Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Patrick Wilson: "Bachelorette" Hot. Also, he could totally get Lena Dunham.

Neither of us watch HBO's controversial hit "Girls," owing to the fact that we don't pay for HBO (except, in Jen's case, when "Game of Thrones" and "True Blood" is on, because she cannot miss that epic awesomeness) and we're too busy watching Food Network on Sunday nights anyway. (Hello! "Worst Cooks in America" starts next week! Priorities!)

But we did have to discuss whether it was unbelievable that a girl who looks like lead actress Lena Dunham would be able to hook a guy who looks like Patrick Wilson, which her character apparently did in Sunday's episode. The discussion apparently comes from Slate's "Guys on Girls" recap, where David Haglund declares, "But presumably there are things that Hannah would not, in any world that resembled our own, get. Such as Patrick Wilson, for instance. I want to suspend my disbelief—just as viewers have, for generations, imagined that Al could get Peggy and Homer could get Marge and Jim Belushi could snag Courtney Thorne-Smith. But the show needs to work harder to make that seem feasible. And not pile implausibility upon implausibility."

We could talk about the apparent sexism when people don't believe that Lena Dunham could get Patrick Wilson, but they do believe schlubby guys can get hot girls, but, meh. If you're really interested in that, there are probably about 700 milllion articles about that already. And yes, it sucks - down with sexism!!! - but the real thing we got to talking about was whether Patrick Wilson is really that hot.

Following is our (slightly edited) text conversation about it:

Kel: Have you heard about the "Girls" controversy about how Lena Dunham is not hot enough for Patrick Wilson? Is it just me or is he not that hot due to being a bit generic?

Jen: Yeah, he's not like super super hot. He's alright though.

Kel: He is like ... "Bachelorette" hot.

Jen: I haven't seen him in a ton except "Watchmen." He was good as a washed-up masked vigilante who dresses as an owl.

Jen: I think "Bachelorette" hot is a perfect description.

Thus concludes our stimulating and exciting text conversation, and we have coined a new term: "'Bachelorette' hot," meaning that the guy is generically good-looking enough to be a contestant on "The Bachelorette," but is not actually particularly hot as compared to other, more attractive actors.

What do you think of Patrick Wilson? Is he "Bachelorette" hot, or really hot? And could a girl like Lena Dunham snag him?

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