! I like Cheryl Cole as a judge way better than Nicole Scherzinger. She seems like the nicest person ever and her Geordie accent is one of the most pleasing things to listen to. However, I am really enjoying X Factor. I have been excited for it to start because there have been some great people to come out of the original UK version including Leona Lewis, JLS, Olly Murs, One Direction, and Jedward (if you have heard of all of them you must be obsessive like me). I think X Factor editing/directing is really good. It is snappy and fun and dramatic and highlights lots of talent and really entertaining failures. Work! I also really love Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell back together. I think X Factor will stay on my DVR, even though I will probably always end up watching a couple weeks worth of episodes at a time.

The last pilot I'm reviewing at the moment is A Gifted Man. And by "reviewing at the moment" I mean watching while writing all this up. A Gifted Man is about a surgeon who can see ghosts, particularly his ex-wife who died a couple weeks prior. Since I am not all the way through the episode, I can't judge it completely, but I like it so far. It seems like a solid drama show. I'm not sure if it is going to be a "crime of the week" type show or more of a continuous storyline, so I can't judge how much I might really like it. If I can find it online or record it, I may continue watching it, but I'm just not sure I really care about it. Not exactly my thing, but still good.

Glee-cap: West Side (Of Ohio) Story

During and after last night's "Glee" episode, I spent waaaaaaay too much time trying to cast "West Side Story" from "Glee" cast members. I can't help myself: "West Side Story" is one of my favorite musicals!

Don't worry, I haven't gone completely insane: The reason I was casting "West Side Story" was because that's one of the main plots on "Glee" this season. The school is going to put on a production of the musical, and tonight we found out that it will be directed not by Schue, who is holding Booty Camp to teach the glee club kids how to dance, but by Coach Beiste, Emma and student director Artie.

Tonight, they were auditioning for the part Tony. Well, kind of, anyway: It's going to come down to our lovebirds Kurt and Blaine. Blaine is giving off this adorably oblivious vibe that it would upset Kurt if Blaine got the role of Tony instead of him, so he auditions for the part of Bernardo, or maybe Officer Krupke. He tells Kurt he'd be happy playing any part, as long as it's opposite Kurt as Tony. But Kurt has a problem: The trio of directors aren't sure that he can believably play the romantic lead after seeing him perform "I'm The Greatest Star" from "Funny Girl," even though he swung around on scaffolding AND twirls a pair of sai around at the end. They were much more impressed by Blaine's rendition of "Something's Coming" ... which, admittedly, was pretty great. "I so want to give you a standing ovation right now," Artie says.

OK, so I think either Kurt or Blaine would be an excellent Tony. They both have the voice for the role - Tony is a high tenor - and the guy playing Tony really, really does not need to be super "manly." Beiste says, "I want a Tony that will excite my ladyparts," but part of the charm of Tony is that he's really sweet and sensitive, and that really does turn on a lot of women. Emma points that out: "If I were Maria, I would love to be held in Kurt's toothpick arms on my fire escape," she says.

Why, yes, I have given this too much thought.

But there are other plots besides casting "West Side Story," the most dramatic of which is that Shelby - Rachel's biological mother and the adoptive mother of Quinn & Puck's baby, Beth - is back! She was hired by Sugar Motta's father to start up a rival showchoir at McKinley featuring Sugar. But, of course, Shelby being at school with both her biological daughter she gave up for adoption AND the biological parents of her daughter is going to cause much drama. Rachel, predictably, has a freak out, but they sing it out during a divalicious duet of "There's A Place For Us" from "West Side Story."

Quinn is more problematic. Shelby wants to reach out to Quinn and Puck and allow them to be part of Beth's life, but not while Quinn is all screwed up. Puck comes and meets Beth (and gives her a picture of a clown pig he drew!), but Shelby won't let Quinn be a part of things until she cleans up her act. At the end of the episode, Quinn dyes her hair back to blond and puts on a boring white dress, but whispers to Puck that she wants them to get full custody of Beth back. Except, you know, depending on the state laws, she can't because she gave Beth up for adoption. Which means, legally, she has no standing to get custody, because Beth is not her child anymore! Beth is now Shelby's kid. Plus, that's a shitty thing to do to the woman who has been raising the child for a year now. I kind of hate Quinn, and now she doesn't even have awesome pink hair and punky fashion to make her slightly more interesting. But now Quinn is back in glee club. Is it bad that I hoped she kept smoking under the bleachers and throwing ketchup-covered tampons at the marching band all season?

Also, Sue's march toward Congress continues. She decides to make a campaign spot featuring Quinn yelling at Schue for how her life got so much worse after she joined the glee club. Schue actually comes back with the absolute best rant he's ever done, telling her that she's incredibly selfish and needs to grow up. I'm just glad somebody said it! Sue, of course, didn't get any of that on tape! Her spot premieres and suddenly she's in first place! Schue, Beiste and Emma decide that they're going to try to find a candidate to be the "anti-Sue." I'm intrigued!

And finally ... Kurt is running for student council, and Brittany wants to be his campaign manager because she admires Kurt for being a unicorn: Somebody who knows they're magical and isn't afraid to show it. She explains: "Well, when a pony does a good deed, he gets a horn, and then he poops out cotton candy until he forgets he's magical, and then his horn falls off, and black unicorns, they become zebras." She designs a campaign around unicorns and other fabulously over-the-top gay things. She has crazy unicorn posters, and a swag bag, called Kurt Hummel's Bulging Pink Funsack, which includes fabulous shoes, a plastic pony, a Tinky Winky doll and gay pride flags. But Kurt wants to win, and he's afraid that his crazy gay persona won't let him win. At the end of the episode, he decides that he should embrace his unicorn persona ... but Brittany decides to embrace hers, too, and run against Kurt.

After a lukewarm, catch-up premiere, this was an episode that mostly hit the right notes. I could go without the whole Shelby subplot, although I do love having Idina Menzel on the show again because she's fantastic! Plus, she is working with Sugar Motta, who is becoming my favorite character. I also loved the unicorn subplot, because I love that they gave Brittany, another of my favorite characters, in the limelight, and she and Kurt have never really gotten a chance to interact before. Plus, Brittany wore the most wonderful unicorn headpiece during this episode, and it made my whole night.

And finally, some great quotes/moments from this week:
  • Brittany telling the teacher that the president is
  • Beiste saying that she was in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum:" "I was the forum."
  • Figgans, after Sugar's dad gives him a huge check for hiring Shelby and starting a rival showchoir: "Mr. Motta has just ended our toilet paper shortage with this enormous check. Wipe away!"
  • "We're hungry. We need something to barf back up." - One of The Skanks, while stealing a kid's lunch money.
  • "I realized that after smoking all day, it hurts to stand." - Quinn, after asking Sue for thrift show couches under the bleachers.
  • "I don't know what to say." - Kurt. "That happens to me sometimes. My lips move but only dust comes out." - Brittany.
  • "Now after a long day of snorting Splenda and cutting class, she heals the pain the only way she knows how ... smoking corn starch." - Sue, about Quinn, in her commercial.
  • "That was really sexy." - Becky, after Schue yells at Quinn.
  • "Turns out Napoleon? Not just a dessert. He was also a real dude." - Puck
  • "He owned that song like it was his prison bitch." - Beiste, about Kurt's audition.
  • "This is toned down. In the original, the unicorn was riding you." - Santana, about the posters they made for Kurt's campaign.
  • "You're not like Rock Hudson gay. You're really gay. You sing like Diana Ross and you dress like you own a magic chocolate factory." - Burt, about Kurt. (Note: He was saying it in a positive way, that Kurt is who he is and that's OK.) 
  • Sue calling Beiste, Will and Emma, "She-Hulk, Weepy the Vest Clown and Little Miss Golden Marmoset."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Midweek Mancandy: Sean Maher

This week, we're going topical with our Midweek Mancandy and featuring a tasty actor who just made a big announcement: He's gay. And yet, still as hot as before he came out!

(Photo from Wikipedia)

That's right: This week, we're featuring Sean Maher!

Maher is most well-known by geek girls everywhere as adorable Dr. Simon Tam on the short-lived sci-fi series "Firefly." Now, he's on the soon-to-be short-lived series "The Playboy Club." He's extremely cute on "Firefly," especially because he always seems sort of lost and confused and innocent. However, Simon is also fiercely protective of his sister, River, and, later, other members of the crew of the ship, Serenity, and that makes him all the more wonderful. He's sweet and innocent, but also can be tough when he needs to protect someone he loves. Plus, Simon is really smart, and guys with brains are sexy!

"The Playboy Club" is such a steaming pile of crap that not even the adorableness of Sean Maher can really save it, but Kel, who called the show "bad" and said, "What I don't like (about the show) is everything," also said "I almost want to watch more 'Playboy Club' just because he's in it. And that show did not strike me as something I'd enjoy." So there's that. Hopefully after "Playboy Club" gets canceled (which is likely to be soon), he will have a nice long run on a show that is awesome! He totally deserves it.

