Monday, January 30, 2012

One For The Money Movie Review

AKA What movie was everyone else watching?

If you have read the book, you know what the movie is about. If you haven't, it is about Stephanie Plum, who blackmails her cousin into being a bounty hunter for him (which she is totally unqualified for).Her first big case is bringing in super-hottie cop Joe Morelli who Stephanie has a sometimes-sexual past with. And there is Ranger, the action figure-esque uber bounty hunter who helps her out.

Let's do a little questionaire:
Have you read One For the Money?
If yes, did you enjoy it?
If yes, than you will like the movie.
If no, do you enjoy chick lit novels by authors such as Meg Cabot, Hester Browne, Sophie Kinsella, etc?
If yes, than you will like this movie.
If no, do you enjoy chick flicks like Sweet Home Alabama, 27 Dresses, The Proposal, etc?
If yes, than you will like this movie.

One For The Money is not an Oscar Winning Movie. However, it is a thoroughly enjoyable movie that has eye candy, explosions, sexual tension, shooting, and Debbie Reynolds. I've read numerous reviews about how the movie is supposed to be a comedy, but isn't funny. I think the packed theater I was in on Friday night would disagree. I've also heard that it has fun parts, but overall was boring. I'm not sure what part of apprehending skips, stealing cars, learning to shoot a gun, flirting with multiple hot guys, and beating the shit out of people is boring.

I walked out of the movie happy with the experience of watching the exactly movie that I planned on seeing. It didn't touch me, move me, or make me learn anything. It was fun, funny, cute, fluffy, flirty, etc. It was a chick lit novel in movie form. It is everything I hoped it would be. I was entertained the entire time and I'm already planning on seeing it again (I know I missed some lines because of the laughter in the theater) and hoping it has some wicked fun special features because I will be buying it on DVD.

So, did you see One For The Movie? Did you like it? If you didn't see it, why not? Is it because of Katherine Heigl? Apparently lots of people really don't like her, but I like her. An actress who does fun movies, speaks her mind, and is cute. What is not to like?

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