Friday, September 9, 2011

Feast-For-The-Eyes Friday: The Human Men of "True Blood"

For part II of the Week of True Blood hotness, we are going to be featuring a feast for your eyes of the hot human men in the show! (We know we said we were going to do vampires and then shifters, but we totally forgot about the humans and everyone needs to Jason/Lafayette/Jesus eye candy, no?)

There are not a lot of human's on the show. And two of the humans that we are featuring today are actually witches, but they are still human. They're just human witches. Or something.

The first hot hunk to feast your eyes on is Jason Stackhouse, played by the gorgeous Ryan Kwanten. Jason is one of the most complex characters on True Blood because he is amazingly dumb (like, breathtakingly so at times), yet very sweet and often right. He tends to do the wrong thing, but for the right reason, and when he needs to, he saves the day. He is also fiercely loyal to Sookie and to his friends. And can we talk about his abs? The boy is built, like whoa. This season has not had enough shirtless (or naked) Jason, but the eaerlier seasons definitely pile it one. This season has had him in his sheriff's uniform, which is also a good look. Really, he has no bad looks. Jason is definitely the heart of the show. And the eye candy.

The next human hunk is Lafayette Reynolds, played by Nelsan Ellis. Lafayette is Tara's cousin and the cook at Merlotte's. He is also a witch of some sort and a reformed V dealer. Talk about complex. He is also flamboyantly gay (see: his picture). Lafayette brings the hot when he is being his ridiculously sparkly self. He is very outrageous in his clothing choices, but he owns everything he wears - he's often wearing glitter, animal print, bright colors or a combination thereof. He also does his hair in quite a few different wonderful ways. He has a swagger about him that is undeniable and sexy. Confidence is hot. Also, no one can make hooker sound more like a term of endearment. Lafayette also gets hot points for being one of the nicest characters on the show.

Our third human hunk is Jesus Velasquez, played by Kevin Alejandro. Jesus came into the show in season 3 and became the boyfriend of Lafayette. Which, by the way, is great, because Lafayette definitely needed some play! This season he has come into his own as a witch, or brujo. And really, he is mostly there for eye candy. Jesus is super sweet and offsets the flamboyant nature of Lafayette really well. He is a nurse and is definitely more demure, but still strong. The viewer is never quite sure if he is totally on the side of good (he does an awful lot of dark magic and necromancy and other scary things!), but he is good for Lafayette, which makes him good for everyone. Outside the show Alejandro has recently guested on Bones and Psych, which makes him infinitely more awesome. Werq!

Later this weekend: The shifters and the vampires! Stay tuned!

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