Oh, yeah, and about the whole "I'm gay!" issue. Maher came out to "Entertainment Weekly" on Monday, telling the magazine: 
It was so exhausting, and I was so miserable. I didn’t really have any life other than work and this fa├žade I was putting on. So I kept my friends from college [where he was out] separate from my work friends, and that was very confusing. I just kept going on and on painting this picture of somebody I wasn’t. I didn’t have time for a personal relationship anyway. And you just don’t realize that it’s eating away at your soul.
It turns out that when he came to Hollywood in 1997, he didn't feel like he could come out and, in fact, had pressure from a manager and agent to stay in the closet out of concern that he wouldn't be able to book leading-man roles. Meanwhile, he has a partner and two children at home who he, basically, had to hide.

We'd like, first of all, to say that the whole situation really freakin' sucks for him, and anyone else who has to hide who they are! We're both super glad that Maher felt like he could come out finally, but it is bizarre that there is a fear that a gay guy couldn't play a straight guy and vice versa. I mean, hello, it's called acting! Maher isn't a doctor from the year 2517 living in a spaceship with a bunch of space pirates and his crazy sister, either, but he played a pretty convincing Simon Tam. The whole culture is weird that anybody even cares about the sexuality of Sean Maher, or any other actor or actress for that matter! Who gives a shit? Not The Pop Tarts, that's for sure! Both of us reacted in much the same way: "Huh. OK. Glad he's happier now! Oooh, I should rewatch 'Firefly' because he's hot, and that show's awesome. And I'm pretty sure Sean Maher takes off his shirt! Nice." Neither of us had even given any thought to his sexuality before, and other than the fact that his sexuality was in the news this week, we probably won't think about it again.

But when we see him, we will think, "Oooh, Sean Maher." Because he's a hot morsel of mancandy!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pilot Review: 2 Bad, 2 Good

Due to my supreme backup of pilots to recap, I am doing shorter recaps with just what I liked, what I don't like, and if I plan on watching.

First up, is one of the bad: The Playboy Club. There are a couple things I liked about The Playboy Club, namely David Krumholtz and Sean Maher are in it! Neither is in it much, and both characters are a scoosh shady. I also really like the music. There was lots of Tina Turner! Awesome. What I don't like is pretty much everything. The story is not very exciting. There is mob stuff, which should be fun but feels pretty lame. And I don't care about any of the bunny's personal lives. I also just don't care about anything involving Playboy, so I don't really care about the show at all. It just didn't seem very exciting and it didn't really capture the feel of the 60s (or what I think the 60s would feel like). Meh. Not watching any more.

The next bad show is Whitney. Now, I really want to like Whitney and it may grow on me. First up, I like the people on the show. They are all weird and quirky, but funny. I think Whitney Cummings is funny and quippy (she is the creator of 2 Broke Girls, so I obviously like her sense of humor) and I enjoyed certain jokes and situations in the show. So, I liked all the people and I thought they were funny, but I'm just not sure the show is funny. And being a sitcom, it really does need to be funny. I may actually watch Whitney again because I want it to be good, but I'm not terribly convinced it will get better.

Now for the good! The first good show is Revenge. Oh man! There are a couple things that I am not sure are going to work in the show, like the upper class vs. lower class battle I sense and the lack of answering questions, but mostly I loved it! Emily VanCamp is phenomenal as the tortured main character who is out for revenge from everyone who ruined her father and her lives. VanCamp has the ability to go from smiling to looking super tortured on a dime. You believe her when she is being sweet to people, but she is also believable when she is out ruining people's lives. The first 10 minutes of the show are a party on Labor Day, but then it jumps back to Memorial Day. I am looking forward to finding out how we get to Labor Day and what really happened. I'm hoping that the show answers enough questions each week to keep everyone interested because I think Revenge has tons of potential. DVR series record!

Now, for the final pilot I've watched: Unforgettable. Um, so good! I tend to like serial crime shows (see: White Collar, Bones, Numb3rs, Psych), so we are right in my wheelhouse of shows to watch. The main character, Carrie, cannot forget anything. It is some medical condition, that makes her a really great detective, though she is not currently a detective. However, she tends to get lost in her memories and trying to remember what happened the one day she can't remember, the day her sister was killed. My favorite thing about the show is the relationship between Carrie and Al, a detective in Queens who used to date Carrie. I believe their relationship and feel like they have history. I also really like how the show shows Carrie's memories. It is just a really well done show. I plan on series recording this at least for a while.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Project Runway: Lamest episode of the season

Project Runway recap! On a Thursday, for once! And tonight we are designing for a newly signed rock band. In two teams of four. The Sheep Dogs! What up.

When they start to play, Olivare has a bit of a meltdown because it is so loud. Oh, delicate little flower.

Apparently, each person in the group gets to pick a band member and apparently, they don't have to make a collection, just make the band look like they are from the same planet.

Olivare is once again offended by the idea of having to design for a not model body. Get it together, precious.

There are problems already. Laura can't find red denim and Olivare is upset that his dude is bigger than the mannequin. Anya thinks that he should suck it up because real people aren't mannequins.

Viktor and Anya seem to be the most self-aware in the competition. They kind of get that it is a show and seem to have the best commentary about the work room.

The Garnier guy is working with members of both teams to get their band members with a hairstyle that works for both. The band guys look super uncomfortable in the Garnier chair.

And queue the Bert bashing. Oh my god, get over it. Yes, Bert was a bit bitchy at first, but he has mellowed out.

One of the guy's name is Leot! That is the best name ever! The Sheep Dogs are totally the kind of band I would go see. Come to Noho and play The Iron Horse!

I am not a huge fan of hippy style, really, but I am digging all the crazy color and pattern going on in the work room today. Though Bert has too much purple. Bad, Bert! No purple blouses for men.

Joshua, while hella bitchy, knows what the hell he's doing. Draw the eye to the crotch!

Haha! With his ridiculous fake accent, when Olivare says "shirt", it sounds like "shit". Which is what his fabric looks like. And now Tim is going to smack a bitch for saying that Ewan's not a size small. I liked Tim's "Bitch, please" face at Olivare.

And, can I give a big ol' Fuck Off to Olivare for continually calling Ewan plus size, because that dude is just kind of normal guy sized.

At fitting, everyone's outfits look shitty. Seriously, the designers seem to think that their band is like the Rolling Stones. Not everyone can pull off a ridiculous patterned blouse like Mick Jagger.

Oh snap, Joshua is totally stealing Viktor's fringe. Bitch, please!

Olivare is still sewing. His model may go out there naked. I'm not totally opposed to that, if I'm honest. He's a hot rocker dude. Olivare's shirt is awful! Ewan would look better naked. I am finding that I may just really find rocker dudes hot. Good thing to know about myself. Anyway...back to the fashion and not just dreaming about the guys.

And now time for runway, which is going to be the guys playing a song in each outfit. With guest judge Adam Freakin' Lambert!

Team Purple. I am not ok with any of those looks. Bass guy looks like Rock Jesus according to Anthony Ryan, his designer. Anya is not ok with her drummer design either. Guitar dude has the best look, being done by Laura. Those red jeans are bitching and I would like a pair, please. I'd actually wear that whole outfit. Ewa, the lead singer, looks the most 70s, but it is way too purple.

Dammit all, I really dig Joshua's look. It is weird, yet cool. And the bass guy looks comfy in it. Kim's drummer looks bad. Bad bad bad. Viktor's bass player looks awesome. He looks vaguely 70s with his headband and jacket, but still modern with the jeans. I hate Olivare's outfit. It doesn't fit or go with the singer.

I think the top designs are Joshua, Laura, and Viktor. I'd say the worse are everyone else! But specifically Olivare, Bert, and Anya.

Overall, the judges don't really like anything about Laura, Bert, Anya, and Anthony Ryan's group. There is no image or cohesion. And there is not a take on Jimmy Hendricks, it is just Jimmy Hendricks.

Heidi and Adam like Laura's look a lot. And so do I. I legit want those pants and jackets. Nina, however hates it. Ewan is not a big fan of Bert's look on him. I personally, can't stand this look. Ok, I am not going to try to recap the judges anymore. They are definitely not cohesive at all! Dudes...get it together.

I am over this episode. It could have been so cool, but instead, everyone sucked! Lame! I really just recommend watching the judging, if nothing else. Michael Kors is on point with quippiness tonight. And Adam Lambert giggling at him is my favorite thing ever.

Viktor's jackets are fabulous. Seriously, start designing jackets and selling them at an affordable price and I will buy them.

Dude...I may actually be right in a top three of Laura, Joshua, Viktor.

Viktor won! And he definitely deserved it! And Olivare is out. And he definitely deserved it. Overall, this episode was really lame. It should have been so awesome. They were designing looks for a band! And it was shit. Viktor was the only one who did a great job. Lame lame lame. Next week I expect the show to be back on form.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Midweek Mancandy: Steve Jones

The new U.S. version of "The X Factor" started tonight, and although it was lovely to have Simon Cowell back on our TV screens, one of the real highlights was having host Steve Jones on our screen.

Photo From MTV

Jones started out as a model, then was a presenter for various shows in the UK. He was also in the movie "Anges, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging." 
When they announced that Jones would be the X Factor host, Kel knew who he was and had seen him in things. Jen had no idea who he was, but when she looked at a picture, she decided he was definitely cute enough to grace her TV screen each week.

Then, tonight, he actually started the hosting gig. We were worried that his Welsh accent would be too much for American audiences who aren't obsessive watchers of BBC programming like we are, but he appears to be speaking rather slowly and being careful not to get too Welsh-y when he talks. But even if he does, his accent is gorgeously sexy and really adds to his hot factor (which is already pretty high because, hello? Perfect smile, great bod!). 

