Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Series Review: Partners

Going into watching the pilot of Partners, I thought it was going to be crappy, yet was hopeful that it would be good. I should have gone with my instinct.

Which isn't to say that Partners was bad, it was just...not good. It stars Michael Urie and David Krumholtz as life-long best friends, who both have significant others. David Krumholtz is dating/engaged to Sophia Bush and Michael Urie is dating Brandon Routh. I love all four of those actors. So the cast is brilliant. But even with the timeliness of the gays, it feels really 90s. Maybe it is just me, but I think structuring an entire show around "one is gay, one is straight, comedy ensues" is really boring. It is like how TLC had 75,000 shows about Little People a few years back and they were all boring because just being a person is little doesn't make them interesting. Just like, just because a character is gay, doesn't make them funny.

The whole show seemed very forced and like it was a Will and Grace episode from season 2. But not updated at all for modern times. Also, the live audience or laugh track or whatever they had was super distracting. I like my comedies to not try so hard to be funny. You cast really great people who are really funny. Let them be funny.

The one thing that I think saved the show (besides that I will watch anything if it allows me to stare at David Krumholtz) is Brandon Routh. I haven't really seen him in much of anything (Scott Pilgrim is the only thing that comes to mind), but that boy is adorable and funny. He is like an adorable puppy. He has giant innocent eyes and I just want to give him a cookie and stroke his hair. He is amazingly likable in the show.

Did you watch Partners? Did you like it? Did you feel like you had time traveled back to 1997? Are you planning on watching again (I may watch one more episode to see if it settles down at all).

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