Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter 7.5

I saw Harry Potter 7.5 this week. No, I didn't see it on opening day or even opening weekend. First, I was out of town and second, I was a little worried I would be sad/disappointed. A rather unfounded fear considering all the great press it got. But still, what if it didn't hold up to what my expectations were? That would be tragic! However, I was not let down. The last installment of Harry Potter was awesome. And I'm sure you'd like to hear my thoughts on it! There may be some spoilers, but really at this point, I'm fairly sure everyone who cares has seen it. Deal with it.

*I found the entire movie satisfying. I thought all the big moments were in there, the tone of the entire movie was right, and the deaths were satisfying.

*They left in my favorite line of the entire series ever: "Not my daughter, you bitch"--Molly Weasley

*The Snape memories scene...way cool! I liked how they stuffed tons and tons of info into a super short space. And it looked uber styling.

*Draco. He wasn't in the movie much. But when he was, he killed it. Tom Felton gives so much heart and depth to such a potentially unlikable character that you really feel for me. Really, when Draco is standing with the school when everyone thinks Harry is dead and his parents beckon him over to the dark side...Draco's face about broke my heart. He wanted to do the right thing and be on the right side of the battle, but he couldn't ditch his family. Just the little lip quiver...yeah. That really got to me. And really throughout the entire series, Felton has done an amazing job taking the character of Draco to all sorts of places. He isn't in the movies as much as he is in the books, but all his screen time is well used. This post has turned into a Draco love-fest. Whatever, it is well deserved. Tom Felton made Draco probably my favorite character in the movies.

*My only main quibble: before The Trio go to Gringrotts, Luna is at Shell Cottage with them; when The Trio get to Hogwarts, Luna is How did she do that? Or why? It makes no sense. I know they had to get her back to Hogwarts for the final battle, but why was she there before The Trio? Drove me up the wall.

In conclusion, I loved Harry Potter 7.5. I thought it was the best of all the movies and felt like a satisfying conclusion. And Tom Felton/Draco rocked my socks off.

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