Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Midweek Mancandy: Dule Hill and James Roday

Tonight is the season premier of Psych, which means that the mancandy that I have been waiting to write since we started this series is here: James Roday and Dule Hill. Two very hot hotties!

James Roday brings the hotness in his boyish charm as Shaun Spencer. Shaun is a bit of a slacker, but is also a freaking genius (in some things). He is very funny and quippy in every situation and never really does the normal thing. There is also something very hot about the super genius mixed with the incredible idiot. And probably the hottest thing about Shaun (and by association, James)...his hair. That boy has amazing hair.

Dule Hill brings a more mature and rigid hotness as Gus. Gus tends to be slightly against all of Shaun's ideas, unless it is something really cool. He is very adorable when he gets scared of something and occasionally turns into "Creepy Gus" when he is hitting on a girl. Yet it works since he is hot. The hottest thing about Dule is his tap dancing ability. OMG can he dance! I already loved Dule (and Gus as a character), but when I saw him tap dance, I fell in love.

And really, neither guy would be as hot without the other. What really makes Shaun and Gus mancandy and likable is how they act together. They play off each other so well, constantly picking on each other and ditching each other in many situations, yet always being fiercely tied to the other. Nothing is hotter than two guys who are smart, funny, and dedicated to each other.

Now, go grab a pineapple and settle in to watch the premier of Psych tonight (at 10pm on USA).

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