In short, we wholeheartedly approve of Jones being the host of The X Factor because, in Kel's words: "Mmmmmm Steve Jones. Welsh and hot."

Glee: Showchoir Fever Dreams

Last season of "Glee," I started formulating a theory that "Glee" is actually an elaborate fever dream by a showtunes-loving crazy person.

After watching the season premiere, I realized: It so is. There is no other way to explain the crazy, goofy fabulousness of this show. The inconsistencies! The crazy characters! The things that could never, ever, ever, ever happen!

And I love it.

The show started out like it did last season, with the school gossip journalist, Jacob Ben-Israel, asking the "Glee" kids about their plans for the year. Finn is lost. We find out that Tina and Artie are only juniors. "I thought you were a senior," Jacob tells Artie. "Optical illusion. The chair adds a year," he says. Great nod to the silly online controversy about who is a junior and who is a senior. Rachel and Kurt have very elaborate, very specific plans to be in show-biz in New York. Mercedes isn't dating Sam anymore. ("That is so June!" she says.) Now she's dating a big football player guy. So long, Trouty-Mouth ... we hardly knew ye. Santana is the Cheerios' top ho. When Jacob asks Brittany about her future, she asks him, "Are you working on a time machine too?"

In Schuester land ... he's living with Emma now, and they're sickeningly cute. Also, pretty boring and chaste.

When they get to the choir room (do they have any other classes?), Schue has left out their trophies, including their tiny 12th place Nationals trophy. "I was sure our nationals trophy would grow over the summer," Brittany says. Schue apologizes for letting them down but says that they are going to do better this year. The club agrees, since they're the laughingstock of the showchoir world, "and that's saying something," Artie says. Especially troublesome was "The kiss that missed," Finn and Rachel's makeout session on stage during their nationals performance. Apparently, it has lots of hits on YouTube, and a lot of comments, including, Kurt tells us, "Why is that T-Rex eating a Jew?" *snort* We also find out that Lauren Zices has quit the Glee Club - since they didn't do well at nationals, it's not in her cool factor. Nooooo! Lauren! I'll miss you! I hope she comes back.

Anyway, then we get to the crux of the episode ... the club has three pianos, painted purple, that Schue will be moving around the school. When the kids see them, they're supposed to break into song to try to encourage other students to join the glee club.

Kurt and Rachel's plot this season is going to have to do with getting into the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts so they can go live together in New York. When they go to Emma for guidance, she tries to convince them to go to Kent State, which has a great musical theater program, "and a macabre backstory, so if you don't get the lead in a musical, you can think, 'It could be worse.'" However, she also tells them there's a mixer for other musical theater-types who want to get into the New York school at a local hotel. (Emma also gives Kurt a pamphlet called "Me and My Hag.")

Sue, meanwhile, is running for Congress. At the beginning of the episode, she's behind "undecided, that rapist who's running from prison and 'I don't care, don't call me during dinner.'" Her pro-deportation stance didn't work, so now she's decided that voters want a candidate who's against something. Just as she's plotting, she hears Tina and Mike playing "Chopsticks" on one of the purple piano. She storms out and destroys it. "Oh, I just realized that song might be the national anthem from whatever country you're from," she says. After Mike and Tina scamper off, a geography teacher thanks Sue, because she's tired of artists thinking that rules don't apply to them. And thus, an idea is born.

Over at the local coffee house (The Lima Bean), Kurt and Blaine are looking fashionable and drinking coffee. (Oh, those fabulous gays.) "You're quiet," Blaine says. "No, I'm being passive-aggressive." Turns out Kurt doesn't want Blaine to stay at Dalton, but instead to come to McKinley High so that they won't compete against each other, and so they can see each other all the time.

OK, so the one Glee kid we haven't seen yet is Quinn, but soon we see her looking all punky, with pink hair, black clothes and a tramp stamp of Ryan Seacrest. She actually looks pretty cute, but she's all emo. Santana and Brittany try to get Quinn back in the Cheerios and glee club. "We all joined Cheerios together, we all joined the glee club together, we all slept with Puckerman the same year. We're like besties for life," Santana says. "We were like the Three Musketeers," Brittany adds. "Now Santana is like an Almond Joy and you're like a Jolly Rancher that fell in an ashtray." But Quinn doesn't need her old friends, she has The Skanks, a group of girls who smoke under the bleachers and don't bathe. My favorite is the slightly dippy Mac, called that "because I like to make out with truckers at the truck stop. It's like a double meaning." Rachel also comes to try to convince Quinn to rejoin the glee club ("Your friend stinks of soap, Quinn," one of the Skanks says), but to no avail.

Over on Sue's Corner, she's done standing for something. "Unless it's a day she's being screened for hepititis, this gal ain't positive," she says. Instead, she is officially campaigning against the arts, saying that it's too expensive and they can't afford it. She pledges to suspend all arts programs until very student reads at or above grade level. This sparks Schue and Sue to fight in front of Principal Figgans. He starts out talking about how kids in the arts have lower incidents of substance abuse ("Tell that to Janice Joplin," Sue says), but soon Schue is babbling about how he needs job security because he's in a relationship and he wants to start a family. Yeah, nobody really cares, Schue. But people apparently like Sue's platform, because she jumped in the polls and is now neck-in-neck with the rapist running from prison.

Sue then gets Becky and Santana in her office, telling them, "I've put plastic on your chair for this announcement, so please feel free to wet yourself with excitement." They're co-captains of the Cheerios, which they both hate - they want to be in charge themselves - but Sue gives them their first task, to destroy the purple pianos. Sue also asks Santana which side she's on - Cheerios or glee club. "Team Sue," Santana says.

It's lunchtime then, and there's a purple piano in the lunch room. They contemplate not singing and dancing so they can survive lunch, but decide to launch into "We Got the Beat" instead. It sparks a food fight, and peoples' reactions are hilarious - Kurt shields himself with a tray, Rachel stands there sobbing, Brittany twirls around on the food.

They run to the choir room to lick their wounds. "I have pepperoni in my bra," Brittany says. "Those are your nipples," Santana answers. Just then ... a new character appears! Sugar, whose dad donated the purple pianos, wants to be part of the club. She has self-diagnosed Asperger's, "so I can say whatever I want." She tells them that she saw them in the cafeteria, and that she's better than all of them. "Sorry, Asperger's," she says. She launches into a terrible (and hilarious" rendition of "Big Spender" from "Sweet Charity," and suddenly Schue has a decision - keep letting everyone in the glee club, or actually cut someone. My favorite thing Sugar did, though - rubbed the piano player's head on her way out of the choir room! Schue goes to Coach Beiste and asks for her opinion, and she says that coaches need to crush people's hopes and dreams, "like pigs in a blanket." Emma walks in and reports that, in the polls, Sue has passed "undecided" and "anyone white." Schue declares war on Sue and marches out of the room to plot. "So this is what being turned-on feels like," Emma breathes.

Kurt and Rachel sing "Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead," and it's cute. It's the song they're going to use to intimidate kids at the mixer. I love it when they perform and sing showtunes!

Sue holds Cheerios tryouts, but has no intention of bringing anyone new in. "I just want to see people cry," she says. Schue comes in and, with Emma taping it, glitterbombs Sue for her hatred of the arts, saying that each piece of glitter represents a kid whose dreams won't come true if the arts are taken out of schools.

Blaine shows up (wearing a bow-tie, aww!) and says that he is going to McKinley now, "because I can't stand to be apart from the person I love." I realize they're going for cute, but that kind of thing is creepy to me. Don't be so clingy! To declare that he's at McKinley, he sings "It's Not Unusual" with the Cheerios, who pour gasoline or something on the purple piano. Quinn flicks her cigarette onto the piano and it goes up in flames. Santana smirks.

At the mixer, the hyper weird arts kids greet Kurt and Rachel. Turns out they've been meeting forever and they've actually been in shows and on TV. The leader girl (who looks like Rachel) says she was the Gerber baby. "I've been acting since I was a fetus, literally! An ultrasound of me was featured on 'Murder, She Wrote!'" They're so perky, though - one stylish guy tells them, "As my future husband, Robert Pattinson, says, it's always refreshing to have new blood!" They then perform a showtunes medley with "Anything Goes" and "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better," complete with tap dancing! Cue the shattering of Rachel and Kurt's illusions. They bawl in the car, with Rachel deciding that they're going to have to move, change their names and live out the sad life of performing in community theater. But after a lovely little chat, they decide that they're going to keep chasing their dreams. "You make me want to be your boyfriend," Rachel tells Kurt. Then they do the gay high-five - hook pinkies, then do jazz hands. Love it!

Emma convinces Will to do what he needs to do, even though it means killing a kid's dream, so he tells Sugar that she isn't in the glee club. "Your ears must be busted because I worked that song like a hooker pole," she says. She rants at him, ending it with, "Not! Aspergers!" and storms off. I can't wait to see her again! Then Sue tells Schue that his "pixie-dust hate crime" was actually "high-octane Sue fuel," because she went up in the polls.

