Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Series Review: Ben & Kate and The Mindy Project

I was not really looking forward to either of these two shows. But I ended up really enjoying both (though one more than the other).

Ben and Kate

Oh my gosh, how dumb did this look based on the description. Terrible, right? Well, it wasn't. In fact, it was by far the best new sitcom of the season and probably the show I have enjoyed the most (though it is a hard call between this and Revolution). Kate is the main character and she is a single mom. And super awkward. And not awkward in a "oh, look how awkward and adorkable Zoey Deschanel is". She is legit awkward. She wears a fanny pack and thinks that is ok. My favorite scene of the entire show was when Kate is on a date and she gets hot and wants to take off her sweat. While doing so, her shirt pulls up, too and then she gets all tangled up. As a fairly awkward and clumsy person, I can totally relate and I laughed so hard. Ben in Kate's brother and he tends to act like a 12 year old, even though he is in his late 20s. He should be unlikable, but he isn't. And that is what really makes the show work. He is a bit of a screw-up, but you can tell that he definitely cares about his friends and family. You can also tell that he doesn't act like that because he is trying to be funny...he just didn't have any guidance growing up and as a result, he never grew up.

Other things that work in Ben and Kate: Kate's daughter is adorable! All the main characters seem to really get along and you believe that they are actually friends. Lucy Punch is hysterical. Some of the lines were really subtle, but sweet. For example Kate is talking to their friend Tommy who has a thing for Kate and Kate tells him "We kissed once and it was during my fat phase" while Tommy says over her "during your hot phase". Subtle, but awesome.

And the second funniest thing of the entire episode (after the sweater thing)...Ben making a U-turn in a station wagon. Oh my goodness. Seriously, do yourself a favor and go watch Ben and Kate. It is far and away the best new comedy this season.

The Mindy Project

The other sitcom that I watched last night was The Mindy Project. I had very few feelings going into it since I have never watched the office and therefore know nothing about Mindy Kaling. After watching The Mindy Project I now know that she is extremely likable and really really funny. I didn't think the pilot was particularly spectacular, but I really enjoyed a lot about it.

First, I like that the character Mindy, while a bit of a mess in her personal life, is really smart and great at her job. She also gets along with her coworkers, both the hot British doctor who really likes her but in a totally casual sex sort of way, and the hot shot almost douche who she verbally spars with. Both guys could be extremely unlikable, but I found myself liking both. And the representation of and man and woman having a fun back and forth argument without any hurt feelings afterwards. You normal life.

Other things I liked about The Mindy Project: Bill Hader and Ed Helms both guested and were fantastic, the jokes while they didn't make me laugh like Ben and Kate did, they still made me giggle and chuckle a few times, and finally the fat feminist in me really likes that there is a show with a normal sized woman as the creator, writer, and star that doesn't focus on her weight, but on real issues like...oh hey, probably shouldn't be sleeping with the hot British doctor.

I can't pin point anything that I disliked about it and I'll definitely watch again (there isn't much good on Tuesday nights), but it just wasn't my favorite.

How many more sitcoms are going to air this season (at least 2 more that I am recording tonight)? Have you watched any/all? What are your thoughts?


  1. I am SO pissed I didn't record Ben and Kate. It looked so stupid, so I didn't record it. DAMMIT. I liked Mindy Project, even though it wasn't absolutely fantastic. I will watch again. And I watched the first of the two New Girl episodes that aired last night, and they were fun!! :) Ah, I love sitcoms.

  2. issue with The Mindy Project was that I cannot figure out anything about it to complain about, but it still wasn't my favorite. I dunno why.