Monday, May 21, 2012

Dancing With the Stars: It's Almost Over!!!!

We're down to the end of the line on "Dancing With the Stars" and, let's face it, it's time for this shit show to be over. On one hand, it's been a season with great dancing. On the other hand, does anybody watch "Dancing With the Stars" for good dancing? If you want good ballroom dancing, watch ballroom dance competitions on PBS. I watch "Dancing With the Stars" for wacky celebrities embarrassing themselves. Not enough of that this year at all!

Alas, it was a pretty decent night, mainly because it was only an hour long. Although, you are all going to be sad because you won't get any expert dancing analysis because Kel, who actually knows what the hell she's talking about, ditched me, and, by extension, you, our dear readers, so she could watch last night's "Sherlock." I can't blame her - it was a bitchin' episode. I didn't even complain (much) when she told me she wasn't watch "Dancing With the Stars" tonight, because I wanted her to watch "Sherlock" so we could talk about it.

ANYWAY, "Dancing With the Stars!"

Cheryl Burke & William Levy, Chacha to "Raise Your Glass"
Jen's Take: Cheryl just beats the heck out of William on energy, and, to me, that's all I can see. My eyes are constantly on Cheryl, and William just fades into the background. He's like a piece of furniture that can shake its hips well, if furniture had hips. I also felt like his feet were messy and ploddy throughout the dance. However ...
Judges' Take: Nothing but praise. Len said it was as good as any chacha he's seen in 14 seasons of "Dancing With the Stars." WTF, old man?
Score: A perfect 30.

Mark Ballas & Katherine Jenkins, Paso Doble
Jen's Take: LOVE. Just love. It was a strong, passionate dance, and I could feel the emotion and the strength in it. I kind of love good paso doble anyway, and this was great paso doble!
Judges' Take:  They agree with me! Bruno said it was "lush." Pretty much sums it up, and uses the word that I suspect Kel would have used, if she weren't a "Sherlock"-watching slacker.
Score: A perfect 30.

Peta Murgatroyd & Donald Driver, Argentine Tango
Jen's Take: I'll admit it: I had trouble keeping my eyes off Peta's super-skimpy, sparkly dress with no sides. When I finally actually watched, I really liked their precision, but I felt like they were leaning on tricks just a bit, rather than having Donald actually dance. However, he exuded strength, which is important in a tango.
Judges' Take: Carrie Ann and Bruno loved it, but Len, who has never given Donald a 10, thought it was a little too careful. (He is right, by the way.)
Score: 29, with Len still keeping Donald away from a perfect score with his score of 9.

Cheryl & William, Freestyle
Jen's Take: William's freestyle was very Latin, which was good for him, since he dances Latin will. It felt a little frenzied, though - like they were trying to compensate for William's lack of energy by making him dance frantically. I still think they used a combinations of lifts and hip wiggles too much, but it was better than the first dance.
Judges' Take: You'll be shocked - SHOCKED - to know that Carrie Ann and Bruno loved it. Len thought it was too much like a salsa dance, and he wanted more.
Score: 29, with Old Man Len giving William "only" a 9.

Mark & Katherine, Freestyle, "Sing, Sing, Sing"
Jen's Take: LOVE! I love swing music, and swing-style dance, and so this song and dance was right up my alley. It was fun, super cute and very high-energy. I've run a little hot-and-cold on Katherine this season, but this dance really clinched it for me. It was an absolutely great dance.
Judges' Take: LOVE! Bruno was right when he said it was "on the money."
Score: A perfect 30, meaning Katherine had a perfect night!

Peta & Donald, Freestyle, featuring Cowboy Troy on vocals singing a song about a train that I think was "I Play Chicken With the Train" (I don't listen to country music much)
Jen's Take: A PERFECT end to the show. It was a super country song (I actually really liked it!) and they really kept that country feel with the dance and the costumes. There was a TON of energy, and it was just a super cute, fun, awesome dance. No other way to describe it.
Judges' Take: They all loved it! Will Len give Donald that elusive 10?
Score: YES! A perfect 30! Vindication!

As long as William doesn't win, I'm really OK with whoever wins "Dancing With the Stars." All of my people I loved are long-gone. *le sigh* Really, as long as it's not William, give either Donald or Katherine the precious Mirrorball Trophy. They've both earned it!

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