Thursday, July 28, 2011

Project Runway Recap

Holy Shit! I am overly excited about Project Runway starting. I watched part of the casting special, but wasn't able to see the whole thing because my DVR was mucking it all up. But I am good and live for the show! I may have some issues with keeping track of all 20 contestants, so bear with me!

4 designers are going home before the competition even starts. They are introing all the designers. I'm only going to mention the people who are interesting.

Bryce has many feathers! I like feathers!

Miss Trinidad and Tobego may or may not sew. She "designs". Very confused. Tim is challenging her credability. Tim is so sassy!

Olivier has an awesome accent and super fab jackets. I love him!

Josh has crazy structural designs. And is wearing a jacket and ascot!

Laura is super entitled and bitchy. I think I rather like her.

Viktor lacks taste. But I kinda like his stuff.

Julie I am torn on. She has many layers, but like, fun?

Fallene has feathers! And likes men's apparel for women! Me too!

Gunnar Deatherage! Fierce and fabulous!

Joshua has many vests and weirdness. I dig it.

Rafael has a fierce fierce jacket! Wants it.

**Just as an aside. Rompers are never a good idea. Ever. Just stop with the rompers. Please. **

Bert, 102 years old, haha! He has some skills and history.

Anthony has cancer. Or did. He has fun patterns. And has a monkey print shirt. He is mine! And he is color blind. What?

The 16 designers are: Fallene, Danielle, Rafael, Kimberly, Viktor, Byrce, Becky, Olivier, Laura, Anthony, Julie, Joshua, Josh, Anya, Bert, Cecelia

I definitely already have favorites and people I don't like. But there is far too much going on to talk about everything going on, so I am just going to highlight the essentials and talk about the runway and you should watch the show to get all the good stuff. Because really, the entire show is full of good stuff.

The Challenge: Come as you are (at 5am) party. Grab a sheet, come in your pajamas and walk through Time Square. To Parsons! What they are wearing plus a sheet is what their material is for the challenge.

Do they get to wash their pajamas first? Because dirty pajamas are just not an ok choice for material.

And now we can find out if Anya really can sew! I'm going to go with no! Oh, the drama!

"There is a way of using these feathers without making a pubic patch" oh Tim Gunn, I've missed you!

"Are you speaking foreign"--Laura, aka Designer Barbie

Runway Time! With guest judge Christina Ricci. Random!

ETA--To see all the designs, check out Rate the Runway from Their runway is not in the same order as mine, so make sure to make the names!

Joshua--I dig the bizarre vest, but the skirt is too short

Laura--I am not ok with the cut of the pants, but I like the color

Danielle--Kinda cute, but boring

Viktor--Fierce dress, but perhaps not fit right?

Becky--I like it, but it seems vaguely last year

Bryce--Love it. Work.

Anya--I'm just not sure about it all

Julie--That is kind of a hot mess

Olivier--It is fine, but not great. Boring boring boring colors

Kimberly--Weird, but I rather dig? Though I want color!

Anthony--Honestly, make the skirt a bit longer and I love

Rafael--Those pants are not ok, but that vest is fierce

Fallene--I like the shape of it all

Bert--Looks a bit sloppy, but I like

Josh--Without the jackety thing, I like

Cecilia--What up. I like, except for skirt length

The top designers are:
Anthony--got props for transforming it all. The colors work, which is fun since he is color blind. He used the trimings offered well.
Anya--The judges like how good she did based on her experience. I still am not ok with the pants. That style is not my favorite.
Bert--Simple, but interesting. Feminine and sexy. Yeah, I really like it a lot.

The bottom designers are:
Rafael--Just no. Except the shirt is awesome.
Julie--She did not live up to expectations. "It might be an I like myself pocket"--Kors. Love it.
Josh--Things just didn't work. That fit is ridic.

Michael Kors just called Rafael fashion backwards. And can I say, Christina Ricci has good critiques. Wasn't expecting that. Anthony made something wearable, which I like. I think that may come back to bite him later in the season.

Bert is the winner! Yay Bert! I like him and I feel like this is something he needs and has worked for a lot of years for. Work, Bert!

And the Auf'd designer is Rafael. I'm so glad they gave Josh another chance. Rafael's vest was ridic, but those pants did not deserve another chance.

This season is going to be ridiculous if the previews are not lying. Everyone seems to be crying and yelling and needing help. I can't wait!

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