Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pilot Review: 2 Broke Girls

Of all the pilot episodes I've watched so far, 2 Broke Girls is by far my favorite. Kat Dennings is perfectly cast as Max, the always-been-broke girl who has had a hard life and has worked in the diner for a while. Beth Behrs is perfectly cast as the socialite who suddenly has no money.

There isn't much about the show that I didn't like. Obviously, the douchey boyfriend isn't a nice guy, but he plays that super-hot-and-I-known-it douche so well! I'm not sure about Oleg, the lecherous cook at the diner, but I think that he is actually fairly amusing since Max obviously is not bothered by him. I think the other diner characters could go slightly stereotypical and annoying, except they seem to know they are stereotypes and play off of that.

I wish I could write down all my favorite lines, but 1) it would take too long and 2) part of the greatness of the lines was the delivery. Dennings is especially good at the super sarcastic and deadpan delivery. Really, all my favorite lines have a lot of do with the quippy delivery.

My absolutely favorite thing about the show, though, was Caroline. Caroline is a socialite who has never wanted for anything. And she could have become a super dumb stereotype, but she isn't. She is genuinely smart and has wicked business sense. And she genuinely likes Max, even though they are so different. And boy does Caroline really work hard to do well. I like her a lot. I am really looking forward to watching this all season and I'm really bummed I have to wait until Monday to watch another episode!

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