Monday, October 31, 2011

Seriously, F@&! Those People: Kim Kardashian

Everywhere we look today, we are hearing about Kim Kardashain getting a divorce from Kris Humphries. Now, this would be upsetting news had they been married for more than 72 days. And if their wedding hadn't cost $20 million. And if it hadn't all been televised. So, Kim Kardashian, for your fame-whoring ways you get a Fuck You from the Pop Tarts.

Kel has to admit (or celebrate) that she had to look up all about this because she routinely ignores anything that has the word "Kardashian" associated with it. Jen informed Kel that this is a good strategy as they are all "fame-whoring losers," though she admits to kind of loving Rob on "Dancing With the Stars." But apparently the Kardashians have become famous for being famous, much like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, including Kim having a sex tape. (You know it's bad when the second sentence on your Wikipedia page is, "She is known for a sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J as well as her E! reality series that she shares with her family, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.")

There are two main reasons that Kim Kardashian and her 72-day marriage need to fuck the hell off. For one, according to Entertainment Weekly, some of the things they registered for are "a $195 set of ice tongs, a $470 picture frame, and a $7,500 Baccarat Cosmos extra large vase." Anyone who asks for that crap needs to fuck off.

And most importantly, gays can still not marry in most states in this country, with the main argument against being that it destroys the sanctity of marriage. Now in our eyes, same-sex marriages are just fine because who really cares who anyone else marries/sleeps with? (Anyone who cares can just go fuck off, too, for all we care.) But celebrities who get married for five minutes and then divorce make the entire idea of marriage seem like a fad. Kim can fuck off for taking something that is considered a privilege in this country (even though it should be a right) and treating it like garbage.

So, to Kim Kardashian, and every other celebrity who treats a marriage like a outfit that should change with the seasons, fuck off!

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