Monday, October 3, 2011

Pilot Reviews: I give up!

This is my official declaration that I have failed in reviewing all the new pilots and am quitting before I go insane. I have such a backlog that I can't even watch the shows that I like and actually want to like. And that just seems like way too much stress over tv. Also, I keep not watching tv because I want to read. And I am not going to stop reading just to watch tv.

So, to recap my recaps...the only new show that I really love is 2 Broke Girls. I also enjoy New Girl, but mostly just watch that because it is on right after Glee. I enjoyed Unforgettable and hope to be able to catch up online with that soon. A Gifted Man was fine, as was Up All Night, though neither were good enough for me to want to watch more of. Free Agents and The Playboy Club were not my thing. I like Ringer, but haven't watched past the pilot. I want to watch more of The Secret Circle, but couldn't record it for a couple weeks due to other shows overlapping. I am hoping to get to watch Pan Am at some point because I've heard that it is good. And I want to check out Person of Interest.

Later in October I am planning on watching the premieres of Grimm and Once Upon a Time, so I may blog those. I missed some other pilots and just don't care to catch up on any of them. Except maybe Hart of Dixie because that looked good.

Anyway, now it is October and I am going to try to blog more about Pop Culture type stuff and not just tv shows. Because really, the tv show blogging was boring. Onto other fun blogging topics!

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