Monday, July 11, 2011

Trashy TV Highlight: Fear Factor

Trashy TV Friday is going to turn into Trashy TV Highlight as apparently I can't remember to post on Fridays, even though it is only week two. To be fair, I wrote up a post for TTF on Wednesday, I just never actually typed it up. So, this will be a floating feature. Onward!

Today's highlight of trashy reality tv is Fear Factor, my first and still one of my favorite trashy reality tv shows. And OMG it is coming back! Fear Factor, if you have never seen it or don't know, is a competition show with 6 contestants (usually 3 women, 3 men) who compete in 3 challenges to win $50,000. The first challenge was usually some sort of physical thing of hanging onto a helicopter or grabbing flags from a spinning tube that has many holes to fall through or climbing something. The third challenge was usually a big stunt, like seeing who can flip a car the furthest or who can drive a car onto a moving truck the fastest. But the second stunt, that was always the best. It is the psychological challenge, aka the gross food challenge! I know many people who flip off at stunt two, but I watched every single one. There is nothing better than watching annoying people try to eat uber gross things. My favorite one ever was Fear Factor Pizza, which had piles of ungodly things on it, but what I remember the most is the "sauce" was coagulated blood paste. I mean, who thinks of that? So great.

By far, though, the best thing about Fear Factor was the host, Joe Rogan. Rogan is the perfect host for this type of show, knowing when to encourage someone who is struggling and mock someone who is a douchey. Rogan is also tough enough for you to believe he could probably kick your ass, yet he seems like he would be genuinely fun to hang out with. My favorite Rogan moment was during the Reality Stars special when he gets into a physical fight with (and totally kicks the ass of) Jonathan from Amazing Race season 6 (of Jonathan and Victoria). Seriously, watch the clip here.

Fear Factor is coming back and I am super excited. Like, whoa! Fear Factor is a simple concept that is amazingly exciting every week. It really never gets old, especially the gross food challenges. I know two things about the new Fear Factor: 1) Joe Rogan is hosting and 2) I will be watching. And you should be, too!

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