Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Midweek ManCandy: Leo! (As in, Leonardo DiCaprio)

Since "The Great Gatsby" is coming out this weekend, who else could we feature but the actor playing Gatsby ... Leo!?

There is no denying that Leonardo DiCaprio is hot. But more importantly, he is a great actor. He is one of the few actors who seems to have very few problems moving from teen heartthrob (Romeo + Juliet, Titanic) to serious actor (The Departed, Shutter Island) to rather crazy fun actor (Django Unchained, Great Gatsby).

DiCaprio was one of Jen's first celebrity crushes - she had many magazine photos of him taped to her bedroom wall back in 1997 - but he has aged pretty well. He has a boyish charm to him still, while still looking mature. He went from the adorable blond boy to a very distinguished man. And he really looks delicious both playing serious and silly roles.

We are excited about "The Great Gatsby" for many reasons (we are big fans of Baz Luhrmann's over-the-top style!) but one of the big reasons is to see Leo on the big screen once again! And that, friends, is why he is our Midweek Mancandy!

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