Thursday, June 2, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance

I was going to wait until after Vegas week to blog about So You Think You Can Dance, but I am too excited to wait! Basing a guess purely on the auditions we've seen, this season is going to be the best season yet. There are a couple reasons why I believe this.
1) Variety: there are a ton of different styles represented in Vegas. Yes, there are a ton of contemporary dancers. And there aren't many ballroom, but there are quite a few unique styles. There are unique hip hop dancers, b-boys, poppers, waaking, Irish, Broadway, etc. I am really glad that they took the risk to send some of the unique dancers straight through to Vegas.
2) Judges: Mary Murphy is back! I love Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman, but no one beats Mary Murphy! It is good to have a ballroom expert on the panel as it is hard to judge ballroom is you don't know the technique. I also really like the rotating judging they used to do on SYTYCD. It allows for a lot of different opinions to be heard and allows for a lot of different people to have something to do with the show who might not normally.
3) The level of dancing: Holy. Shit. The auditions this season were wicked awesome. I already deleted the episodes from my DVR so I can't give specific names, but there are definitely a ton of really really amazing dancers. There was a Krumper who frightens me just a bit, but in a good. There was the girl who did waaking, which I'm still not quite sure what it is, but I like it. There is a Japanese popper who is fucking ridiculous. There is a tomboy/drummer/stylist/hiphop dancer who I love more than any other hip hop dancer ever. There are a ton of amazing hiphop/b-boys who move differently from any other dancer ever. And the contemporary and jazz dancers they showed were unreal. I definitely got chills during lots of the auditions.
4) Variety: Did I mention that there is a lot of variety in the dancing. The reason some of the seasons have been not so great is because they end up with a ton of contemporary dancers. Last season kind of went that way, though was saved by my love of Robert. My favorite season was probably season 3, which had ballroom, west coast, hip hop, b-boy, contemporary, and classical. Variety makes the show amazing.

I will start actually blogging the show and not just rambling when the top 20 is announced. I am hoping for the best and really don't think I will be disappointed.

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