Monday, September 19, 2011

Pilot Review: Up All Night/Free Agents

Up All Night and Free Agents are new sitcoms on NBC and they are fine. I am not exactly the ideal demographic for either show, so while they had some funny parts, there was nothing I really related to.

Up All Night was definitely my favorite of the two shows. It is about a married couple who have just had their first baby. I assume it is going to follow their journey into parenthood. It was funny, though again, I didn't really relate to anything. Christina Applegate, who plays the mom, is extremely charming. She is the working part of the couple while Will Arnett, playing the dad, is the stay at home parent. He definitely plays a bit of the clumsy, doesn't know what to do exactly dad, but not in relation to his daughter. He is a competent stay-at-home dad, which is a nice change to see on tv. Though not that unique anymore because Parenthood also has a great stay-at-home dad. New trend! My favorite thing in the show was Maya Rudolph, who plays Applegate's boss and best friend. She is a bit boozy and doesn't get babies at all. Her I kind of relate to. Overall, I'm going to give Up All Night a second watch, though I highly doubt that I will stay with it.

Free Agents is about Hank Azaria being recently divorced and Kathryn Hahn's fiancee recently dying and how they keep hooking up. Or something. It is a remake of a British show of the same name and I am definitely not the correct demographic for the show. It had some funny moments, but seemed vaguely crude at times, especially since sitcoms tend to be the shows that your parents and grandparents will watch. I will say that there is one thing that may draw me back to watch a second episode and that is Anthony Stewart Head (known to anyone around my age as Giles from Buffy). He played the same character in the UK version and he is bizarrely hilarious. He has a complete lack of anything resembling shame. I am kind of interested to see which way the show goes. But not enough to record it on my DVR again. Maybe I'll catch the second episode online.

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