Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dear Diary: The Vampire Diaries

Kel here. My friend Sarah and I started watching The Vampire Diaries last night. I had watched the pilot back when it aired three years or so ago, but I pretty much remembered nothing about it. All I know about it is stuff that I have picked up from Entertainment Weekly and other entertainment websites.

Now, if you know me, you know that I love a good ridiculous CW show (actually, WB was better, but whatever. Just because I am pissed that that CW canceled Everwood and kept other crap....anyway, moving on). But there is something about Vampire Diaries that is making it the most ridiculous and awesome show to watch. Perhaps it is the random crow that follows one of the vampires around. Or maybe it is the every popular stalker boyfriend plot line. Or perhaps it is even the hot guy who loves to randomly be shirtless.

But no. What makes The Vampire Diaries the best show ever is that both main characters, a girl and a guy, write in diaries. Oh sure, they call them journals when they refer to them outloud, but they start their diary entries with Dear Diary. That totally works in a book, but on a tv show, it sounds ridiculous. So ridiculous that Sarah and I started to commentate the show using "Dear diary...". And saying things like "Dear diary, my boyfriend is a vampire and he doesn't sparkle at all. Not even a glimmer. Lame!" or "Dear diary, I think a crow is stalking me- is that even possible? And side note: I might need to consult my psychic friend about my boyfriend's magical healing powers". And let me tell you, that shit is funny. We commentated like that for an entire episode. And when we watch more, we are going to keep doing it. I want to start every sentence with "Dear diary".

If you aren't watching The Vampire Diaries, you should be. It is on Netflix. Go watch. And make sure to commentate with things such as "Dear diary, my boyfriend is a creeper, but his brother is much more of a creeper" or "Dear diary, all I want is for the other guys on the football team to like me!" Super fun! Trust me!

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