Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Who-nniversary: Some of my "Doctor Who" favorites

Ten years ago today, the world found out that "Doctor Who" would be coming back to TV.

And what a wonderful day that was.

I had seen some episodes of old "Doctor Who," mostly episodes from the 1970s, when Tom Baker played the Doctor, but as a sci-fi nerd and a lover of all things British TV, I was pumped that they were making new episodes. I remember waiting anxiously for the episodes to appear on American TV, months and months after they aired in the U.K., or piecing together the episodes from YouTube uploads.

I'm thrilled that so many American fangirls and fanboys have discovered the show. Ten years later, episodes are airing on the same day as they are in the U.K., and we're even getting simulcasts of some things, including the announcement of the new Doctor and the 50th Anniversary special. I can walk into stores in the mall and buy "Doctor Who" apparel. I can quote "Doctor Who" and people know what the heck I am trying to say. It's a great time to be a Whovian!

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the announcement, here are a few of my top New Who related things ...

Favorite New Who Doctor: I know a lot of people adore the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, and I do too, but my absolute favorite Doctor from the new series is the Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston. 

Part of it is because he was the first, and he blazed the trail, but it's more than that. Eccleston brings both an unbridled glee and a simmering darkness to the role. There's just something especially wonderful about him, and every time I see one of his episodes I love him a little bit more. 

(I'll let you know if he's still my favorite after I see what the new Doctor can do, because I'm afraid that if anyone could push Eccleston off his pedestal, it would be Peter Capaldi.)

Favorite New Who Full-Time Companion: Could it be anybody except the great Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)?

I love Donna because she's street-smart, brash and incredibly funny. She was also a much-needed breath of fresh air after the intense love between the Doctor and Rose and the painful unrequited love Martha had for the Doctor. She was a great antidote, because she had absolutely zero romantic interest in the Doctor. They were just best friends, traveling around, saving the world and having a whole lot of fun. Honestly, he needs another companion like her pronto, because the fawning girl thing is getting a little tiring. We need another Donna Noble! 

Also, her chemistry with David Tennant? Amazing!

Runners-Up: Rory, whose devotion to his wife Amy is downright touching; Rose, because she was pretty darn awesome.

Favorite New Who Part-Time Companion/Friend of the Doctor: Captain Jack Harkness. Of course.

I have written at length of my love for John Barrowman, who plays the time-traveling Captain Jack, and I probably will again. But I must say that, quite outside of loving the actor, I also really love the character. On the surface, he seems to be a very cocky guy who just enjoys life, but there's a depth there that is very interesting. You see a lot of it in his spinoff series, "Torchwood," but I think his appearances on "Doctor Who" are even better. He has a lot of fun time-traveling, but he also has a lot to deal with. He is probably the person who best understands the Doctor and the things he has dealt with, and the very different way he deals with them makes him a perfect person with which to compare the Doctor.

Runners-Up: River Song, because she kicks a lot of butt, including the Doctor's; Strax, the Sontaran, because he's just plain hilarious.

Tomorrow: Find out my ten favorite new Doctor Who episodes/story arcs ever! (Not easy to choose, let me tell you!)

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