Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Midweek Mancandy: Hot Young Gay Men Edition

So, when Kel and I were doing our research for our blog entry yesterday, about coming out in Hollywood, we naturally started talking about hot gay guys. (Naturally.)

So, in honor of Zachary Quinto and all the other people who are out in Hollywood, our Mancandy offering this week is going to feature several hot gay guys.

First up, let's go ahead and talk about the hotness that is the newest member of the Out And Hot In Hollywood Club: Zachary Quinto.

(Photo from Wikipedia)
Because, damn. That is a fine looking man.

Zachary Quinto first came to our attention when he played the evil Sylar on "Heroes." Then, he landed the coveted role of Spock in J.J. Abram's reboot of "Star Trek." He was extremely hot in both roles, and warmed our nerdy hearts. (Jen, especially, is a big fan of the original "Star Trek," so she was epically excited when it turned out that he was perfect for the role!) Oh, and now he's on the absolutely ridiculous "American Horror Story," which Jen has been watching to get her campy sex-and-violence fix until "True Blood" starts again. Quinto is gorgeous, but the extra zip of hotness comes from the fact that we actually can't look at him without seeing a bit of Sylar, which gives him this slightly dark, evil edge. *drool*

Next up, another sci-fi staple:

(Photo from

It's Sean Maher, better known to nerds as Simon Tam from "Firefly" and "Serenity." (He also played Brian Piccolo in a remake of "Brian's Song." Then he was on "The Playboy Club" until it was canceled.) Maher is great in "Firefly" and "Serenity," and he looks great doing it. He is a very classically cute guy and plays the nerdy, slightly meek doctor very well. However, he also does a great job showing Simon's growth on the show as he becomes more tough in the wildness of space. He's just absolutely adorable!

Continuing on the sci-fi streak: 

(Photo from Wikipedia)

It's Captain Jack Harkness himself, John Barrowman! Barrowman is best known for being on "Doctor Who" and its spin-off, "Torchwood," as Captain Jack, a 51st-century time traveler. And, oh my gosh, does he look great doing it! His character is tough and very layered, but he also plays him with a cheeky charm. Captain Jack is also kind of a slut, so it's totally believable that if you met him, he'd sleep with you and likely rock your world. Can't hate that! We also just really like Barrowman in real life - he is very connected with fans and very vocal about gay rights, and we love that about him! And he's just so damn hot!

Also on a U.K. show ...

(Photo from Wikipedia)

Russell Tovey, from the U.K. version of "Being Human!" Nerds like me might also know him as Alonso Frame on "Voyage of the Damned" and "The End of Time" episodes of "Doctor Who." He is definitely not a conventional hottie, but he is really cute. He looks like a normal, cute guy, and that's always a nice thing to see on TV. Jen has only seen him in "Doctor Who," but Kel, who has watched "Being Human," assures Jen that he also looks good naked. 

Switching gears toward the musical world ...

(Photo from the Jonathan Groff Network)

It's Jonathan Groff, who plays Jesse St. James on "Glee!" He was absolutely great on the show, especially considering that he was playing a pretty obnoxious "bad guy." He also is a pretty big Broadway actor, starring in a lot of different shows to great acclaim. He's pretty good-looking when you see him, but when he starts to sing and dance, that's when the magic really happens. He is incredibly talented! We've really only seen him do his singing and dancing thang on "Glee" and in YouTube clips, but we like what we see!

Also on "Glee" ...

Chris Colfer is just sort of adorable. Even though Kurt on "Glee" can get a bit obnoxious, Colfer is always pretty dang cute! Come on - he looks like a cherub! And he, like Groff, is absolutely absurdly talented! If you're not a "Glee" fan, be sure to get on YouTube and watch him perform sometime. He's also really funny when he's not acting. Watching him on a talk show is always wonderful because he's witty and personable. And, hello? He can spin a pair of sai! How cool is that? We kind of just want to be friends with him.

And finally ...

(Photo from

Ever since Kel and I first laid eyes on the hot, androgynous, guyliner-sporting, super-talented glam rocker Adam Lambert on "American Idol," we were absolutely smitten. There's something incredibly hot about the way that he plays with gender and fashion. Also, the way he likes to wear tight pants. He's sort of weird and crazy and wonderful, and that's what makes him so sexy! Plus, that voice! We know some people didn't like the wailing falsetto and crazy range and odd arrangements on "Idol," but he is a true rock star. Lambert is mega-talented and sexy, and we absolutely love him!!
Did you like this Mancandy? Stay tuned to our blog this week for more! We plan to feature more LGBTQ hotties later this week!