Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Midweek Mancandy: A Conversation about "The Avengers"

We here at Pop Tarts Central are big fans of awesome superhero movies and hot guys, so the release of "The Avengers" was like Christmas and our birthdays put together, with the addition of a bunch of extremely hot guys.

We had an online chat conversation about the guys one night, and we decided it would be a perfect format for this week's Mancandy offering. So here it is ... A Conversation about "The Avengers" Mancandy (edited for grammar, spelling and weird tangents).

Jen: So, there are so many hot guys in "The Avengers," though mom wanted to know why the girls had to wear skintight pants but the guys didn't.
Kel: The guys should wear skintight pants, or no pants.
Jen: Mark Ruffallo does not wear pants briefly, but you don't see anything vital.
Kel: Remember when we saw "The Hulk," the one with Eric Bana, and there was Eric Bana butt in it? Good times.
Jen: Dude, ok, the pants Chris Evans wore when he was not in his Captain America suit made his butt look amazing.
Kel: He just has a really great butt.
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Jen: Who do you think is the hottest guy in "The Avengers?"
Kel: Thor. Chris Hemsworth. He's beefy.
Jen: I really have a soft spot for Jeremy Renner.
Kel: Oh, well, yeah, but he always looks like shit on the red carpet. This is weird. I like the super beefy big guy, and you like the thinner, prettier guy.
Jen: He's not pretty! Who are you looking at? He has an interesting face, and pretty large arms, at least in "The Avengers!"
Kel: Renner is a bit pretty. He looks like James McAvoy.
Jen: He's not pretty! You are weird. Chris Hemsworth is more pretty than Jeremy Renner.
Kel: Chris Hemsworth is built like a god.
Jen: He has pretty hair.
Kel: Yeah, but ... built like a tank.
Jen: True. Jeremy Renner is no lightweight though. He looks like it would hurt if he punched you in the face ... which he would do if you called him pretty.
Kel: I'm not saying he isn't hot. I love Renner. He is why i'm so excited about "The Bourne Legacy."

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Photo here.

Jen: You know who was awesome in "The Avengers?" Mark Ruffalo. Best Bruce Banner yet.
Kel:  Ooo yay! I love Ruffalo. He shouldn't be as hot as I find him.
Jen: Right?
Kel: I think it is something about him being in "13 Going On 30."
Jen:  I'm always like, objectively, meh, but then you take it all together and it's like, yay! And "13 Going On 30" didn't hurt!
Kel: I think it is because he seems really nice. He is normal guy hot. As an actor ... bit meh. But if you saw him in line at Starbucks, you'd be like ... yeah.
Jen: Yep. I just really liked his mannerisms and stuff as Bruce Banner. It was believable. You can see that he's trying to hold in The Hulk.
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Jen: Can we just talk for a moment about how great Robert Downey Jr. is?
Kel: He is fantastic. He is fantasty. His swagger makes him hot. He's got attitude.
Jen: He's funny and sarcastic. What I love about Iron Man is how he's really jaunty and funny and sarcastic, but he's got a really dark side. He's very biting. And Captain America also has a bit of a dark side, but rather than joking, he just keeps doing what he's always done. They're both sort of sad and lonely but they play it out totally differently. And they're also both hot and have nice asses.
Kel: I was going to say, I haven't ever thought about them that hard. Mostly I go "Ooooo hot!"
Jen: I am a deep individual, dammit!
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So that's our conversation ... the Mancandyish Men of "The Avengers." What do you think? Who is the hottest Avenger, and why? And is "The Avengers" possibly the most Mancandy-filled movie of all time?

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  1. I still maintain that Thor is the hottest, but I like Bruce Banner the best. I just...Mark Ruffalo! I love him so much!