Monday, October 10, 2011

Seriously, F#@k Those People

I was e-mailing with Jen today about things that were pissing me off today. Specifically groups of people who were pissing me off. People to which I say "Fuck those people". Today I have two such groups of people: The cast of the Simpsons and the Occupy Wall Street People.

First, The Simpsons. Now, I'm sure it sucks to have to take a paycut. I know that I would not like to have my pay cut by 45%. I mean, that is just not good. However, their original, pre-cut, pay was 400,000 per episode. Now, let that sink in for a moment. $400,000 per episode. With the cut, they are going to be down to $250,000 per episode. That is $5.5 million for a season. So you know what, fuck those people! That is a ridiculous amount of money. $250,000 per episode. What? What? That amount of money is what the negotiations were over. You are having to negotiate about if you want to go DOWN to $5.5 million? Fuck off! So seriously, fuck those people.

Along the same money lines, fuck the Occupy Wall Street people. Mostly because after doing some research today, I have no idea what the hell they are protesting. I gather it is something about money. They think some people have too much of it? And the government is not doing the right things with it? Or something? And to protest it all, they are sitting in New York City. Peaceful protests can be extremely powerful things when you have a definite purpose (see: sit-ins for integration). But when you are vaguely protesting something about money, you just look dumb. Also, Occupy Wall Street should be called "Occupy Money That Could Be Spent On The Social Things You Want to Be Funded But Is Instead Being Spent On Police Overtime" ($1.9 million has been spent already). And really, if you want to protest money, why not go protest the insane amount of the money The Simpsons Cast makes. So seriously, fuck those people.

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