Monday, June 27, 2011

Super 8

I'm on a blogging role, so I am going to blog something that I was going to write about over the weekend.

I saw Super 8 and it was awesome! I went to the theatre to see either Pirates 4 or Super 8. When I got there, I made the snap decision to see Super 8 and I am so glad I did. Instead of recap/review, I'm just going to tell you my favorite things about it.

1) The relationship of the main kids. I loved that the kids seemed like real friends. Joe, the main kid, and Charles, his best friend, especially were awesome together. They fight and hang out and do a ton of silly things and yell at each other. They act like real friends. I truly believe that those kids could be best friends in real life.

2) The way the kids talk over each other. This is related to the first one. But I loved how all the kids talked and yelled over one another. Pretty much anytime they were all on screen, they were talking or yelling over and at one another. Which is exactly how kids interact. It just never ceased to amuse me.

3) The cute romance. I don't usually care about the romance in a thriller, but I liked the cute little romance. It felt real and age appropriate. And caused some drama in the friend group. All good things.

4) The kid who loved explosions. That kid cracked me up. He had floppy hair and braces and liked to make things explode.

5) The zombie movie at the end. That thing was genius. I would have watched a full length version of that. It was nicely b-movie quality, but still good. It had better special effects than an Ed Wood movie. I really mostly liked that it looked like someone kids would have made.

Overall, what I liked most about Super 8 was how real it seemed. It was very realistic, except for the fact that there was an alien. Fun.

Anyway...short blog because it is nearly 10:30pm and I need to sleep. I will blog more soon (I promise).

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