Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kel's Reading Roundup

This week, I read a more varied list of books, rather than just romance novels.

Knock Off & Knock 'em Dead by Rhonda Pollero
Finley Anderson Tanner is a paralegal in Estates with no aspirations of greatness. Her favorite hobbies include handing out with her three best girl friends and shopping for name-brand clothes and accessories that are way discounted. She makes just enough money to have maxed out all her credit cards, but still pay her bills.

In Knock Off, one of Finley's cases thinks that her husband has been murdered. Finley is unable to walk away from the case, which leads her to much danger and a death scare of her own. Knock 'em Dead starts with one of Finley's friends appearing at her house covered in blood, which also drags Finley into a murder investigation.

The F.A.T. books (which I am rereading so I can read the newest book) are amazingly fun. Finley is smart, sarcastic, silly, and romantic. Liam McGarritty is the hot PI, who looks and acts like a bad-boy, but is still a pretty nice guy who tends to help Finley out. Finley's friends are all unique and fun and a bit quirky. The writing is also super fun. Rhonda Pollero used to be a Harlequin romance author, so even though the books are mysteries, there are a lot of sexy hot romance scenes. If you like either murder mysteries or romance novels, you will probably like the Rhonda Pollero books.

The Dangerous Lord by Sabrina Jeffries
The Dangerous Lord is the third of a trilogy by Sabrina Jeffries. Ian is a looking for a bride because he has to  marry and get an heir before thirty. Felicity helps her friend thwart his marriage attempt (sort of), which makes him set his sites on Felicity, who really doesn't want anything to do with Ian.

I found Ian and Felicity both a bit annoying. Ian had some unresolved issues from childhood that makes him want to never love anyone. And Felicity is too proud to admit to anyone that she is out of money, even while trying to raise her three brothers. I loved most everything else about the book. It brought back the main characters from the other two books, who I love a lot. Felicity's younger brothers were fun and a nice levity to the drama of the book. Sabrina Jeffries always has fun and smart characters and this book did not disappoint.

The Naked Gentleman by Sally MacKenzie
I have been reading all the Naked books out of order, which is slightly confusing. There are two couples that have books that happen prior to this one that I haven't read, so I missed out on some good characterization of secondary characters. Putting that aside, I found The Naked Gentleman to be a really fun read.

John Parker-Roth (Parks) pretty much only cares about his plants, and he has an impressive amount of exotic plants. Meg Peterson just wants to get married, which she tries to accomplish by "auditioning" men in the gardens at parties. One man tries to go too far, which causes Meg to end up with her dress torn. Parks saves her from the guy, which causes them to be caught. Parks offers marriage to Meg, which she declines. The entire book is pretty much Parks trying to convince Meg to marry him.

I found the sexual tension of Parks and Meg to be super fun. They obviously are attracted to one another, but Meg thinks that Parks doesn't care about her at all. John doesn't really do much to convince her besides consistently asking her to marry him. The secondary characters are all really fun, especially John's family. His sister Jane, though not in the book much, is hilarious when she is. What really makes the book is Meg's sister and John's mother.

Not my favorite of the Naked series (that would be The Naked King, about John's brother Stephen), but still a very entertaining read.

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