Schue goes back to the choir room, where Blaine joins and Schue kicks Santana out because she and the Cheerios set fire to the piano. Santana says she was just following Sue's orders, but Schue points out that Brittany didn't help. "Yeah, I was going to help, but I don't know, I'm a water sign, so ..." she says. Schue says that the club is coming together and being united. Then, Rachel suggests that the club do "West Side Story" for a musical this year ("Is that the one with cats?" Brittany asks), setting up a diva-off between herself and Mercedes for the role of Maria. Oh, and Kurt is running for student council. And then, just for good measure, the club joins together and sings "You Can't Stop The Beat" to end the episode, with Quinn watching in the wings.

Overall, it was a pretty good first episode, although there weren't enough songs. However, they had a lot of plot to introduce, including Will & Emma's slightly awkward relationship, Blaine and Kurt's uber-clinginess, Quinn's emo streak, Kurt and Rachel's New York dreams and Sue's congressional run. I'm hoping that doing "West Side Story" means there will be lots of showtunes in the next few episodes, because I love me some showtunes! The plots keep getting more ridiculous, so if they're going to go in a super silly, slightly fever-dream direction, they need to completely commit so that people aren't confused about whether "Glee" is supposed to be realistic or not. Make it completely over-the-top!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pilot Review: 2 Broke Girls

Of all the pilot episodes I've watched so far, 2 Broke Girls is by far my favorite. Kat Dennings is perfectly cast as Max, the always-been-broke girl who has had a hard life and has worked in the diner for a while. Beth Behrs is perfectly cast as the socialite who suddenly has no money.

There isn't much about the show that I didn't like. Obviously, the douchey boyfriend isn't a nice guy, but he plays that super-hot-and-I-known-it douche so well! I'm not sure about Oleg, the lecherous cook at the diner, but I think that he is actually fairly amusing since Max obviously is not bothered by him. I think the other diner characters could go slightly stereotypical and annoying, except they seem to know they are stereotypes and play off of that.

I wish I could write down all my favorite lines, but 1) it would take too long and 2) part of the greatness of the lines was the delivery. Dennings is especially good at the super sarcastic and deadpan delivery. Really, all my favorite lines have a lot of do with the quippy delivery.

My absolutely favorite thing about the show, though, was Caroline. Caroline is a socialite who has never wanted for anything. And she could have become a super dumb stereotype, but she isn't. She is genuinely smart and has wicked business sense. And she genuinely likes Max, even though they are so different. And boy does Caroline really work hard to do well. I like her a lot. I am really looking forward to watching this all season and I'm really bummed I have to wait until Monday to watch another episode!

Pilot Review: The Secret Circle

I'm not quite sure how to give a generalization of the plot. In a small town, there are 6 families that are part of a circle of magic that needs all 6 from the current generation to bind their power and make them uber powerful. One of the previous generation moved away after some tragedy that left lots of people dead. But the one who moved away dies, so her daughter moves back. Circle complete! Or...something like that. Just watch the pilot, they explain it all.

Now, I will say that The Secret Circle is not what you would call a "good" show. But damn, is it entertaining. And super creepy. And has a great cast.

Britt Robertson plays Cassie, who used to live with her mother, until her mother was killed in a freak fire started by Gale Harold's Charles (using magic), who is the father of Diana, played by Shelley Henning, who is the girlfriend of Thomas Dekker's Adam, who has some sort of family/karma connection to Cassie according to his dad. So, lots of drama already!

Robertson does a really good job of being innocent, yet powerful. And I like the character. She feels a connection with Adam, but is hell bent (at least for the moment) to not let that go anywhere since he has a girlfriend who she likes. My favorite two actors are Dekker and Harold. I may or may not have been uber excited about this show since I heard Dekker was going to be in it. And by may or may not, I mean I definitely was. I love Thomas Dekker. He tends to play the hero who is conflicted and kind of the badboy (see: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). And Gale Harold. Omg is he hot and creepy.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Secret Circle. I think it will definitely get more dramatic and intense as it goes on. I can't wait to see where the story and the characters go. Definitely DVR series record!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pilot Review: Ringer

I was planning on rewatching Ringer before reviewing it, but I just don't have that kind of time at the moment, so bear with me if I miss anything.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on tv playing duel roles as Siobhan and Bridget, twins who lost touch for six years. Bridget is now a recovering alcoholic, ex-stripper, and the only witness to a crime of which she is supposed to testify. Siobhan is a married socialite with a step daughter and a man on the side, who is her best friend's husband. Confused yet? The show kind of drops you into the story without explaining much, which I actually kind of enjoy.

The best thing about the show is watching SMG play both roles. She really inhabits both well and you can definitely tell which sister is on screen. She also makes Bridget, who initially is probably the sister that is the bad sister, super likable and relatable. The best is Bridget pretending to be Siobhan. It must be a hard thing to play a character who is pretending to be someone else. I have no idea how one would keep that straight.

I think the show has a ton of potential. There are a few surprises in the pilot that I guessed and a couple that I did not guess. As long as the show keeps giving some answers while also keeping questions open, I think it could be an interesting show to watch. I am also guessing that it will get a lot of viewers based solely on Sarah Michelle Gellar. I would like to give a big shoutout to the secondary characters, too. Ioan Gruffudd is perfectly cast as Siobhan's husband and I really like Mike Colter as Bridget's AA sponser. I think both those relationships have great potential for growth. I'm not sold on the best friend/affair storyline. This is definitely going on my DVR record list.

Pilot Review: Up All Night/Free Agents

Up All Night and Free Agents are new sitcoms on NBC and they are fine. I am not exactly the ideal demographic for either show, so while they had some funny parts, there was nothing I really related to.

Up All Night was definitely my favorite of the two shows. It is about a married couple who have just had their first baby. I assume it is going to follow their journey into parenthood. It was funny, though again, I didn't really relate to anything. Christina Applegate, who plays the mom, is extremely charming. She is the working part of the couple while Will Arnett, playing the dad, is the stay at home parent. He definitely plays a bit of the clumsy, doesn't know what to do exactly dad, but not in relation to his daughter. He is a competent stay-at-home dad, which is a nice change to see on tv. Though not that unique anymore because Parenthood also has a great stay-at-home dad. New trend! My favorite thing in the show was Maya Rudolph, who plays Applegate's boss and best friend. She is a bit boozy and doesn't get babies at all. Her I kind of relate to. Overall, I'm going to give Up All Night a second watch, though I highly doubt that I will stay with it.

Free Agents is about Hank Azaria being recently divorced and Kathryn Hahn's fiancee recently dying and how they keep hooking up. Or something. It is a remake of a British show of the same name and I am definitely not the correct demographic for the show. It had some funny moments, but seemed vaguely crude at times, especially since sitcoms tend to be the shows that your parents and grandparents will watch. I will say that there is one thing that may draw me back to watch a second episode and that is Anthony Stewart Head (known to anyone around my age as Giles from Buffy). He played the same character in the UK version and he is bizarrely hilarious. He has a complete lack of anything resembling shame. I am kind of interested to see which way the show goes. But not enough to record it on my DVR again. Maybe I'll catch the second episode online.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project Runway: Real Women Challenge

First, sorry for the delay of the recap this week. I did actually watch Project Runway on Friday, but I did so with a friend so I didn't blog. And then I planned on blogging it on Saturday, but instead watched all the other pilot episodes that I had recorded last week. Speaking of which, stay tuned Monday for pilot recaps.

The challenge this week was to work with a guy to design a look for his wife/girlfriend. It was a nice case of bate and switch as the designers had to pick a guy before knowing that they really were designing for the woman in the relationship. Kind of fun to watch all the designers flip out about menswear.

The main drama in the workroom was for Olivare who apparently does not work well with people or outside his style or under pressure. He managed to land in the middle of the pack, though I thought his outfit was fug and ill-fitting. And boring. Again, his top was interesting, but everything else was ick. Whatever. I'm kind of over Olivare.

The other drama was with Bryce, once again. Poor kid, he just could not get it together in the competition. He was the designer who was Auf'd, though I thought his outfit was better than quite a few other people. He just wasn't confident with his hot pink dress. And granted, it was not well fitted at all, but the details were really unique and it was so much better than everything else he tried to do. And ps to the judges, I loved that it had pockets! Pockets in a dress are great. Don't hate on pockets.

Other bottom looks were Bert and Anthony Ryan. Bert was once again too simple for the judges. He designed a little silver dress with lots of leg and lots of cleavage. It looked just this side of tacky, but really worked for the client, who Bert worked really well with. It really shows his age and experience to be able to deal with a client. Anthony Ryan was incorrectly put in the bottom three in my opinion. He did a vintage inspired skirt and top, which looked adorable and worked well for his client. The judges thought it looked like a cheerleader outfit or a superhero. After they said that, all I could see was a pair of gold boots and a cape.

Still, I thought Bert and Anthony Ryan were so much better than Kimberly, whose outfit was way too short and were not proportioned correctly. It was just bad, and yet she was in the middle. Laura also landed in the middle with an outfit that I cannot remember at all.

The top three were Joshua, Viktor, and Anya. Anya's dress was a bit kimono, but with a mullet skirt (short in front, long in back) that I hated for a while. And then I kept looking at it. And then I kind of loved it. It was dramatic and seemed like the kind of outfit that her client would rock. She was well placed in the top. Joshua, the winner, did a simple little black dress with no sparkle. It was extremely well made, had lovely black lace detail and fit his model like a glove. It was fabulous, but boring. Which the judges rewarded since he usually does a ridiculously shiny outfit. I get that the dress was outside Josh's normal style and it completely deserved to be in the top. But the winner should have been Viktor. He designed an adorable messy blue top with short sleeves and a gray skirt with a large panel of mustard trim on the bottom. It completely fit the client's personality and was impeccably made. The judges took off points because he over styled it with a necklace, a clutch (which he made out of the same mustard fabric), and sunglasses. But I thought she looked fabulous.

