Friday, May 11, 2012

Mom is one badass Mother

Mother's Day is coming up this weekend. And even though we will not be seeing Mom for it (she and dad went to Florida ... bitches!) we want to take a few minutes to talk about why Mom is awesome. And just for the record, Dad is awesome, too. It would just be weird to write a blog about him for Mother's Day ... he'll get his blog in June.

This is why Mom is awesome:
  • Her nickname is Patty Pissypants. And it is a self-assigned nickname. Mom is a genuinely nice person and most everyone likes her. However, she tends to get pissy about things. And when she does, she turns into Patty Pissypants. And yes, we all refer to her as such when she is being pissy. Related: Jen's nickname is Jenny Sassypants. Kel does not have a ***pants nickname, though I'm sure Jen could come up with a few choice names.
  • She will watch most any movie (except for scary movies). She watched "Dogma" with Kel when Kel was in high school. She was the one who first made Kel watch "Total Recall" and was overly excited about the scene of gratuitous shooting. She loves awesome movies like "Die Hard" and "Blazing Saddles." And most of all, Mom went to see "Snakes on a Plane" with us. In theaters. And loved it. Mom's favorite movies involve Nicholas Cage, The Rock, or Samuel L. Jackson, but she and Jen go see a movie almost every week (except when she does something silly, like goes to Florida the week "Dark Shadows" comes out!).
  • She is always glad to give great life advice. Even though we do not always take said advice. And Kel tends to get annoyed because Mom never seems to want to give advice when asked for it. (Example...Kel: "Should I buy this awesome, yet expensive jacket?" Mom: "I don't know. Do you think you should buy it?" Kel: "I am just asking for your opinion. If you were me, would you buy it?" Mom: "You need to decide that for yourself." Kel: "I will. I just want a second opinion." Mom: "It is up to you".) But in general, she gives good advice.
  • Her favorite place to go is Disney World. And she has fun Disney shirts, like her Perry the Platypus shirt. And she quotes Disney attractions ("Maybe BEAN could set off the fireworks!"). And sends us pictures when she goes to Disney World. And sometimes she even lets us tag along.
  • She has a really great sense of humor. And not in a joke telling sort of way (that's dad's territory). Just in a way that when mom comes to visit, we will be laughing until we cry at least once. Mom and Kel have numerous ridiculous inside jokes that very few people understand, but make them laugh (the frog croak, the angry goat).
  • She lets us do our own thing. We are both really independent and Mom is OK with that. In fact, she's happy about it. She's never been a helicopter parent, she encouraged us to do what we wanted to do in college, and now we both have a great relationship with her because we don't have to worry about her nagging us to get married or give her grandchildren or anything like that.
  • She stays up on pop culture, because she's awesome like that. And it makes it even easier for us to communicate with her because she understands whatever obscure movie or TV show we're quoting. (A skill we learned from her.)
  • She has excellent taste in books, and was the person who discovered the Sookie Stackhouse books and got us started on reading them. 
  • She is a darn good Kitty Grandma. Not only does she go on kitty feeding/litterbox/petting duty when Jen goes on vacation, but she was also a great help when Jen had to put one of her cats to sleep a couple of months ago.
  • Mom owns a Honey Badger shirt. Because Honey Badger don't care.
Mom ... you rock!
 "Why yes. Yes I do."

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