Thursday, February 21, 2013

Midweek Mancandy: Jai Courtney

You may have seen him in "Spartacus" Season 1, "Jack Reacher" and, most recently, "A Good Day to Die Hard."

That's right ... this week's Midweek Candy is Jai Courtney!

Why hello! What a big ... gun you have!

It's simple. Here's why he's hot:
  • He's Australian, which means hot Australian accent. Always good. Always.
  • He can play both good guys and bad guys, and does both well. 
  • He plays really badass guys. Like, he's believable as the son of Original '80s Badass John McClane.
  • He kind of smirks in pictures, and that is really adorable. Clearly, he has a sense of humor about things, and a sense of humor always amps up the hotness factor.
  • He looks like he and Tom Hardy could be (really really ridiculously hot) brothers. Mmmm. That's our kind of brothers! 
  • You've seen his abs, right?

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