Overall, it was a good episode. The best part was after runway when Olivare was safe and someone commented that he had been freaking out for the past two days and he asked "really? No I wasn't". Ha! He is either clueless or hilarious. And next week, there is another group challenge! Awesome!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"True Blood:" A 'Holy Crap!' Season Finale

Well. A few storylines were wrapped up in the explosive season finale of "True Blood," but we have a LOT more plotlines to pick up next season. The problem is, next season doesn't start until next summer. And I reallllllllllly don't want to wait.

The main plotline as we came up to the season finale, of course, was the Marnie situation. She entered Lafayette's body. During breakfast, she attacks Jesus and informs him that she wants his brujo power. She threatens to kill Lafayette's if he doesn't comply, so he makes the noble decision to give up his power, and his life, in order to save Lafayette. The problem is, Marnie just has more power in Lafayette's body. Holly to the rescue! She, Tara and Sookie go out to Bill's mansion, where Marnie has tied up Bill and Eric in silver. She sets them on fire, and Holly, Tara and Sookie cast a spell to call the spirits of their dead loved ones to protect them. Antonia is there, and she tries to convince Marnie to let Lafayette go, let go of her anger and come be at peace with all the dead people. But it's Adele Stackhouse, Sookie's grandmother, who does the real badass thing, reaching in and physically pulling Marnie out of Lafayette's body. Sookie, of course, is rather distraught to see her grandmother, and asks her to stay because she's lot. Adele tells her to follow her heart ... which she will do later in the episode.

Some other loose ends wrapped up:
  • Tommy is still dead. Sam has a quiet little funeral, attended only by Maxine Fortenberry, who offered to bring Sam one of her famous pork rind casseroles. (I am trying to decide if that's disgusting or amazing.) Sam gives Sookie her job back, since it was Tommy who fired her, and not him. Sam and Luna are giggly in love, but for Emma's sake, Luna doesn't want to dive in too fast since Marcus is barely cold in the ground. 
  • Jason tells Hoyt that he slept with Jessica and gets the everloving shit kicked out of him by Hoyt. But that night, Jessica shows up in a scandalous Little Red Riding Hood lingerie costume, and they have some delightfully nasty couch sex. But they talk, and Jessica tells him that she doesn't want a serious relationship with him. She doesn't stay all night after they're together, either, because she wants to feed and doesn't want to have his blood. Jason, after thinking for a moment, decides he's OK with that. I think the two of them are a great combo, actually - honest, horny and a little unscrupulous. Also, apparently Stackhouses and vampires go together like peanut butter and jelly.
  • Although ... Sookie ends up breaking some vampire hearts. After allowing Bill and Eric (wearing matching bathrobes!) to feed on her to heal after being almost burnt to a crisp by Marnie, Sookie sits them down to have a little chat. Namely, she tells them that she always feels like she's being torn in two directions because she loves them both. Bill tells her that he just wants her to be happy, and if she wants to be with Eric, he's OK with that, prompting Eric to get the most adorable eager look on his face. But, alas, Sookie tells Eric that though she realized she was actually in love with Real Eric and not just Brain-damaged Eric, she can't be with him either. There's just no other way! (Except a threesome. They were wearing nothing but matching bathrobes. I'm just saying.) So, she breaks it off with both guys.
So things are good, right? Yeah, no. So many loose ends:
  • After Jessica leaves, Jason hears a knock on the door. He answers naked, thinking it's Jessica ... but it's not. It's Rev. Steve Newlin, the leader of the Fellowship of the Sun. And then his fangs pop out ... (I actually had to pause the episode to shriek, "WHAT? WAIT, WHAT?!")
  • Alcide talks to Sookie, telling her that he is no longer with Debbie and urging Sookie, again, to go out with him. He tells her they should think with their brains, instead of their hearts, and they could be happy together. Considering the fact that soon afterward, she breaks up with Bill and Eric, I think Sookie might have the potential to go find comfort in Alcide's strong, manly arms. 
  • Also in Alcide news ... he discovers, in a concrete parking garage he built, a hole. And some silver chains. And a glamored construction worker. Bitches, we're going to have more Russell Edgington craziness next season!!!
  • Pam is waaaaay jealous of Sookie, specifically how much time Eric spends with her and how much he loves her.
  • Rene appears to Arlene and tells her to watch out for Terry because of his past. Probably not coincidentally, an old Army buddy had just walked into Merlotte's and back into Terry's life after years of not seeing him. 
  • Andy gives Holly a hug. Awww. His fairy baby-momma probably isn't going to like that.
  • Nan Flanagan walks into Bill's mansion to tell him and Eric that she has quit the American Vampire League and The Authority, and that they have been sentenced to the true death. Oh, and that the AVL and Authority are fractured with lots of groups, not all of which like what they've been doing. And they're interested in Sookie. Then she calls Bill and Eric puppy-dogs when they see Sookie, so Eric chops off the heads of her guards and Bill stakes her. Is there going to be a fairy war AND a vampire revolt next season? Let's hope so!!!!
  • And finally .... the last scene. Sookie walks into her kitchen, and there is Debbie Pelt. With a shotgun. She pulls the trigger ... and Tara jumps in front of the bullet for Sookie, and takes a bullet in the head. Sookie knocks Debbie down, puts the shotgun to her chin, and pulls the trigger. The last scene we see of the ENTIRE EFFING SEASON is Sookie on the kitchen floor, cradling a limp Tara, screaming "Somebody help!"
Fade to black, gotta wait nine months to find out what happened. Thanks a lot, Alan Ball!

To tide you over ... here are some of the great quotes from tonight:

Hoyt, after Jason admits to sleeping with Jessica: "How did you do it?"
Jason (confused): "That's ... kind of a weird question, but if you want to know ... missionary, then doggie, then her on top. Nothing too kinky."

Sookie to Arlene, in her Halloween costume: "Your severed-toe necklace is super cute."

Jesus, to Marnie in Lafayette's body: "I agree with you. Vampires suck."

Jesus, to Marnie in Lafayette's body: "You can't trade magic like fucking Pokeman cards!"

Arlene, to her children: "You better behave yourselves or you'll be trick-or-treating at the trailer park again. Do you want a bag full of empty Coors cans and food stamps, or do you want candy? The choice is yours!" (Her daughter, by the way, was dressed up as Jenelle from "Teen Mom 2." Ha!)

Holly, in her Halloween costume, after she scares Sookie: "I'm just a fairy, honey. There's nothing scary about fairies."

Holly, after Tara and Sookie worry about her magic ability: "Usually I just light a candle and ask the spirits to make sure my boys stay out of jail and don't knock somebody up. So far that's worked out OK."

Marnie, in Lafayette's body: "As your friend Lafayette would say, 'What goes around comes around, bitches.'"

Eric, after the fire around them is put out: "Excuse me. We're feeling a little crispy up here."

Pam, to a fangbanger: "I am so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her incredibly stupid name! Fuck Sookie!"

Eric, when Nan shows up with goofy-looking guards in black: "Hi Nan ... and gay stormtroopers."

Eric, while looking at Nan's bloody remains: "What a bitch."

Sexy Sunday Supernaturals

To finish up our True Blood finale Mancandy series, today we are highlighting the sexiest supernaturals on the show.

First up are the vampires! And the two main men are Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Bill (Stephen Moyer), and both bring the hot in their own ways. Eric is a giant blond viking who just oozes sexy. He is pretty much the ideal vampire. He is definitely the one who would seduce you, use you, then eat you. And you probably wouldn't mind. If he is mad at you, he will kill you outright. Mmmmm power and danger. Sexy (on a tv show)! Bill has a bit of a subtle power. He is a bit nicer, and isn't as inclined to kill anyone. This season he was promoted to King of Louisiana and really, power agrees with him. He became approximately 87 times hotter this season. The best thing about Eric and Bill is how much the fight. It is always fairly sexually charged. Which was banked on this season in a lovely threesome sequence, including Sookie of course. Good times!

Now on to our favorites, the shifters, the two main ones being Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and Sam (Sam Trammell). Not sure what comments can be made about either one that would really be necessary. I mean, just look at them! Shifters are mostly human, who occasionally turn into animals. Alcide can only change into a werewolf, but Sam can shift into anything. The best thing about shifters...when they shift back to human, they are naked! Naked Sam and Naked Alcide are two of our favorite things in the entire show. Also going for both guys is that they are super nice and very loyal to Sookie. They are a nice offset to the vampires who really tend to just like to kill.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Feast-For-The-Eyes Friday: The Human Men of "True Blood"

For part II of the Week of True Blood hotness, we are going to be featuring a feast for your eyes of the hot human men in the show! (We know we said we were going to do vampires and then shifters, but we totally forgot about the humans and everyone needs to Jason/Lafayette/Jesus eye candy, no?)

There are not a lot of human's on the show. And two of the humans that we are featuring today are actually witches, but they are still human. They're just human witches. Or something.

