Thursday, July 28, 2011

TrashyTV Highlight

I was planning on watching Big Brother so I could do a Trashy Reality TV Highlight on it. And I even watched the beginning of the first episode. And then never watched any more. I want to watch Big Brother and love it. But I just don't. So, here is my problem with it...

Big Brother should be full of crazy drama, but it isn't. There are 12 or so people living in a house with no contact with the outside world except for Julie Chen, who speaks to them through a screen. People should go crazy in there. But mostly the drama is not really drama. Except for the dude this season who was making homophobic comments. But even that is more just a single person being ignorant than any drama. When compared to Real World or Jersey Shore or even Survivor, Big Brother has no drama.

The competitions are really really lame. Again, comparing to other shows with some sort of challenge aspect...Survivor, Amazing Race, Fear Factor...Big Brother's stuff is weak.

This season has some people from previous seasons. I have not watched those previous seasons, therefore that twist means nothing to me and these special people are just other boring people.

Nothing happens. My biggest problem with Big Brother is that nothing happens. In Survivor, to win money, you have to do challenges and win immunities and stuff. In Big Brother, you just have to make friends with people. Big Brother is like if you took Survivor, gave them plenty of food, let them have comfy beds, made the challenges really really easy, and then gave them half as much money. Compared to all the other reality tv out there, which is so much fun, Big Brother just doesn't cut it for me.

However, starting tonight is Project Runway! I'm sure Jen and/or I will be blogging that shit because nothing has more drama than a show about designers!


  1. HELL YEAH PROJECT RUNWAY!!! I've been geeking out all day, and I ALMOST wish I would have taken the night off work to watch the premiere. But that would have been slightly lame, right?

  2. If by "slightly lame" you mean overly lame, than yes. it would have been slightly lame.