Monday, September 26, 2011

Pilot Review: 2 Bad, 2 Good

Due to my supreme backup of pilots to recap, I am doing shorter recaps with just what I liked, what I don't like, and if I plan on watching.

First up, is one of the bad: The Playboy Club. There are a couple things I liked about The Playboy Club, namely David Krumholtz and Sean Maher are in it! Neither is in it much, and both characters are a scoosh shady. I also really like the music. There was lots of Tina Turner! Awesome. What I don't like is pretty much everything. The story is not very exciting. There is mob stuff, which should be fun but feels pretty lame. And I don't care about any of the bunny's personal lives. I also just don't care about anything involving Playboy, so I don't really care about the show at all. It just didn't seem very exciting and it didn't really capture the feel of the 60s (or what I think the 60s would feel like). Meh. Not watching any more.

The next bad show is Whitney. Now, I really want to like Whitney and it may grow on me. First up, I like the people on the show. They are all weird and quirky, but funny. I think Whitney Cummings is funny and quippy (she is the creator of 2 Broke Girls, so I obviously like her sense of humor) and I enjoyed certain jokes and situations in the show. So, I liked all the people and I thought they were funny, but I'm just not sure the show is funny. And being a sitcom, it really does need to be funny. I may actually watch Whitney again because I want it to be good, but I'm not terribly convinced it will get better.

Now for the good! The first good show is Revenge. Oh man! There are a couple things that I am not sure are going to work in the show, like the upper class vs. lower class battle I sense and the lack of answering questions, but mostly I loved it! Emily VanCamp is phenomenal as the tortured main character who is out for revenge from everyone who ruined her father and her lives. VanCamp has the ability to go from smiling to looking super tortured on a dime. You believe her when she is being sweet to people, but she is also believable when she is out ruining people's lives. The first 10 minutes of the show are a party on Labor Day, but then it jumps back to Memorial Day. I am looking forward to finding out how we get to Labor Day and what really happened. I'm hoping that the show answers enough questions each week to keep everyone interested because I think Revenge has tons of potential. DVR series record!

Now, for the final pilot I've watched: Unforgettable. Um, so good! I tend to like serial crime shows (see: White Collar, Bones, Numb3rs, Psych), so we are right in my wheelhouse of shows to watch. The main character, Carrie, cannot forget anything. It is some medical condition, that makes her a really great detective, though she is not currently a detective. However, she tends to get lost in her memories and trying to remember what happened the one day she can't remember, the day her sister was killed. My favorite thing about the show is the relationship between Carrie and Al, a detective in Queens who used to date Carrie. I believe their relationship and feel like they have history. I also really like how the show shows Carrie's memories. It is just a really well done show. I plan on series recording this at least for a while.

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