The first hot hunk to feast your eyes on is Jason Stackhouse, played by the gorgeous Ryan Kwanten. Jason is one of the most complex characters on True Blood because he is amazingly dumb (like, breathtakingly so at times), yet very sweet and often right. He tends to do the wrong thing, but for the right reason, and when he needs to, he saves the day. He is also fiercely loyal to Sookie and to his friends. And can we talk about his abs? The boy is built, like whoa. This season has not had enough shirtless (or naked) Jason, but the eaerlier seasons definitely pile it one. This season has had him in his sheriff's uniform, which is also a good look. Really, he has no bad looks. Jason is definitely the heart of the show. And the eye candy.

The next human hunk is Lafayette Reynolds, played by Nelsan Ellis. Lafayette is Tara's cousin and the cook at Merlotte's. He is also a witch of some sort and a reformed V dealer. Talk about complex. He is also flamboyantly gay (see: his picture). Lafayette brings the hot when he is being his ridiculously sparkly self. He is very outrageous in his clothing choices, but he owns everything he wears - he's often wearing glitter, animal print, bright colors or a combination thereof. He also does his hair in quite a few different wonderful ways. He has a swagger about him that is undeniable and sexy. Confidence is hot. Also, no one can make hooker sound more like a term of endearment. Lafayette also gets hot points for being one of the nicest characters on the show.

Our third human hunk is Jesus Velasquez, played by Kevin Alejandro. Jesus came into the show in season 3 and became the boyfriend of Lafayette. Which, by the way, is great, because Lafayette definitely needed some play! This season he has come into his own as a witch, or brujo. And really, he is mostly there for eye candy. Jesus is super sweet and offsets the flamboyant nature of Lafayette really well. He is a nurse and is definitely more demure, but still strong. The viewer is never quite sure if he is totally on the side of good (he does an awful lot of dark magic and necromancy and other scary things!), but he is good for Lafayette, which makes him good for everyone. Outside the show Alejandro has recently guested on Bones and Psych, which makes him infinitely more awesome. Werq!

Later this weekend: The shifters and the vampires! Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Project Runway: So. Much. Drama.

Our challenge for this episode is a group challenge. Which is just a recipe for drama. Yay! They are doing two teams of five, with no team leaders.

The teams are:
Anthony Ryan, Anya, Viktor, Olivare, Bryce

Joshua, Laura, Kim, Becky, Bert

So we have Team Cohesive and Team Bitchy Queens. I can't wait!

The actual challenge is that they get to make your own prints and make a five piece collection and turn it into an entire show.

Anthony is all shits and giggles about this challenge as he used to be in graphic design.

And Betsey Johnson is there to inspire/help them? No idea why she is there except that she is AMAZEBALLS! I love Betsey Johnson! I've been to one of her stores and when I am super rich I will shop there!

Anthony Ryan wants to have a show based on ink blot tests. Laura wants to do aquatic. Josh wants to do Village People. Oh. God! Oh, but they are going with time and clock stuff. Ok...

Josh and Bert already have the claws out and they haven't even gone to Mood yet. Bert wants his idea to be representing. But apparently he said a naughty word, which pisses Josh the hell off. Becky is trying to make everyone work together. Kimberly is just trying to stay out of the way. I gotta say...I'm on Bert's side on this. Josh has lost his mind.

Finally on to working! Both teams are splitting work up with some people going to Mood and some working on the video that they have to make to go with their fashion show. Oh and apparently the teams have real names. Anthony's team is Team Chaos; Joshua's team is Team Nuts & Bolts. I like the idea of Team Chaos way better. It is an interesting concept and can really inspire some cool fashion. Team Nuts & Bolts is nuts (ha!).

After everyone has been working for a while, Joshua decides that he has an announcement. He wants to apologize for his freak out. I get that he wants to move forward, but seriously dude. Way to be an attention whore about it. I agree with Bert that he is trying to save face for the runway. Luckily Bert is above it all and accepts the apology.

Cut to the next morning and the prints are in! Everyone did black and white. Everyone. There is zero color! How boring! Luckily some of the other fabrics are colorful.

Team Chaos is doing all sorts of stuff that they aren't used to doing and painting on some fabric. Kim is not using any of the prints in her look. And we are once again picking on Becky about her design aesthetic.

Tim Gunn visit!

Team Chaos has lots of cohesion and so far, their outfits are fantastic. They all look Mod mixed with futuristic. And with lots of pattern craziness. I really dig it. As long as their fit is good, this is their challenge to loose.

Especially with Team Nuts & Bolts outfits. Gah! Tim has issues with everyone's outfits. Like the bright blue jumpsuit, crazy hems, boring skirts, bad patterns, and bad textiles. Tim is getting hives by the ideas of some of the designs. Love. It. Tim told Josh to let his ego go. Or maybe the whole team. But it was definitely targeted at Josh.

After a team circle, Josh is now freaking out again. Josh is crying about how much family stuff he has missed because of being in New York. I get it. I really do. It must suck to lose your mom and not get to see her one last time before she died. I don't deny his sadness. But you kind of need to move on a bit after a while. Like 2 years. Sure, be sad. But then, suck it up and don't air it all out on a reality tv show. Why yes, I am a cold, heartless bitch. What of it? (Also, my mom said "it has been two years. He needs to put on his big boy pants).

Model fitting time! Josh and Bert are getting along. Anya is worried about Bryce's shorts. Becky is remaking her skirt a third time. Anthony Ryan is going to steal Olivare's jacket to force him to work on the pants that he hasn't started.

**Josh's shirt on runway day...that is the gayest/most 80s shirt I have ever seen. Oh Em Gee.

Speaking is runway day! And Olivare still doesn't have pants done. There is lots of styling and accessorizing.

Runway Time! Nina is back! But no Betsey Johnson! What a loss.

Team Nuts & Bolts
Josh--he may be a bitch, but I dig his crazy pants and the weird cog jacket.

Becky--I'm not sure about the shiny yellow tank top and I'm not crazy about words on a skirt.

Bert--His dress is a boring silhouette, but has cool details.

Kim--I will never love a bubble shirt, but I dig the top and the chains on the top.

Laura--Again, I will never love a jumpsuit, but the belt is interesting and there is some interest in the details.

It looks like a collection, but not a collection I would want to wear.

Team Chaos
Anya--Way out of the box for Anya. Simple dress, but well done. Nice mix of patterns.

Bryce--Those patterns shorts look nice and that shirt is really interesting. The whole lot is slightly dull.

Anthony Ryan--I love the volume in the skirt and the cute little tie thing. That is my favorite look on the runway so far. It is interesting and I would wear it. Rock!

Olivare--That jacket is bananas and awesome. Those pants are not great, though. The length is odd.

Viktor--That is a simple, yet interesting gown. The mesh back is fun and I like the ink blot pattern on the bustier.

The collection looks like a collection and I would wear pieces of it.

Overall, I still wanted more color overall. It was mostly black and white with some red in Team Chaos and blue and yellow in Team Nuts.

Team Chaos won! No drama in the announcement either. If you were watching the runway, you knew they won. Josh does not take his loss well and starts taking it out on Becky.

Highlights from judging

Team Chaos:
Nothing looks overdone. Heidi likes everything. They got a lot of work done in 2 days. Olivare's tailoring is the best tailoring they have ever seen on the show. And can I just say that I would buy and werq that jacket. Michael thinks that some of the pieces aren't as sophisticated as the other pieces. Poor Bryce! Very little else negative. The prints are amazing, the collection is amazing, they are amazing. They now have to pick who they think the winner should be. No one would say so Heidi is going down the line. Everyone picks themselves except for Bryce who picks Anya. I would go with Anthony because I want that outfit! But I also want Olivare's jacket. Love!

Team Nuts:
Yeah, they still can't explain their concept. Heidi thinks that collection is too busy. Michael is bothered that the theme is so literal on the runway. "A hooker convention coming home after a late night"--Michael on the video. The girls are styled in a cohesive look. But the patterns are too busy and the looks aren't really flattering.

And now for the throwing people under the bus. Becky is trying to defend her skirt in that she made the skirt three times. Kim coped out of the pattern, which Michael seems ok with. She realized that "Most women don't want to have canceled on their crotch". Bert is calling out Josh on being a bitch. Heidi is calling Josh out on having a similar altercation with Becky. And on the asking of who is the weakest, Becky is trying to shove Josh into traffic. Bert is agreeing with Becky that Josh was the weakest on the group aspect. Josh is trying to save himself by saying that his work is the best. Laura thinks Bert is the weakest. Josh thinks Becky is the weakest. And Becky is defending herself! Or trying to. Kimberly thinks that Becky is the weakest design wise, but she did it in a nicer way. Oh my gosh. So much drama! It is hard to keep up on the recapping.

They really really hate the Team Nuts prints, but they also think that Josh is a bully. Oh, snap! All love for Team Chaos, all hate for Team Nuts. I have no idea who is going to win/go home at all. If I had to guess I would say Olivare win and Becky out.

Anya is the winner. I wouldn't have put her as the winner, but whatever. I like her. I like that whole team. I'm not bothered by her win.

Becky is out. Right call. Though Josh is a bitch and I hope he gets put in his place.

I gotta say, this was one of the most entertaining episodes of Project Runway this season. Good fashion, lots of drama, lots of tears. I approve. I hope the rest of the season is similar. Though with more color. Come. On! I miss Mondo!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WomanCandy Wednesday: True Blood Ladies

It is an exciting week for everyone because the True Blood season finale is on Sunday. To celebrate, we Pop Tarts will be highlighting all the hotties from the show. Starting first with all the hot women.

