Tuesday, February 14, 2012

'Trashelor' Recap: "Do You 'Belize' In Love?"

Why, yes, Ben did use the punny question in the title of this post while he and the ladies women spent the week in Belize. *shudder*

Anyway ... there are six women left or, according to Emily, herself, four other girls and a shark. (The shark would be Courtney.) Chris informed them that there would be three one-on-one dates with no roses up for grabs and a group date with a rose up for grabs. The girl who gets the group date rose would be guaranteed for a hometown date!

Date No. 1: Lindzi. Ben and Lindzi went on a helicopter ride to the Blue Hole. It sounds really dirty, but actually, the Blue Hole is a hole in the ocean that goes 500 feet down. It's surrounded by a coral reef. But, of course, since this is "The Bachelor," they had to jump out of the helicopter. Naturally, Lindzi is afraid of heights, because Ben and/or the producers are assholes that like to terrify the contestants, but she ends up jumping out. They swim around for a while, then go off to eat dinner in the moonlight. But Lindzi can't take her eyes off Ben! *sigh* Romantic!

However, Lindzi tells Ben that she is fighting with the fact that he has 5 other girlfriends. I'm sure she's SO surprised, because it's not like this happens EVERY SINGLE SEASON of this show. But she also tells Ben she's falling for him and thinks he's her Prince Charming. So, naturally, they write a little fairy tale that Ben says ends with an "eternal promise." No, not THAT eternal promise, the one that they're competing for on a televised dating game show. It's an eternal promise to be open and honest with each other.

Then they kiss because, hello! It's Ben!

Date No. 2: Emily. Ben puts Emily on a plane and has her meet him at Caye Caulker. They bike around Belize, sightseeing, and even drinking out of coconuts. How quaint! "I feel like I'm vacation with my boyfriend!" Emily gushes. "If only my boyfriend didn't have five other girlfriends, it would be a perfect day."

They go diving for lobsters for dinner, because they're SUPER SPONTANEOUS Y'ALL! And then they dance and kiss. Courtney, meanwhile, is back at the house talking shit about Emily because she disrespected her. She's "uncomfortable" that he's with Emily.

Emily says she's ready to take the next step with Ben, though she worries that her dust-up with Courtney screwed up their flow. Still, they kiss. Unsurprising.

Date No. 3: Courtney. When the date card arrives, Nikki immediately wants to spring across the room and punch her in the face.

Courtney says she's worried about whether their relationship is going anywhere, but Ben feels a strong connection. They talk as they walk through the jungle, and she frets that their spark might be gone. They "stumble across" a Mayan Temple, and they talk more about their relationship. Maybe the Mayans forsaw this and that's why they made their calendar to have the world end in 2012, except they miscalculated by about 11 months. Darn it, Mayans!

Ben says he's starting to fall for Courtney, and if she doesn't feel the same way, he'll be crushed. He says he wants to meet her parents, and she feels better. They climb the COMPLETELY RANDOM MAYAN TEMPLE THEY JUST HAPPENED TO FIND IN THE JUNGLES OF BELIZE, and as they climb, Courtney says "each step I took I left behind the hurt and drama."

**Jen apparently never finished her Trashlor Recap. And Kel didn't watch the show because she had more important things to do like watching Jeopardy College Tournament. And now Jen is on vacation. So, Rachel (Kel still has no idea who this is) and Emily went home. Next week is the hometown date week. So that should be interesting/boring.

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