Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Midweek Mancandy: Chris Evans

In honor of the new "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" poster (which you can see here) and upcoming teaser trailer (due online TOMORROW!), we just had to feature the superhero himself ... Chris Evans!

Let's make sure we have a view of his best side:

Oh ... sorry, you wanted to see his face?

Well, that ain't bad either.

Chris Evans has been our pick for Midweek Mancandy before, along with his fellow Avengers, but this week he deserves a solo outing, because he's gorgeous all on his own. He is actually pretty perfect to play Captain America, because he has a very all-American-boy look. However, it is a slight shame that he has to play so straight-laced as Steve Rogers, because while he is very good at being the goodie-two-shoes straight-laced hero, and he works so well in "The Avengers" against Robert Downey' Jr.'s sarcastic Tony Stark, he was also pretty hilarious as the more devilishly ornery Johnny Storm in "The Fantastic Four" & its sequel (which, despite being as not very good movies, we loved here at Pop Tarts Central. Mostly because of Chris Evans.).

He's just a gorgeous all-American boy with a cute face and a great body, and we're glad that "The Avengers" and its related movies have taken off like they have, because that means there's more Chris Evans on our movie screens. And that is a lovely thing.

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