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True Blood Recap: Me and the Devil

This week on "True Blood," some secrets are revealed, some people royally screw up and Portia Bellefleur runs screaming.

First off, in plotline-I-wish-would-go-away news, Tommy kills his parents with a pipe. I was wishing he'd be so distraught that he'd kill himself too, thus ending the dullest, by far, plotline this season. Alas, Tommy survives and enlists Sam to help him get rid of the bodies. They take them out into the woods and throw them in the pond, then throw marshmallows into the pond to attract the gators. Which is apparently a thing.

Meanwhile, Eric, who still doesn't have his memories, continues to be incredibly adorable. He has a dream in which Godric, who he can't remember, tells him, "You are incapable of love. You are damned." Godric tells him to drink from Sookie, then drinks from her himself. Eric wakes up, comes upstairs to Sookie's room and tells her, "I had a bad dream." Cue my heart melting! Eric lays in bed with Sookie and cries because he's afraid he's evil. Sookie convinces him that he's not, and they snuggle up to sleep until dawn. Alexander Skarsgaard is doing a great job at being gentle and sweet, yet still slightly sexy and dangerous.

Last week, we found out that Portia Bellefleur is Bill's descendant, making the fact that they had sex incredibly disgusting. But Portia doesn't see it that way, and tells Bill that their incestuous relationship is OK because lots of people in Bon Temps are married to their cousins and because there's no threat of having children. Thankfully, Bill doesn't think it's a good idea, so he glamors Portia into having an uncontrollable urge to scream and run when she sees him, causing her to scream and run out of Bill's mansion - one of the silliest moments of the night.

Lafayette, Jesus and Tara are petrified that Eric and Pam are going to come after them, since they don't know that Eric's memory is gone and since Marnie the witch made Pam's face rot off. Lafayette and Jesus decide to take a little trip down Mexico way to visit Jesus' grandfather, a brujo (witch) who gave Jesus a taste of witchy power when he was a kid. Tara, meanwhile, calls her girlfriend, Naomi, and finds out that Naomi found some things with Tara's real name on them - which is bad because Tara told Naomi that her name was Toni. Lafayette and Jesus get down to Mexico and Jesus' grandfather tells them, "I've been expecting you."

Tara, meanwhile, talks to Sookie about Naomi, (over ice cream, of course, because that's what ladies do, girlfriend!) then gets uber-pissed and runs away when Eric appears. Understandable, considering that she thinks Eric is trying to kill her! She also spills the beans about all the horrible things Eric has done that affected Sookie negatively.

Spurred by the magic marker message from last episode, Rev. Daniels and Lettie Mae - who is now married to Rev. Daniels - come over to Terry and Arlene's house to exorcise what Arlene is sure is the ghost of Rene. It seems to work - Baby Mikey sleeps soundly that night - but then a matchbook catches on fire for no reason. I smell a spooky, silly subplot!

Sookie goes to the witchy shop for a reading by Marnie, and through her thought-reading and Marnie's channeling, Gran tells Sookie to take care of Jason; not to give her heart to the man she is falling in love; and to run because the woman poses danger. She leaves, and soon after Marnie gets taken by Bill's minions and thrown in jail, where she has a vision of Spanish witches in jail, getting visited by priests and nuns, then one getting bitten by the priests and nuns, who are also vampires.

Alcide gets a visit from the Shreveport werewolf packmaster, who is upset that Alcide hasn't registered yet. Alcide replies that he is trying "free agency," which doesn't make the packmaster very happy. I am pretty sure we haven't seen the last of Alcide, and refusing to be part of the pack could mean a lot of trouble for him and, presumably, Debbie Pelt.

Jason didn't get much to do this episode, but he did get a few funny scenes. In one scene, he tells Hoyt about his abuse at the hands of the Hotshot and comes to the conclusion that it was punishment for all the sex he's had over the years. Another scene is everybody's favorite things about vampire blood sharing - sex dream! Yes, Jason has his first sex dream about Jessica. But Hoyt keeps showing up in the dream, too, making comments as Jason and Jessica have sex. Definitely the funniest sex scene on "True Blood" in a while!

Eric and Sookie discuss all the things that Eric has done. Sookie says that she always knew that there was decency in Eric, "even when you were a smug, sarcastic ass," and admits that she likes him. Eric tells Sookie that she has a "light" in her, and "I couldn't bear it if I snuffed it out." He runs out of the house, but Sookie follows and beckons him back. "Please don't go," she says ... and then ... THEY KISS! And it's about damn time. Let's hope that means that there will be a good Sookie/Eric sex scene next week!

And finally ... Bill gathers the remaining Louisiana vampire sheriffs and Pam to discuss what they should do about the witches. One of the sheriffs explains that in 1610, a witch, named Antonia, was being burned at the stake and used necromancy to get vampires out of their sleep and into the sun to kill them. (Bill makes an offhand remark about how the vampires of those days were priests and nuns to be in places of power, and now they have vampires in Google and Fox News. Hee.) Anyway, they want all want to kill Marnie, but Bill warns them that killing a human results in the true death for the vampire. And Pam, poor sweet Pam with her face slowly rotting off (she loses an ear during this conversation), is so distraught that she accidentally tells Bill that Eric has lost his memory and is hiding out with Sookie. And, scene.

This week didn't progress the plot a whole lot, but we thankfully had some movement in the Eric/Sookie relationship department, which is the highlight of this season. Seriously, I could watch an hour of Eric being an adorable lost puppy! I can't be the only person whose heart melted when Eric appeared in Sookie's bedroom and told her that he had a bad dream, or sighed when Eric grabbed Sookie's arm and put it around him when he laid in bed with her. It's not that I don't love the "smug, sarcastic ass" that is the real Eric Northman, but there's something so wonderful about Eric without his memories.

The last few minutes were great - we got the information about Antonia the witch finally, so we know who we're facing with Marnie, and I actually yelped out loud at Pam when she spilled the beans to Bill. That could be the absolute biggest mistake anybody has made yet this season. I hate to think what Bill is going to do when he gets to Sookie's house.

I also have to give mad props to Kristin Bauer, who is doing a wonderful job playing the deadpan Pam. She is doing a great job with the whole "my face is rotting off!" thing, and she has the best lines. She really is one of the highlights of "True Blood."

Next week, I'm hoping for Jason to be a werepanther for the first time - after all, the full moon is the next night, according to Holly; an excellent sex scene between Eric and Sookie; and an end to the Tommy subplot.

What did you think of "Me and the Devil?" Am I the only one tired of Tommy? What do you think Bill will do with the new information about Eric? And just how adorable, exactly, is Eric!?

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