First up is the main girl herself, Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin. Paquin is very cute, yet somehow still manages to be super sexy. There are two things that Sookie does not like: being told "you are mine" by any guy and being given any sort of order. She can be sweet and innocent, but also naughty. Paquin does a good job of playing both sides of that believably. We believe that she is a sweet girl who always takes the advice of her grandma, but we also believe that she like having hot sex with hot sexy vampires. We have been fans of Paquin since the first X-Men movie and she has really grown up into a really hot woman without losing that easy charm (or adorable gap in her teeth) that made her likable in the first place.

Next up for the hot women is Tara Thornton, played by Rutina Wesley. Tara has quite a bit more edge than Sookie and Wesley makes that anger and intensity super super sexy. She is truly a fighter and doesn't take crap from anybody, be it a guy, a shifter, a vampire, or a witch. She is the definition of badass, yet is also vulnerable and relatable. Her toughness is definitely what makes her super hot. It also doesn't hurt that she is absolutely gorgeous.

Third, we have Jessica Hamby, played by Deborah Ann Woll. Again, we have a completely different kind of hotness. Jessica is a new vampire and Woll plays that innocence mixed with deadly urges so well. She is funny at times, but is also extremely emotional at times. Her pale skin and red hair makes me look the part of a vampire and is really a sexy look. There is something extremely hot about when Jessica turns on the vampire charm and seduces someone.

Last we have Pam Swynford De Beaufort, played by Kristin Bauer. Pam is collectively the Pop Tarts' favorite character. She is the most amazingly funny character, yet oozes sexy. She is an amazing combination of hilarious and scary, which mingles together into a super attractive character. However, she is almost more likable when she is playing the rarely seen vulnerable side. For anyone who thinks vampires nowadays are too soft need to meet Pam. She will totally seduce you (be a man or woman), use you, then eat you. The perfect example of a vampire and really really hot. Also, no one looks sexier in a pleather bustier than Kristin Bauer.

Any True Blood woman we missed that you love? Tell us about it in the comments. Or add your thoughts about who we mentioned.

Stay tuned later this week for our features of shifters and vampires. You definitely don't want to miss it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"True Blood:" Better Late Than Never

My recap is super late, I know ... the Labor Day holiday (and the fact that my husband was home yesterday!) really threw me off my TV-watching groove. But I finally watched it last night, and it was quite a doozy!

If you'll remember, we have two main plotlines going on: the Battle of Moon Goddess Emporium, and the Battle of Hot-Blooded, Angry Werewolves and Shifters. On Sunday night's episode, we also had a third plotline come in - the Andy Bellefleur Has Sex With A Fairy, Possibly Setting Up Shenanigans For Next Season plotline.

The new third plotline is pretty self-explanatory. Andy, walking home from his intervention with Terry, comes across a woman, Maurella, who has just come out of a ball of light. They have sex, but not before Andy promises to protect her by touching her glowing finger. When he gets home, Andy tells Arlene about the encounter, who thinks it's just a hallucination brought on by V-withdrawl. I think it's a tease to next season!

Meanwhile, in Werewolf-Shifter territory ... as Alcide and Sam hold Marcus' minion hostage, trying to figure out where Marcus is, Luna comes streaking in to tell Sam that Marcus has kidnapped Emma from school. As Marcus tries to convince Debbie Pelt to run away with him and have a litter of werewolf cubs, Emma calls her mom's cellphone from Alcide's house, so Sam, Alcide and Luna rush over there. Alcide and Sam burst into the bedroom, where Sam challenges Marcus to a fight to avenge Tommy - but with no shifting. They fight, and Sam nearly kills Marcus, but he lets him go because Sam is that kind of guy. Unfortunately, Marcus is not - he grabs the gun and starts firing shots, prompting Alcide to tackle Marcus and break his neck. (I'm not sorry to see him go.) Then, Alcide straightens up, looks Debbie straight in the eye and abjures her - officially renounces her, announcing that he can no longer see her. Debbie, already completely unstable and really rockin' the crazy eyes in the last episode or two, is not going to take this lightly once she gets over her initial shock and pain. And we all know who she's going to go after, don't we? The person Alcide was not supposed to be seeing - our sweet Sookie!

Speaking of sweet Sookie ... she's trapped in Moon Goddess Emporium as the vampires - Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica - come strutting toward the shop with automatic weapons. And they're sick and tired of the witchy crap that's been going on. "I'm sick of silvering myself all day, every day, and feeling pissed off all the time. This is what PMS used to feel like!" Jessica says. "Can we kill these wiccan dipshits already?" Pam asks. "I have a mani-pedi at 4."

Not so fast, girls ... Jason runs out and warns them that Sookie is inside. Pam and Jessica don't particularly care, but Bill and Eric do, of course. This leads to a great little conversation:
Eric: "Fuckin' Sookie."
Bill: "Fuckin' Sookie."
Jason: "Fuckin' Sookie?"
Pam: "Fuckin' Sookie. As usual, she's in the way."

Plus, Jason warns them, there's a protective shield around the shop. Before they can figure out what to do, they're jumped by some of Marnie's vampire sheriff minions. Annoying.

Inside Moon Goddess, Marnie knifes one of her followers, Casey, which causes Antonia to leave and attempt to sever ties with Marnie. Lafayette, being a medium, can see Antonia, and exclaims (in a particularly amazing bit of dialogue): "Oh shit. Marnie just puked a bitch out!" Marnie performs a binding spell, to bind Antonia to her against her will, and Jesus realizes that shit just got real, yo. Jesus does some quick thinking and convinces Marnie that Casey is still alive, and gets Lafayette to help him take her into the bathroom to save her. Yeah, no. He's going to do some deep, dark, necromancy, brujo magic to get Antonia's spirit out of Marnie's body, using Casey's body.

Marnie's two vampire sheriff minions were not much of a match for four pissed off vampires, and after they dispose of them (with Pam taking the female vampire's necklace, saying, "Vintage Cartier. I'll take good care of this"), Bill tells Marnie to come out. She brings Sookie, of course, and before Pam and Jessica know what is happening, Bill and Eric have offered to kill themselves to keep Sookie safe. This does not sit well with Pam. ("The true death to save Bo-Peep? I don't fucking think so!" she tells Eric later.) Despite Eric's command not to, she shoots at Marnie (and Sookie!) with her rocket launcher. Thankfully, the barrier stops any damage, although Jason gets horribly burned. Jessica to the rescue! She feeds him her blood, and now Jason is getting it in deep. What is it with Stackhouses and vampires?

Inside the store, Marnie makes everyone join hands to try to defeat the vampires by forcing them toward the barrier. Jason's confusion is a delight, of course, but things are looking grim. But Sookie can hear, from Jason's brain, what is happening outside, and uses her fairy power to stop the spell. She tells Marnie it was accidental, but you know it wasn't - she knew she had to save Bill and Eric. Marnie doesn't believe her, and puts Sookie in a ring of fire. Eric and Bill can both feel her pain and fear, but they can't do anything about it - they're still trapped by the barrier. They pace, looking angry and, let's face it, pretty sexy.

Jesus keeps working on the spell, which includes drinking some blood and carving symbols into his arms and chanting, and he and Lafayette both look downright scared. But it works - Jesus channels some dark magic, releases Antonia and breaks Marnie's spells. Sookie is out of the fire, and the vampires are in Moon Goddess. Bill's gunning to kill all the witches, but Sookie convinces him that it was all Marnie's fault and only Marnie should die. Well, Roy, Marnie's most loyal minion, steps in front of her, but he's no match for Eric, who zips forward and pulls out his heart. As Roy hits the floor, he walks up to Marnie, picks off a piece of flesh from the heart and drinks blood from an artery like it's a straw. It was disgusting ... and I laughed out loud for a solid minute. It was the best moment of the episode, if not of the season. Eric steps aside, and as Marnie shouts, "Nobody lives forever! Not even you!" Bill pumps her full of lead.

Wrap-up time! Eric glamors the witches (other than Holly and Tara, I think, since they're regular cast members), Sookie looks simultaneously horrified by the violence and confused by the whole fact that both Bill and Eric would die for her and how she loves them both and all that stuff. As they all sort of gazed at each other, all I could think was, "Threesome!" Bad Jen! Jason, meanwhile, fretted a bit about having Jessica's blood and thinking about her all the time and how that would affect Hoyt. More fodder for next season!

Jesus and Lafayette talk a little bit about their day back home in bed. Jesus is really upset that Marnie is dead (and that he had a hand in it), but Lafayette reminds him that he saved a lot of people. Also, they're both pretty wigged out by all the dark magic they've been doing. Jesus goes to sleep, but before Lafayette can drift off, there's Marnie's spirit floating above their bed. She enters Lafayette ...

And fade to black!

Only one more episode this season! Is anyone else as anxious to find out what happens as I am!? And does anyone else hear a death knell for poor, sweet, sexy Jesus? I'm not sure he's going to make it to the end of the season.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bachelor Pad: Another Two Bite The Dust

The main thing we got out of today's episode of "Bachelor Pad" was, "Thank goodness this mess is over after next week!"

Seriously, though, there has been some great drama, but there has also been a lot of bbbbboooooorrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg crap this season.

