Thursday, September 8, 2011

Project Runway: So. Much. Drama.

Our challenge for this episode is a group challenge. Which is just a recipe for drama. Yay! They are doing two teams of five, with no team leaders.

The teams are:
Anthony Ryan, Anya, Viktor, Olivare, Bryce

Joshua, Laura, Kim, Becky, Bert

So we have Team Cohesive and Team Bitchy Queens. I can't wait!

The actual challenge is that they get to make your own prints and make a five piece collection and turn it into an entire show.

Anthony is all shits and giggles about this challenge as he used to be in graphic design.

And Betsey Johnson is there to inspire/help them? No idea why she is there except that she is AMAZEBALLS! I love Betsey Johnson! I've been to one of her stores and when I am super rich I will shop there!

Anthony Ryan wants to have a show based on ink blot tests. Laura wants to do aquatic. Josh wants to do Village People. Oh. God! Oh, but they are going with time and clock stuff. Ok...

Josh and Bert already have the claws out and they haven't even gone to Mood yet. Bert wants his idea to be representing. But apparently he said a naughty word, which pisses Josh the hell off. Becky is trying to make everyone work together. Kimberly is just trying to stay out of the way. I gotta say...I'm on Bert's side on this. Josh has lost his mind.

Finally on to working! Both teams are splitting work up with some people going to Mood and some working on the video that they have to make to go with their fashion show. Oh and apparently the teams have real names. Anthony's team is Team Chaos; Joshua's team is Team Nuts & Bolts. I like the idea of Team Chaos way better. It is an interesting concept and can really inspire some cool fashion. Team Nuts & Bolts is nuts (ha!).

After everyone has been working for a while, Joshua decides that he has an announcement. He wants to apologize for his freak out. I get that he wants to move forward, but seriously dude. Way to be an attention whore about it. I agree with Bert that he is trying to save face for the runway. Luckily Bert is above it all and accepts the apology.

Cut to the next morning and the prints are in! Everyone did black and white. Everyone. There is zero color! How boring! Luckily some of the other fabrics are colorful.

Team Chaos is doing all sorts of stuff that they aren't used to doing and painting on some fabric. Kim is not using any of the prints in her look. And we are once again picking on Becky about her design aesthetic.

Tim Gunn visit!

Team Chaos has lots of cohesion and so far, their outfits are fantastic. They all look Mod mixed with futuristic. And with lots of pattern craziness. I really dig it. As long as their fit is good, this is their challenge to loose.

Especially with Team Nuts & Bolts outfits. Gah! Tim has issues with everyone's outfits. Like the bright blue jumpsuit, crazy hems, boring skirts, bad patterns, and bad textiles. Tim is getting hives by the ideas of some of the designs. Love. It. Tim told Josh to let his ego go. Or maybe the whole team. But it was definitely targeted at Josh.

After a team circle, Josh is now freaking out again. Josh is crying about how much family stuff he has missed because of being in New York. I get it. I really do. It must suck to lose your mom and not get to see her one last time before she died. I don't deny his sadness. But you kind of need to move on a bit after a while. Like 2 years. Sure, be sad. But then, suck it up and don't air it all out on a reality tv show. Why yes, I am a cold, heartless bitch. What of it? (Also, my mom said "it has been two years. He needs to put on his big boy pants).

Model fitting time! Josh and Bert are getting along. Anya is worried about Bryce's shorts. Becky is remaking her skirt a third time. Anthony Ryan is going to steal Olivare's jacket to force him to work on the pants that he hasn't started.

**Josh's shirt on runway day...that is the gayest/most 80s shirt I have ever seen. Oh Em Gee.

Speaking is runway day! And Olivare still doesn't have pants done. There is lots of styling and accessorizing.

Runway Time! Nina is back! But no Betsey Johnson! What a loss.

Team Nuts & Bolts
Josh--he may be a bitch, but I dig his crazy pants and the weird cog jacket.

Becky--I'm not sure about the shiny yellow tank top and I'm not crazy about words on a skirt.

Bert--His dress is a boring silhouette, but has cool details.

Kim--I will never love a bubble shirt, but I dig the top and the chains on the top.

Laura--Again, I will never love a jumpsuit, but the belt is interesting and there is some interest in the details.

