Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Five Reasons You Should Be Watching "Sleepy Hollow"

The first week of "Sleepy Hollow," Fox's new supernatural drama, I was a little skeptical. (You can read my somewhat lukewarm snap judgement here.)

But five episodes in, I've gotta say that the show has grown on me, and I'm downright hooked. 

If you've missed "Sleepy Hollow," never fear - the first five episodes will be aired on FX Saturday afternoon from 1-5 p.m.

Not convinced you should set your DVR? Here are five reasons you should:

  • Ichabod Crane: Tom Mison plays the Revolutionary War spy suddenly thrust into our modern day with straight-faced hilarity. There are moments of the show that are as funny as any comedy. But there's also an underlying sweetness and touch of sadness that makes him a real character, as delightfully befuddled as he gets by things like plastic and TVs. Also, he is quite hot.
  • Abby Mills: Played to perfection by Nicole Beharie, Abby is a tough police lieutenant who actually believes Ichabod's crazy story. She is a very smart, resourceful woman who has had a tough life and has powered through it and become very successful. She is a great character, and I love to see a woman, especially a woman of color, get to take the lead on a show, especially what essentially boils down to a police procedural.
  • Ichabod & Abby's relationship: Ichabod and Abby respect each other and have become very close friends, but I'm not getting a romantic vibe from them - mainly because they're too busy doing their jobs, and, besides, Ichabod is married to the woman who brought him forward in time into our time and she's still stuck in purgatory (though he visits her now and then). Maybe if she moves out of purgatory and they stop the apocalypse, Ichabod and Abby could move from friendship to something more, but I appreciate the friendship without the romance. It's a warm, wonderful relationship.
  • The historical namechecks: Ichabod served as a spy under General George Washington and knew all the founding fathers, so almost every week there are some delightful tidbits about them. As a history nerd, I find these utterly delightful. Hopefully they will continue throughout the series.
  • The silliness: "Sleepy Hollow" has a serious plot about stopping the apocalypse, and while it can get kind of dramatic at time, there is an underlying silliness to the show that makes it fun and endearing to watch. Most of the show is done with tongue firmly in cheek, and there are things every episode that serve as a little wink to the audience. They know, like we do, that this show is ridiculous and fun, and that makes it all the better in my eyes.

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