Friday, February 22, 2013

If It Were a Romance Novel: Beauty & the Beast

Everyone knows the Disney movie Beauty & the Beast. Gorgeous girl lives in tiny town and is pursued by the hottest guy in town. Dad gets kidnapped by a beast. Girl trades her life for her father's. Girl falls in love with the beast. Hot guy tries to save girl by attempting to kill the beast. Beast turns into a guy and gets the girl.

If Beauty & the Beast was a romance novel, Gaston would be the hero. And really, he deserves to be the hero.

Gaston is definitely a classic rogue character. He assumes that any woman he wants should immediately fall in love with him. He definitely oversteps his bounds when he sets up a marriage without Belle's consent. However, he isn't really all in the wrong, especially when he is trying to save Belle from the Beast. All Gaston knows is that Maurice and Belle had been kidnapped. Belle tries to show how "nice" the Beast is, but when she does, all Gaston sees is the Beast raging. He really is just trying to save Belle and the town from a rage-filled Beast.

I am not suggesting that Belle and Gaston should end up together. Belle is obviously suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. But Gaston deserves a happy ending of his own. He needs a strong woman who is going to call him out on his bullshit and bring him back down to earth a bit. In a romance-novel world, Gaston would find a woman to nurse him back to health after his fall from the Beast's castle. Someone who will recognize that he was just trying to do right by the town (from a guy who was such a jerk that he was turned into an animal by a witch).

Gaston is strong, handsome, driven, owns a tavern, fights for what he wants, and tries to do what he thinks is the right thing to do. He just needs to have someone direct him into a more positive way. Reformed rogues make the best husbands (in romance-novel world, at least!).

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  1. I can't believe bow blind you are. You're one of those people who lied about Belle having Stockholm Syndrome. Have you been brainwashed by people like Gaston?!

    For your information, Gaston was NEVER a true hero because he tried to force Belle into being his slave and never for once did anything good for her whereas the Beast learned his lesson thanks to Belle. If it hadn't been for her, the former prince wouldn't only be doomed to remain a beast for the rest of his life. She'd also be Gaston's mindless slave for the rest of her life.

    And what you typed about Gaston trying to save Belle from the Beast is a lie. Belle wanted nothing to do with him in the first place since he was prejudiced to her.

    I know that the Beast was man to Belle. But he really did change.

    Tell me something, do you suck up to jocks and other bullies like Gaston? I've hated him for a long time to only because of his inability to leave Belle alone and his disrespect for her lifestyle but also because I've been mistreated by jerks like him for being different, especially since most extroverts look down on introverts like me.

    Can you not remember how jocks and other bullies pick on nerds and others who differ from them? That's how people who are like Gaston are narrow-minded.

    But if you'd rather be the slave of a macho, selfish, and chauvinistic son of a bitch, suit yourself. Just don't blame if you suffer the consequences for it.