It looks like a collection, but not a collection I would want to wear.

Team Chaos
Anya--Way out of the box for Anya. Simple dress, but well done. Nice mix of patterns.

Bryce--Those patterns shorts look nice and that shirt is really interesting. The whole lot is slightly dull.

Anthony Ryan--I love the volume in the skirt and the cute little tie thing. That is my favorite look on the runway so far. It is interesting and I would wear it. Rock!

Olivare--That jacket is bananas and awesome. Those pants are not great, though. The length is odd.

Viktor--That is a simple, yet interesting gown. The mesh back is fun and I like the ink blot pattern on the bustier.

The collection looks like a collection and I would wear pieces of it.

Overall, I still wanted more color overall. It was mostly black and white with some red in Team Chaos and blue and yellow in Team Nuts.

Team Chaos won! No drama in the announcement either. If you were watching the runway, you knew they won. Josh does not take his loss well and starts taking it out on Becky.

Highlights from judging

Team Chaos:
Nothing looks overdone. Heidi likes everything. They got a lot of work done in 2 days. Olivare's tailoring is the best tailoring they have ever seen on the show. And can I just say that I would buy and werq that jacket. Michael thinks that some of the pieces aren't as sophisticated as the other pieces. Poor Bryce! Very little else negative. The prints are amazing, the collection is amazing, they are amazing. They now have to pick who they think the winner should be. No one would say so Heidi is going down the line. Everyone picks themselves except for Bryce who picks Anya. I would go with Anthony because I want that outfit! But I also want Olivare's jacket. Love!

Team Nuts:
Yeah, they still can't explain their concept. Heidi thinks that collection is too busy. Michael is bothered that the theme is so literal on the runway. "A hooker convention coming home after a late night"--Michael on the video. The girls are styled in a cohesive look. But the patterns are too busy and the looks aren't really flattering.

And now for the throwing people under the bus. Becky is trying to defend her skirt in that she made the skirt three times. Kim coped out of the pattern, which Michael seems ok with. She realized that "Most women don't want to have canceled on their crotch". Bert is calling out Josh on being a bitch. Heidi is calling Josh out on having a similar altercation with Becky. And on the asking of who is the weakest, Becky is trying to shove Josh into traffic. Bert is agreeing with Becky that Josh was the weakest on the group aspect. Josh is trying to save himself by saying that his work is the best. Laura thinks Bert is the weakest. Josh thinks Becky is the weakest. And Becky is defending herself! Or trying to. Kimberly thinks that Becky is the weakest design wise, but she did it in a nicer way. Oh my gosh. So much drama! It is hard to keep up on the recapping.

They really really hate the Team Nuts prints, but they also think that Josh is a bully. Oh, snap! All love for Team Chaos, all hate for Team Nuts. I have no idea who is going to win/go home at all. If I had to guess I would say Olivare win and Becky out.

Anya is the winner. I wouldn't have put her as the winner, but whatever. I like her. I like that whole team. I'm not bothered by her win.

Becky is out. Right call. Though Josh is a bitch and I hope he gets put in his place.

I gotta say, this was one of the most entertaining episodes of Project Runway this season. Good fashion, lots of drama, lots of tears. I approve. I hope the rest of the season is similar. Though with more color. Come. On! I miss Mondo!


  1. When I saw their prints, I said, "Where is the color!?" Seriously, I just kept thinking back to Mondo's bitchin' outfit on the textile challenge last season. I'm pining for Mondo!

    I was super sad Betsey Johnson wasn't a judge. Betsey is amazeballs for sure!

    See, I thought Anya totally deserved to win. I LOVED her dress, especially the way she used two different crazy, busy prints and made it look AMAZING.

    Josh totally needs to grow up and get over it. I feel bad for him but everybody has shit in their lives. I mean, Bert is a widower and recovering alcoholic, for criminy's sake, and you don't see him being quite as crazy as Josh (although Bert is rather unpleasant at times). Josh completely lost his damn mind tonight! Seriously crazy.

    Overall ... SUPER FUN EPISODE!

  2. I do not deny that Anya's dress was super cute and fabulous, but how could Olivare's jacket not win?

  3. I was all about Viktor's dress.