Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bachelor Recap: When Parents Attack

Tonight on the Bachelor, we have hometown dates. This means that Ben gets to meet each contestant's parents and see where she grew up and where she won't be living anymore because everyone knows that the girl gives up her entire life to be with a guy. Ben also gets to ask for permission from each dad. This makes me die a little bit inside.

Lindzi's date: She had a serious relationship before and thought she would marry the guy. But it didn't work out and Lindzi felt like she couldn't go on. That is not the statement of a stable person. Ben likes that Lindzi opened up (drink) and they kissed (drink). Lindzi didn't know that her parents go married in San Francisco City Hall where Ben and Lindzi shared their first date. I like her parents. They do chariot races! How awesome is that! Also, according to Lindzi's dad you are penalized if you don't trash talk the other team. Ben likes Lindzi's parents and says that they are "salt of the earth", like his dad (drink).

Kasey's date: A marching band meets him, which gives Kasey once again the opportunity to show off her baton skillz. You Werq that baton, crazy girl. The field the band is on is named off Kasey's grandfather, who is an example of what she wants in a husband. Ben is nervous about Kasey's dad not being a drinker. He also is worried that he won't have anything in common with him. Kasey's family is a really close family and her being gone for the show has been really bad for them because they missed her. This does not bode well. Kasey wants to run everything by her sister (which is always the way to go). Ben and Kasey's dad have a heart to heart. I kind it awkward that Ben has to justify himself to Kasey's dad. Dad is very skeptical and tells Ben not to rush, which is a totally valid point. However, it isn't Dad's business at all! Kasey's mom is worried about the move to California, but more importantly about Kasey moving in with Ben. Welcome to 1950! Though really, I appreciate her concerns and values. I also like her hair...super cute! I wish my hair would lay like that. Kasey's dad would say "no" if Ben asked for Kasey's hand in marriage. He would, however, reconsider if offered 6 chickens and 2 cows. Kasey is frustrated that her parents don't trust her judgement of Ben. This trip did not go well.

Nikki's date: Kelly still does not know who Nikki is and doesn't care about their date. They are in Texas and do touristy Texas things. And there was a lot of kissing (drink). Nikki's family is very protective of her. Her dad was concerned, especially since he feels like her let her down when she was married previously. Fun fact: Nikki and Kasey are twins, down to their parents being kids. Seriously, Nikki's parents look just like Kasey's parents. There is nothing else exciting or interesting about this date.

Courtney's date: Courtney has had time to reflect on how she acted on the show and is disappointed with herself. She got too caught up in being in love and fighting for Ben. She has had some shit relationships in the past. Ben is concerned because he doesn't want to end up with someone who rubs people the wrong way. Courtney's mom is skeptical of Courtney claiming she is in love. However, Mom called Ben a "nice young man". Awesome! I like Courtney's mom a lot. Courtney's sister thinks Courntey seems happy. Courtney's dad says that marriage is a gamble. Ben is ready to be in a serious relationship, but seems scared by Courtney's dad. Their fun date activity is a faux-wedding at the place she always wanted to get married. One word to describe the whole situation: Creepy.

Ben's feelings after the hometown dates:

Ben re: Lindzi - Great family
Ben re: Kasey - Community great but compromise? Could be part of her family.
Ben re: Nikki - Can just have fun and call it a day. Parents divorced but it's good.
Ben re: Courtney - Away from drama, saw the Courtney he knows.

Kasey is going home. Most awkward part...Nikki and Lindzi hugging her and Courtney awkwardly wanting to impress Ben by being friendly with the girls, but obviously not feeling comfy with the idea of hugging a girl she doesn't really like. Kasey cries that she is not good enough. No! Not ok! Kasey! You are fine. You're family is nice and protective and didn't want you to throw your life away by moving cross country with a guy you've known for a couple months. Dear girls everywhere, don't define yourself by if a guy/girl likes you. Have some self-esteem!

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