Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Midweek Mancandy: Matt Smith (and his new hair)

We at the Pop Tarts are big "Doctor Who" fans. Jen has been since the new series started in 2005. Kel has been for the past few years (well before it became popular in the U.S.).

In honor of the season finale that just aired (which was epic, Jen would like to note - is it November yet!?), our Mancandy this week is Matt Smith. But this is not about floppy-haired Matt Smith. We are all about his new haircut.

Hello, Doctor!

Floppy-haired Matt Smith is adorable and goofy-looking. Shaved-head Matt Smith is manly. He looks very bad-ass with the shaved head. It also makes his features stand out more, most notably it makes his cheekbones looks ridiculous (and they were already ridiculous)! It's an intense look, but we like it. Besides, it must be a bitch to deal with his crazy floppy hair all the time!

Also, does he not look a bit like the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, (who happens to our favorite Doctor)? Fantastic!

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