Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project Runway: Real Women Challenge

First, sorry for the delay of the recap this week. I did actually watch Project Runway on Friday, but I did so with a friend so I didn't blog. And then I planned on blogging it on Saturday, but instead watched all the other pilot episodes that I had recorded last week. Speaking of which, stay tuned Monday for pilot recaps.

The challenge this week was to work with a guy to design a look for his wife/girlfriend. It was a nice case of bate and switch as the designers had to pick a guy before knowing that they really were designing for the woman in the relationship. Kind of fun to watch all the designers flip out about menswear.

The main drama in the workroom was for Olivare who apparently does not work well with people or outside his style or under pressure. He managed to land in the middle of the pack, though I thought his outfit was fug and ill-fitting. And boring. Again, his top was interesting, but everything else was ick. Whatever. I'm kind of over Olivare.

The other drama was with Bryce, once again. Poor kid, he just could not get it together in the competition. He was the designer who was Auf'd, though I thought his outfit was better than quite a few other people. He just wasn't confident with his hot pink dress. And granted, it was not well fitted at all, but the details were really unique and it was so much better than everything else he tried to do. And ps to the judges, I loved that it had pockets! Pockets in a dress are great. Don't hate on pockets.

Other bottom looks were Bert and Anthony Ryan. Bert was once again too simple for the judges. He designed a little silver dress with lots of leg and lots of cleavage. It looked just this side of tacky, but really worked for the client, who Bert worked really well with. It really shows his age and experience to be able to deal with a client. Anthony Ryan was incorrectly put in the bottom three in my opinion. He did a vintage inspired skirt and top, which looked adorable and worked well for his client. The judges thought it looked like a cheerleader outfit or a superhero. After they said that, all I could see was a pair of gold boots and a cape.

Still, I thought Bert and Anthony Ryan were so much better than Kimberly, whose outfit was way too short and were not proportioned correctly. It was just bad, and yet she was in the middle. Laura also landed in the middle with an outfit that I cannot remember at all.

The top three were Joshua, Viktor, and Anya. Anya's dress was a bit kimono, but with a mullet skirt (short in front, long in back) that I hated for a while. And then I kept looking at it. And then I kind of loved it. It was dramatic and seemed like the kind of outfit that her client would rock. She was well placed in the top. Joshua, the winner, did a simple little black dress with no sparkle. It was extremely well made, had lovely black lace detail and fit his model like a glove. It was fabulous, but boring. Which the judges rewarded since he usually does a ridiculously shiny outfit. I get that the dress was outside Josh's normal style and it completely deserved to be in the top. But the winner should have been Viktor. He designed an adorable messy blue top with short sleeves and a gray skirt with a large panel of mustard trim on the bottom. It completely fit the client's personality and was impeccably made. The judges took off points because he over styled it with a necklace, a clutch (which he made out of the same mustard fabric), and sunglasses. But I thought she looked fabulous.

Overall, it was a good episode. The best part was after runway when Olivare was safe and someone commented that he had been freaking out for the past two days and he asked "really? No I wasn't". Ha! He is either clueless or hilarious. And next week, there is another group challenge! Awesome!

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