Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Triangles: Picking Teams

Everyone who has read Twilight picked Team Edward or Team Jacob. Everyone who has read Stephanie Plum picked Team Morelli or Team Ranger. Love triangles have a way of dividing people. So as a fun study, I'm going to go through my favorite fictional love trianlges and let you know who I pick and why. I'm guessing we'll see a pattern!

Since it is fresh on my mind, first up is Stephanie Plum: Team Morelli vs. Team Ranger. This one is actually kind of hard because I genuinely like both guys. They both have positives and negatives, but I am solidly pro-Ranger. Morelli has a tendency to try to make Stephanie into his housewife, but that is really never going to be her. She is a peanut butter and olive sandwich over the sink girl rather than a big meal at the table girl. Morelli also hates her jobs and wants her to quit. He definitely backs off on that one, but the point still stands. Ranger just lets Stephanie be herself, though he has a vaguely annoying habit of constantly tracking her cars/sending his men to save her. Which would be more annoying if it weren't so helpful. A big clincher in the battle between the men is that Morelli threw away Stephanie's peanut butter because it got cross contaminated (which caused them to break up). Ranger doesn't eat peanut butter but left the jar that Stephanie had at his apartment even when she wasn't staying there. Though I don't think Morelli is a bad choice, I think that Ranger is a better choice.

For the biggest debate in the history of tween girls: Team Edward or Team Jacob. If you know me at all, you would know that I would be Team Jacob. Edward is a stalker and controller. Jacob lets Bella smash her head open on a motorcycle and then takes her to the hospital. I would never want someone to try to stop me from doing what I want to do, so the guy who would let me hurt myself and would then help me fix it wins in my book. Enough said.

Torchwood has approximately 87 different combinations of hookups that could happen, but the one that I want to love triangle about is with Gwen: Team Rhys or Team Owen/Team Jack. This is a hard one because Gwen and Jack obviously love each other and really are rather perfect for each other. But I just can't see it every happening, so I'm going to go on to Team Rhys vs. Team Owen, with the knowledge that my actual choice is Team Jack. Rhys is Gwen's long suffering boyfriend; Owen is Gwen's cranky coworker. I was rooting for a Gwen/Owen hookup from the beginning, especially when Rhys gets all pissy about Gwen's job. But when it comes down to it, I am Team Rhys for changing and accepting Gwen's crazy life and being a really great support system for her.

For a less conventional love triangle, I am going to the Hannah Swensen mysteries by Joanne Fluke: Team Norman vs. Team Mike. Mike is the hot cop that turns Hannah's insides to mush. Norman is the steady dentist that just makes Hannah happy. I think Mike is the wrong choice, but I'm not so sure about Norman either. Mike never wants Hannah to investigate and tries to change her a bit. Norman helps Hannah with whatever she needs. Mike is a bit too hard-edged; Norman is too nice. I am Team Ross who appears in two books, was friends with Hannah in college, and generally just likes her and lets her be herself. He is perfect!

And now for everyone's favorite vampire porn: True Blood. Team Bill vs. Team Eric vs. Team Sam. I have different opinions on the show vs. the books. In the show, I am Team Eric. He is a total bastard, but so is Bill. And Bill tries to control Sookie more than Eric does. However, if Sookie ends up with Bill, I'm not going to be upset. The most exciting battle is in the books. I am solidly Team Sam! He never tries to control Sookie, nor force her into anything. He is just solidly her friend throughout everything. He is there for her when she needs him and doesn't trick her or fight or anything. He is just a nice guy and a great friend and really, she should end up with Sam.

I would do a Buffy love triangle mess, but really, she had no good choices. I hated Angel, Spike was obviously a terrible choice both pre- and post-soul, Riley was annoying (though less so upon second viewing), Xander was too into girls in general. My favorite character was Spike, but no way would I want Buffy with him forever (not to mention, he died at the end of the series).

Do you agree with my picks for the love triangles? Any love triangles that I missed? Anyone pick out my trend for picking guys?

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