Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pop Tarts: Back to Blogging

It has been a while and a half since we blogged, huh? We blame both being busy and being lazy...cold winter months just seem good for curling up with a good book and not doing anything. But coming soon will be many new and exciting blogs. Topics may include:

Resurgence of Midweek Mancandy--Who doesn't love a nice break in their week to objective a hot actor and/or musician and/or other celebrity type?

If Beauty & the Beast Were a Romance Novel--Kel has been kicking around an idea, mostly due to her new crush on Gaston, on how to reconfigure Beauty & the Beast into a romance novel. Possibly the start of a series.

Pop Tarts Book Club--Kel takes full responsibility for this one lagging a bit. She refuses to finish the book because she got really bored with nothing happening in the middle. She promises to read it soon so a recap can happen.

Fangirl Squee Updates--Instead of just emailing each other great pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch as the "Star Trek Into Darkness" villain or new news about "Doctor Who," we will post it, with appropriate fangirl zeal, here!

Whatever Else We Feel Like Posting--Pretty self-explanatory. You just never know what we're going to write about!

Stay tuned!!!!!

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