Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pilot Review: Kelly Fails!

This just endeavor to watch all pilots was a ridiculous idea! I am super behind and also my dvr has not recorded everything it was supposed to. Gah! However, I will attempt to catch up eventually.

As it stands, I have a couple more pilots that I have watched. First is New Girl. I've actually seen two episodes of it. And I wasn't completely sold with the pilot, but enjoyed episode 2 a lot. I like all of the characters and I love Zooey Deschanel. She is super adorable and is quirky in the way that normal people are quirky. I am a particularly big fan of her making up songs to sing about everything. I totally do that! Also, Max Greenfield is my favorite! I shall always refer to him as Deputy Leo or Calvin's boyfriend (if you get both references, you are just as awesome as me!) but I think that he works really well as a major douchebag that everyone really likes. I am probably going to series record it because I can spare time for a half hour sitcom.

I have also finally watched X Factor! First off I gotta say that I am Team Chezza! I like Cheryl Cole as a judge way better than Nicole Scherzinger. She seems like the nicest person ever and her Geordie accent is one of the most pleasing things to listen to. However, I am really enjoying X Factor. I have been excited for it to start because there have been some great people to come out of the original UK version including Leona Lewis, JLS, Olly Murs, One Direction, and Jedward (if you have heard of all of them you must be obsessive like me). I think X Factor editing/directing is really good. It is snappy and fun and dramatic and highlights lots of talent and really entertaining failures. Work! I also really love Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell back together. I think X Factor will stay on my DVR, even though I will probably always end up watching a couple weeks worth of episodes at a time.

The last pilot I'm reviewing at the moment is A Gifted Man. And by "reviewing at the moment" I mean watching while writing all this up. A Gifted Man is about a surgeon who can see ghosts, particularly his ex-wife who died a couple weeks prior. Since I am not all the way through the episode, I can't judge it completely, but I like it so far. It seems like a solid drama show. I'm not sure if it is going to be a "crime of the week" type show or more of a continuous storyline, so I can't judge how much I might really like it. If I can find it online or record it, I may continue watching it, but I'm just not sure I really care about it. Not exactly my thing, but still good.

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