Sunday, July 31, 2011

"True Blood:" A Bangin' Full Moon

This week on "True Blood" ... Sam's life gets completely effed up, nobody can resist AmnesiaEric's patented puppy dog eyes and several people having a bangin' full moon.

This week's episode started off with a bang - with Bill storming in to Sookie's house just as things were getting hot and heavy between Eric and Sookie. Bill drags Eric off to a cell with Pam, who is decomposing at an alarming rate. She attempts to get Eric to remember his life, prompting him to admit that he doesn't want his old life back. Sookie pleads for Eric's life and freedom, prompting King Bill to kick her out of his house and and tell her that he will arrest her for trespassing.

In DemonBaby news ... Arlene and Terry's house catches on fire, and baby Mikey is nowhere to be found. We find out that, clearly, Arlene loves Mikey - she's distraught that he's not in his crib and she can't find him - but there is obviously something weird going on, because while the house was burning down, Mikey was in the yard playing with the creepy doll. And there's a woman there in the yard, who disappears! Perhaps things aren't exactly as they seem to Arlene.

Sam has to come over to check up on the house, which he owns, and Terry and Arlene. "The ghost of my murderous ex-fiance just tried to kill us in our sleep! We're peachy!" Arlene shrieks at him. Andy threatens Sam, saying he's going to look for things that aren't up to code, and also sets up a date with Holly. Meanwhile, Sam calls Tommy and tells him to run the bar for the day since he'll be dealing with the fire, but I'm pretty sure Sam wasn't planning for Tommy to actually turn into Sam - but he does, because now he's a skinwalker. Sam Trammell gets mad props for emulating a perfect Tommy swagger in this episode as Tommy goes through the day disguised as Sam. Tommy promptly fires Sookie (who, I have to admit, is a pretty terrible waitress) after she asks for the day off; talks to Maxine (who says that Tommy is dead to her); and sleeps with Luna (who decides that this is the perfect day to show up at Sam's trailer, open up her dress and throw herself at him), then callously kicks her out before turning back into himself, throwing up and passing out. Sam finds Tommy passed out in a puddle of puke and can't rouse him. Is he dead, just as he's getting interesting? I almost feel bad for wanting him to leave just last week.

Naomi seeks out Tara and wants to find out more about her and why she lied. They talk, have sex and visit Merlotte's before Pam finds them in the Merlotte's parking lot and lunges toward Tara. To be continued! Even with Pam's parts falling off her face, I still wouldn't want to be Tara. Pam is pissed, and she is a tough vampire.

Sookie is understandably concerned about Jason, since she hasn't heard from him in a few days, and finds him cuffed to his bed. "This is a sex thing, isn't it?" she says resignedly (perfect delivery by Anna Paquin!), and Jason explains that, no, he is afraid he will turn into a werepanther and cuffed himself to the bed to keep people safe. "If you turn into a panther, won't the handcuffs fall off?" Sookie asks reasonably. "Shit. Shit. I didn't think of that!" Jason responds. Oh Jason.

Meanwhile, Alcide catches Debbie with the Shreveport packmaster from last week ... not doing anything untoward, other than agreeing to join the pack for their full-moon run. Debbie explains that she needs community to help her recovery and Alcide reluctantly agrees.

Sookie agrees to sit with Jason as he potentially turns into a werepanther for the first time. Jason urges her to shoot him if he changes, and Sookie refuses, saying she would take care of him. "What do you think that meant? Change my kitty litter?" Jason asks. He tells Sookie that he doesn't want to be a freak of nature. "Like me?" Sookie asks pointedly. She tells Jason that she doesn't believe that there is any such think as normal. "Like how I'm extra good at sex and shooting?" Jason asks. "Uh-huh," Sookie says, and you can hear the eyeroll in her voice. Anna Paquin really rocked it out this episode. Some perfect delivery from her. Anyway, Sookie runs into the house and Jason runs off. Sookie sets off into the woods with a shotgun to find him.

But Jessica finds Jason first, because, since he's had her blood, she could sense his fear. They talk about supernatural things for a while before Jason decides that he isn't going to change, and there is definitely some sexual tension there (probably only natural when a human drinks from a vampire!). They decide not to tell Hoyt about their time in the woods.

Sookie, meanwhile, runs into Debbie and Alcide in the woods, and Sookie asks them how weres are made. Alcide explains that you can't turn someone into a wereanimal - it's a genetic thing. Thank you, Captain Exposition!

Marnie takes on the spirit of Antonia, the witch who we discovered was tortured and raped by Luis, one of the sheriffs we met at Bill's last week. Marnie lures him down to her cell with a look and starts to put a spell on him. I smell trouble from Marnie for sure!

In other witchy news, Jesus and Lafayette are still in Mexico with Jesus' grandfather, who demands a sacrifice before he helps. A rattlesnake comes up to them and Jesus brings it back to to his grandfather, who performs some bloodletting magic and allows it to bite Jesus. He and Maria (his pregnant ... girlfriend? wife?) leave and Lafayette is possessed by Tio Luca and heals Jesus.

On the vampire politics front, Bill gets permission from Nan Flanagan and the Authority to punish Eric with the true death. Eric tells Bill he wants to live, but he doesn't like who he was. "My progeny tells me I was - I am a barbarian thug who never respected your authority. I don't expect you to show me any mercy," he says as he kneels before King Bill, giving him some major AmnesiaEric puppy dog eyes. He says he will accept the sentence, but asks Bill to release Pam (she's rotting away anyway!) and to tell Sookie, "I was born the night she rescued me, and I went to my true death knowing what it meant to love ... Tell her thank you." Can you say "sigh!?" He also tells Bill that he hopes that he and Sookie find their ways back to each other because "she deserves happiness." Bill goes to stake him ...

And the next time we see Eric, he's standing in the woods as Sookie searches for Jason by, hilariously, yelling "Jason! You're not going to turn into a werepanther!" I love Sookie. Anyway ... she sees Eric ... we cut to a scene of Bill brooding on his porch ... and then we get to see Sookie and Eric finally doing what we all wanted them to do - having hot, hot sex in a clearing in the woods.

A bangin' full moon indeed!

What did you think of this week's "True Blood?" Do you think Tommy will live? What is Antonia's plan, and is it connected to Tio Luca? Is it the evil doll wreaking havoc in Arlene & Terry's life, or is it the ghost of Rene? And how many times did you rewind and watch Sookie and Eric's hot, hot, long-awaited first sex scene?

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