Anyway, it's time for the couples to pair off officially. The pairs are: Graham/Michelle, Listerine/Erica, Kirk/Ella, Michael/Holly and Kasey/Vienna.

Chris Harrison announces that they must know a lot about each other for their next challenge. Everybody is scrambling except Kasey and Vienna, who are feeling very secure that they know a lot about each other. Those illusions are soon to be shattered ...

when they play "The Nearly-Wed Game!" It's basically "The Newlywed Game" except that the couples aren't married. The couple that win get roses, which means they're safe from elimination, and a romantic date. The second-place couple also gets a romantic date.

They are asked such wonderful questions as:
How many dates does your partner require before "making whoopie?"
If he could be an animal, what animal would he be?
What quality would your partner's exes complain about most?
If your partner could kiss another member of opposite sex in the house, who would it be?
If your partner could sleep with another member of the opposite sex in house, who would it be?
Who is your partner's least favorite person in the house? (Everyone says Blake.)
How many people have your partner had sex with?
Who has the worst sense of fashion in house?
Who is most likely to cheat?

A truly stellar moment was when Chris Harrison asked the guys, "What quality would your partner's exes miss the most?" Kasey's answer: Vienna's teeth. (Vienna, for the record, said it would be her boobs.) That is pretty much the way the wind blew for Kasey and Vienna - they only got a few questions right! And it was delightful to see Vienna getting more and more frustrated with her idiot boyfriend.

Graham and Michelle did extremely well, because they had a strategy for answering questions. This led to a moment of befuddlement when Graham said he lost his virginity and 7, but Graham and Michelle had decided that all number questions would be answered by the number 7. Blake put it best: "This is fucked. It is really smart ... but it is fucked."

Blake and Erica also did very well, and it came down to the final question: "Who in the house is your partner's secret crush?" Blake and Erica got it wrong, but Graham and Michelle got it right, which means that they win!

Tension reigns in the house after the challenge. Blake and Erica know they are on the chopping block and Blake is resigned to his fate. Bad plan, Listerine - it ain't over until Jeff Probst reads the votes. Oh wait, that's "Survivor." Same principle, though.

Erica is more inclined to scramble, although she is at a distinct disadvantage because Blake is getting himself voted out by flirting with Holly, who is breaking poor Michael's wittle tender heart. Erica tells Michael that he shouldn't be mad at Blake, because Holly is being naughty too. And she tells Blake to stop flirting with Holly because it makes him look bad. She wants to get Holly and Michael out by having Blake distance himself from Holly. Erica may look like a dolt, but bitch has strategy!

Graham and Michelle's date turns out to be a private screening of "What's Your Number?," a truly awful-yet-amazing-looking romcom starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans. Yay, product placement! They get picked up in a helicopter, AND they get to watch it in a hot tub with champagne. Woo. They feel chemistry.

Vienna and Kasey fight, because apparently Kasey ripped Vienna's ring off her finger when she wouldn't have sex with him. Klassy. "She's a different person in front of the cameras," Kasey says. They're pretty lame and strange.

Erica and Blake have another discussion where Erica desperately tries to tell Blake that he's being an idiot and that he needs to stop flirting with Holly. Blake, essentially, said that if Michael can't pull Holly away from him, "sucks for him." Sigh. They go out on their date, at the historic Mission Inn, and Erica has a GREAT plan ... to seduce Blake into having sex with her and staying away from Holly and not getting them voted out.

The seduction is really sort of amazing - creepy and funny at the same time, Kel says. She tries to entice him with sexy lingerie, but he looks terrified. It's awkard, but we love how aggressive she is. As Kelly put it, "She knows what she wants, which is to win and have sex."

They argue about having sex, and, dammit!, Blake makes the good point that if the roles were reversed, the situation would be worse. And then when Blake stood up for himself Erica was turned off. We see Blake's point, but we just can't help but love Erica.

Also on their date, there are two roses ... but they're not for them! They're safety roses, which Erica and Blake can give to anyone but themselves. We thought that Holly and Michael should get the roses as a gesture of goodwill, but Blake and Erica toy with giving them to Kirk and Ella before ultimately giving them to Kasey and Vienna in order to attempt to assure that the Kasey 'n' Vienna Voting Bloc o' Klass will keep them safe. Ella is super upset that Blake and Erica "struck a deal with the devil."

But their deal backfired, because Kasey and Vienna didn't work terribly hard to make sure that they stayed.

"We tried," Vienna said. "No we didn't," Kasey responded.

In the end, it comes down to Holly and Michael having the deciding vote ... and Michael lets Holly decide. She knows that if she keeps Blake, it will break Michael's heart, but she doesn't want Blake to leave. She bawls in the bathroom for a while, and then casts her vote.

In the end, she callously sends her loverboy Blake and Princess Erica home. Boo. Let's hope that Erica aspires for better things and we see her on "Survivor" in a couple of seasons.

To end your night right ... a few quotes:
"Part of me wants to punch him in his perfect, ridiculous, dentist teeth." - Michael, on Blake.

"This is a mansion, not a trailer park, so Vienna needs to go back to where she came from and take Kasey with her." - Erica

"The thought of Blake and Erica hooking up makes me want to throw up." - Holly

"Erica is many things, but subtlety is not how I'd describe her." - Blake

Friday, September 2, 2011

Project Runway: Avant Garde

I'm back! Sorry I was unblogging last week. I was home for vacation and completely ignored my computer. Wah wah. But really, the only thing from last week worth mentioning is that the only good outfit was Viktor's dress and jacket. And there was tons of bitchy queens. So now...on to this week's dramafest!

The challenge today is to collaborate with a work of art with a student, which will be the inspiration for an avant garde look. So....they are doing wacky outfits based on teenager's art works. Fun!

Anthony-Ryan likes kids. Viktor does not. Those kids are hella-talented! I am all about the funky art work stuff. I am really digging on most all of the art work.

Everyone seems very inspired by their art except for Olivare who has apparently lost himself and Bedazzle Josh who has a tree. And Bedazzle Josh is the opposite of organic and earthy.

Now that we are back from Mood, all the bitchiness comes out. Mostly from Viktor who hates everyone's fabric. Which is really a valid point. There is a lot of ugly going around the work room. Pleather, feathers, chiffon, fake fur, bad colors. Ick!

In case you are wondering Avant Garde is out there fashion. Stuff that cannot be worn in real life. Unless you are Lady Gaga. However, it doesn't need to be a costume. And really shouldn't be "costume". Think hella fashiony crazy. Aka, Lady Gaga!

Everyone is working fairly well in the work room. Bedazzle Josh is taking credit for Becky doing good work. Bert is opening up to the other contestants and the audience about his life. Awwww...just when I am hating someone for being such a bitch (last week), he makes himself likable. Bedazzle Josh did the same thing by talking about losing his mom to cancer. Dammit! I can't hate anyone, now!

Day 2 in the workroom, the student/artists are there to discuss the works. Everyone pretty much loves everything. Except for Becky. We are not liking Becky. Or Laura really. This runway could end up being a hot mess. We are also not sold on Olivare and Josh.

**There was lots of work room talking. I didn't take notes on it. I got kind of distracted making food. My bad.**

Runway day! We are Olivare bashing. But in a nice way. He is definitely not Avant Garde. He is ready to wear.

Olivare is now gluing his top to his model. Oh honey, no. Luckily Tim is there to put the smack down.


Kimberly--Pleather and feathers. I kind of love it lots.

Becky--It is very weird and dramatic. I think the denim looks really good with the lime green.

Olivare--Rather boring for an avant garde look. It looks like the wrong dress for the challenge. And sloppy all over.

Joshua--He may have been too literal, but that top is insane in a good way.

Bert--That outfit is ugly. But in a fashionable way. Weird.

Viktor--It has drama, but it almost seems a bit too wearable. Yet I love it lots and lots.

Laura--Again, it doesn't seem that avant garde. It is super pretty.

Bryce--That dress doesn't work in any way. It is weird and not in an avant garde way. Or maybe it is the fit.

Josh--Vampire! It is so different from everyone else, but I dig.

Anthony Ryan--It looks the most like a painting. I think it looks weird and wonderful.

Anya--That is ridiculous and busy and fierce. Work, girl!

Kimberly, Viktor, Becky, Bryce, Anya are all safe. (I have no guesses as to who is top/bottom).

The top designers are:
Bedazzle Josh (Work, girl!)--Painted skirt is cool, very well made, good textures all around, styling may be a bit much.

Laura (Boring)--Doesn't really make sense with the artwork without an explanation, handled the fabric well, soft with hard is nice, beautiful color

Anthony Ryan--Can see the inspiration, simple yet powerful, manipulated the fabric in an interesting way, slightly unfinished

The bottom designers are:
Josh--Oh dear. "Victorian cocktail waitress in Vegas", not fashionable, trashy, hooker, proportions are off and awkward

Bert (Oooo snap, I thought he was going to be top)--Doesn't feel modern, Heidi liked it, too outside the box, doesn't fit with the artwork

Olivare--Everything looks sad, really well constructed top, but bad bottom, good interpretation, but boring, or too busy depending on which judge you ask, valium fashion

Anthony Ryan is the winner! As he should be! Woot!

Josh is out. Again. Yeah, it was necessary. Again. Sorry baby! I liked you, but you just didn't work out in the competition.